World War and the Great Awakening

Greg Reese

As the world begins to awaken to the diabolical crimes committed against them by their own governments, the drums of war are instigated en masse. Not much else could possibly protect their crimes from being exposed. We are in the Great Apocalypse. The lifting of the veil. The Great Awakening. Millions of people, if not billions, are now paying close attention to the New World Order’s shenanigans in real time. And the one thing the NWO can not survive is mass exposure. There are too many of us who stand in defiance.

War has always been an option in the game of power, and now it seems to be their only viable one. How else are they to make all this go away?

We are in the midst of an inexplicable shift. A shift that can be felt and seen across the spectrum of mind, body, and spirit. And for the sane self-aware human, surfing rules apply. But the old world order sees this shift as a threat to their power. Their catchy little term New World Order is a motivational tool. It’s one of their little mind tricks that have zero power once a person becomes aware. And so these cornered rats see no other choice but war.

Having officially detonated over two thousand nukes, we know that the world can take quite a beating. Perhaps a beating so bad it could quell the awakening. These people are sick with power.

It doesn’t take much to start a world war. It only took a few men and a bank to birth the Baghdad Railway in 1888. An endeavor that would predictably start a world conflict.

Funded by the International banking cartel and missing from the official historical narrative, the Baghdad Railway was Germany’s novel attempt to source its oil directly from Baghdad via train. At the time, Germany was already the leading innovator of the internal combustion engine and by the early 1900s the nearly completed Berlin-Baghdad Railway was a tangible threat to all world powers. Inevitably leading to an arms race and alliances in opposition against Germany’s industrious rise to power.

The banks made out great during WWI and were able to reset and reformat all their schemes without anyone caring. The living were too preoccupied with the brutal unpleasant fog of war to make any sense of the elitist bankers reshuffling their deck.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was born. Seven months later the first world war begins which predictably devastates Europe while setting the U.S. up to be the first super power of the modern era. An era wherein millions are sacrificed in corporate wars while the banking cartel fattens up like a bloated parasite.

They say the house always wins. Which suggests that the only way to win is to not play. But that’s not so easy when our entire livelihood is so deeply rooted within the system.

Can we avoid another world war?

There are billions of us worldwide. If everyone realized that they were being managed and sacrificed for profits by a small few, one would hope that we would simply correct the problem. But as we have learned in the past couple years, most people are either cowards or too simple minded to care. And this is the actual problem. If it were not for this great vulnerability our predators could not thrive as they do today. Their archetype wouldn’t even exist.

We allowed ourselves to be domesticated with creature comforts like dogs. What we’re really up against today is our friends, our neighbors, and our relatives who have become addicted to the lie. Their daily dose of television, radio, and all social media turned ugly in 2016. And they were turned into an army obediently railing against whatever they are told is in the way of their domesticated comfort.

Which leads us back to the Great Awakening. In a time of great deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. And if everyone would only speak the truth, this would already be over. Therein lies the answer.

Can we avoid world war? Why not? Everyone is paying attention now. We are in uncharted waters. And if not avoided, it will certainly accelerate the process of awakening exponentially.

It truly is a war for the world. The people vs powerful predatory cannibals feeding off the weaknesses of humanity. And, for whatever reason, I can’t help but feel optimistic. We just need to shore up our weaknesses. 

May the light of truth fill all the darkness.

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