The September 2023 Issue is online

The September paper is online at  This month we have 16 Bonus articles.  There is a lot of chatter right now about the need for a Constitution Convention or Convention of States.  The article, “Stop Article 5 Constitutional Convention Resolutions” shows the pitfalls of such action.  It sounds good and many sincere people are working on it, however, our problems today are not because the U.S. Constitution needs amending but because the powers that be do not follow the Constitution. 

A few months ago, we learned that “green” vehicles are horrible on the environment and leave a far more devastating environmental footprint than “fossil” fuel vehicles.  This month we have an article about paper straws.  I’m 69 and I remember using paper straws that lost their firmness before I finished my drink. Not so with the new paper straws. Today’s paper straws have forever chemicals that are harmful to us and the environment, but they stay firm.  If a product has an appearance of being better, it must be better, right? Wrong. See the article ‘Paper Straws Contain Toxic Forever Chemicals…’


On pages 12 and 13 of the paper we have an article about Arizona.  Some claims are made in the article, we put the supporting documents on the front page of the website.  We have a video about Lahaina and one about Wildfires being used as a weapon. 

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