The Disappearance of Integrity: Organized Suppression of the Facts, Only Writers Who Support “Official Narratives” Are Tolerated.

Americans are blue pill people

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Global Research, September 01, 2023

Because of the organized suppression of facts and because of the campaigns against truth-tellers, it is increasingly difficult and risky to provide truthful accounts. Only writers who support the official narratives are tolerated.

Retribution is becoming commonplace. The level of retribution depends upon the level of threat the writer is perceived to present. 

Julian Assange is the top level threat because of his worldwide reach via Wikileaks and his courage to publish leaks revealing war crimes and other criminal actions of the United States government. 

Assange has been incarcerated without trial  in one form or another for a decade. In recent years Assange has been held in solitary confinement in a British maximum security prison while the corrupt British legal system goes through the motions pretending to comply with British law, but always delivering the result its Washington master demands. This process could not make it more clear that subservience to Washington trumps the integrity of the British judicial system.  

Washington’s insensitivity to war crimes, crimes against humanity, and blatant frame-ups of innocents has brutalized the entire world’s respect for moral and ethical behavior.

Independent scientists, experts and journalists who are seen as lesser threats than Assange find themselves cancelled, de-platformed, marginalized, fired, and their medical licenses stolen for refusing to follow the deadly Covid protocols. Just the other day Germany convicted one of the country’s own judges for listening to the expert evidence and ruling against the government’s mask mandate. In other words, evidence that contradicts the narrative has been criminalized by the German judicial system. See this.

We see the same thing in the false indictments of President Trump. What Trump is actually indicted for is questioning on the basis of real evidence the extraordinary overnight reversal in the 2020 election vote count. Trump’s “felony” is that he raised the question of electoral fraud, a question usually raised in every election. Remember, George W. Bush’s election was so questioned by Democrats that it had to be decided by the US Supreme Court. 

Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, and James O’Keefe were fired from the organizations they created or in Taibbi’s case served as the most followed writer. Not content with O’Keefe’s removal from his own forum, a corrupt NY prosecutor is now “investigating” O’Keefe for “mistreating employees and misspending the organization’s funds.” Again, as in Trump’s and Assange’s cases, we see the creation of crimes out of thin air in order to silence a truth-teller dangerous to a corrupt establishment that will not let go of its illegitimate  hold on power. 

Matt Taibbi reported one year ago that YouTube censored Matt Orfalea’s factually accurate video presentation, “‘Rigged’ Election Claims, Trump 2020 vs. Clinton 2016,” demonized it as “elections misinformation,” and set itself up as legislator, prosecutor, judge, and jury by declaring Orfalea in violation of YouTube’s “criminal organizations policy.” How does social media have integrity when social media declares careful examination of a public issue to be a criminal offense that carries a de-platforming sentence? See this.

Blue pill people might think they are safe as long as they keep their heads in the sand and their mouths shut. But Taibbi says that is not the case and that the noose is tightening on every one:

“Independent media content is increasingly hard to find via platform searches, even when exact terminology, bylines, or dates are entered by users. Social media platforms that once provided effective marketing and distribution at little to no cost are now difficult to navigate even with the aid of paid boosting tools. In other words, even if your business does well enough to pay full retail rates for marketing, a widening lattice of algorithmic restriction across platforms is making distribution for non-corporate media a nightmare anyway.”

And remember Tucker Carlson, the most important and profitable media voice, was fired by Fox News for his relentless exposing of the ruling elite’s false narratives. Fox News took a huge financial hit for itself and its shareholders in its attempt to shut down an effective truth-teller. Obviously, controlling the narrative is more important than profit.

Just as the message has been made clear to Germany’s judges that judges who dispense actual justice will be imprisoned, the message has been made clear to scientists, experts, medical doctors, and independent journalists that if they tell the truth their careers and lives will be ruined.

My level of threat is being dealt with by exclusion and by libel, slander, and ad hominem attacks. Over the weekend I was cleaning out a garage. I came upon boxes of tapes of my television appearances on Good Morning America, the Today Show, the Brinkley show, C-Span, and all the rest. Today I am not allowed on any American TV. 

I also discovered boxes of files of my articles published in The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the London Times, the Telegraph, TLS,  the leading French and Italian newspapers, where it is impossible for me to publish a word today.

Another way they deal with you is on website comment sections where trolls hiding behind false names and serving a variety of interests ridicule, slander, misrepresent, and demonize you in efforts to damage your credibility and scare readers away. It works on weak-minded  people who have never thought independently in their life and are fearful of differing from their blue pill peers.

As unfortunate as it is, many Americans are blue pill people. They prefer the reassurances of a false narrative to the stresses of reality

Reality is too much for them. It requires more intellectual and emotional strength than they have. They are easily led into the camp that disparages truth as misinformation. As truth is upsetting, they are delighted to have it dispensed with.

Search the Western world for integrity. You cannot find it in any governing party. You cannot find it in any institution, whether educational, justice, corporate, media, medical, legal. 

How does the FBI have integrity when the organization frames the President of the United States and his supporters?

How does the CIA have integrity when the organization overthrows foreign governments that do not turn their countries over to Washington and the New York Banks?

How do Tony Fauci, NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO have integrity when they use the inaccurate PCR test to overstate the Covid threat in order to make the people fearful, prohibit the use of known Covid cures such as Ivermectin and HCQ, arrange incentives for hospitals to lie and report every death as a Covid death, lie about the safety and effectiveness of the deadly “vaccine,” deny that there are any adverse reactions to the Covid jab to the extent that the CDC ceases to compile VAERS data (see this), count flu cases as Covid cases (remember the year there was zero flu cases?), and, as there was no accountability, are now in the process of orchestrating another “Covid threat,” a new round of “vaccination,” and the return of masks and lockdowns?

How does Justice Department prosecutor Jack Smith have integrity when a federal judge has to stop him from trying Trump on Florida charges in a D.C. court with an all-Democrat Trump-hating jury?

How does NY prosecutor Alvin Bragg have integrity when he cannot identify the federal charge he has brought against Trump or justify the trial of  Trump on a federal charge in a state court?

How does Atlanta prosecutor Fani Willis have integrity when she brings racketeering charges against President Trump for questioning an election outcome?

Prosecutors devoid of integrity are tyrannical.

How does the judiciary have integrity when judges permit such blatantly false prosecutions?

How do law schools, bar associations, and media have integrity when they egg on wrongful prosecutions because they dislike the defendant?

How do school boards have integrity when parents opposed to the brainwashing of their children are arrested or thrown out of the school board meetings?

How do Democrats have integrity when they are removing Trump from the ballot in blue states on the grounds that he is a criminal by their accusation alone prior to his rigged trials?

How do RINO Republicans, who are in open conspiracy with Democrats to prevent Trump’s election as President, have integrity?

Ask yourself, why not allow the American people in place of a tiny biased jury, to decide Trump’s innocence or guilt in a fair democratic election? 

Why should a carefully Democrat-selected biased jury be permitted to decide for the American people? 

How can a Democrat Party, media, and Justice (sic) Department that tries to pull a fast one like this have any integrity?

Ask the same question about every institution, including your local property owners’ association.

What becomes of a country devoid of integrity?

What does the world think of  country that poses as “exceptional and indispensable” while it violates every known moral principle and exploits the rest of the world?

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Paul Craig Roberts is a renowned author and academic, chairman of The Institute for Political Economy where this article was originally published. Dr. Roberts was previously associate editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal. He was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan Administration. He is a regular contributor to Global Research.