The Food Wars

Chris Martenson

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I say, as often as possible, “Plant a garden!”

This is for many reasons:

  • It’s better quality than what you can get in any store due to freshness and nutrient density (if you bring your soils up to good standards, that is).
  • Gardening is an excellent way to connect with nature and be outside and work on your flexibility and movement.
  • Because there’s only 3-5 days’ worth of food in any given community at any given time, we garden to help boost our personal and local food security.
  • Because ‘they’ don’t want you to.

The war against small farmers is heating up, and it couldn’t be more blatantly obvious that what ‘they’ are after is a dependent, compliant population that lacks the ability to feed itself.

What do they want instead?

Food factories.

They want you to eat lab-grown meat. The completely bogus story is that this will somehow save the environment. Cows fart, and this is unacceptable they say. So we have to all get used to the idea of eating the much more environmentally favorable lab-grown meat.

But have you ever seen one single end-to-end supply chain analysis of lab-grown meat?

I haven’t, and I’ve looked.

Let’s start with the obvious; these labs are highly complex, capital-dependent, stainless steel and sophisticated control unit affairs:

When I look at those labs, I see a massive amount of economic complexity and that means a huge amount of carbon emissions that are pretty obvious when you stop to think about it for a minute.

Obviously, there is the direct carbon emissions in the manufacture of high-grade steel in the mining, smelting, alloying, and shaping processes.

But what about a control valve and related computer components to operate it? That’s trickier to assign carbon to, but we can begin by noting that the various components exist because a lot of people somewhere else have high-end jobs to create those items. It’s a very extensive and sophisticated and complicated economic structure.

Bioreactors are not simple affairs:

Every single one of the components in the picture above requires an enormously energy-intensive supply chain for its manufacture, distribution, installation, maintenance, and eventual replacement.

But nearly 100% of the MSM articles about “lab-grown meat” present the story as if these meat factories were a natural feature that just sprouted up in a field ready to make meat. And somehow, the meat just appears in a package, ready for consumption.

These articles are sloppy and wrong.

And we haven’t even gotten to the manufacturing components yet.

Most of these affairs use some form of cultured living cells to grow into “meat.”

The core concept presently is that “pluripotent” stem cells are harvested from animals, proliferated in industrial-scale bioreactors into muscle cells, and then grown into “meat” in large-scale bioreactors.

Left out of this story is the fact that they have to be grown in some form of media. A liquid broth that is currently – drum roll please – fetal bovine serum. That is, a serum harvested from unwanted calves taken to slaughter. So…the “plan” is to harvest enough growth media from calves to replace the need for cows? I think ‘they’ need to say that sentence to themselves slowly one more time…

Fetal Bovine Serum is used because it has the nutrients living cells crave.

It’s packed with growth hormones, serum proteins, basic nutrients such as glucose and amino acids, etc.

It turns out cells have a lot of requirements, and providing those is tricky business. Those have to be sourced from somewhere. They have to be manufactured or extracted.

The supply chains alone to supply just the nutrients are complicated, massive and almost certainly prone to breaking down, becoming contaminated, and will require a huge amount off capital and regulation and even then there will be accidents and unfortunate industrial errors and contamination illnesses and deaths.

But the alternative to all of the above complicated nonsense they tell us, is unacceptable:

All the above is my fancy way of saying there’s not one bloody chance in hell that lab-grown meat is better for the environment.

And don’t even get me started on the whole eating insect thing. Okay, since we’re there now, I have one question; what do the insects eat?

The answer is grains, obviously.

Is it really better for the planet to grow the grains, and transport them to the insect factories with all of their associate capital and control systems, than to feed those grains to local animals?

And in neither case – lab-grown meat or factory-grown insects – have any long-term studies been performed to show that the products are going to be safe for long-term consumption.

I’m guessing there’s something not okay about eating insects. It might be in the chitin exoskeletons themselves. I say this because I am unaware of any human society that makes a practice out of eating insects with exoskeletons. Grubs? Sure, yes, of course, But where are the mealworm farmers of old?

My point is, if it were energetically and health favorable, it would already be ‘a thing.’ It’s not, so I am deeply suspicious that there’s a good reason why not.

But the Food Wars are ‘on’ and the Netherlands are the testing grounds for the global elites to see how far and how fast they can go.

Here’s the latest insanity:

Dutch Farmers Restricted to Two Cows Per Field in New ‘Climate Change’ Plans

May 19th, 2023

Farmers in the Netherlands may be restricted to just two cows to an area the size of a soccer stadium pitch, or slightly wider than an American football field.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who has led the Netherlands at the head of the RINO-style People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) since 2010, is attacking farmers on multiple fronts as he attempts to implement EU diktats related to nitrogen, methane, and other climate change boogeymen.

(Source 3)

Two cows per field? They are specifically denying mob grazing, the #1 greatest improvement to farm field management practices of this millennium.

It’s another intrusive squeeze on farming practices, as if some goobermint bureaucrat might have any sort of a clue about how to regulate farm animal field density.

But that’s the point, right? For the rules to be complete and obvious nonsense that their very suggestion is itself demoralizing.

Of course, where there’s a bad Climate Change policy idea, John Kerry is always nearby:

Well John, since we’re not taking anything off the table, I guess we‘re free to assume that all of our various Constitutional remedies for reforming bad government also remain on the table.

Wink wink!

And plant a garden.