J6 Jalise and Mark Middle and Dan Wilson joints the J6 panel after Jake Lang speaks. 

There’s something strange about these wildfires.



“In this episode, I show detailed videos of micro and nano robots in C19 unvaccinated blood from shedding. I also show how these robots from the nano scale build the hydrogel filaments and constructions. This is part 2 of my construction videos.”

 Must See Articles and Videos 


“Tactical Civics is We the People finally enforcing the magnificent Law that our forefathers left us.”

“We The People Are the Solution”

A long but excellent article about another compound that is good for us that the “health” industry has suppressed.

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows that many doctors and scientists are learning and admitting that  there is a link between the Covid-19 vaccine and “long covid”.

Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity!

The good news start at minute 4:01 with ways to counteract this attack on the entire population of the world.