Ryan Zink- J6 case Fact Sheet

Jeff Zink is a political outsider in Arizona running in 2024 to serve as Congressman in District 3, South Mountain/S. Phoenix. Jeff became a strong voice for the innocent citizens of the United States who have been targeted by our government following the rally on January 6th at the Capitol in Washington D.C. And after his son Ryan Zink became one of their targets of the criminal justice system due to the blatant abuse perpetrated by the DOJ and FBI. 

January 6, 2021: Ryan attended the peaceful rally with his dad, Jeff Zink who was by his son’s side throughout the day and during the chaos created by known agitators (many who FBI never sought for arrest). Ryan attended the event as paid campaign media staff for Jeff’s ‘22 AZ Congressional campaign and traveled to D.C. at the campaigns expense to film his dad’s trip to D.C. and the events of January 6th, 2021. 

January 6, 2021: Ryan and Jeff Zink remained outside the building throughout the day. They never entered the building that day or participated in violence to persons or property. Standing in the vicinity of Jeff & Ryan were Arizona Senator Anthony Kern and ’22 Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem ~ never arrested or charged. The same is true for Ryan’s father, Jeff Zink. Although Jeff and his wife Stephanie received a visit in 2021, to their Arizona home, from FBI agents and endured a 90-minute interrogation. Jeff Zink was never charged. Instead, the FBI targeted his son, Ryan Zink as collateral damage and charged in a coordinated political prosecution and persecution scheme coordinated by the DOJ and the Biden Administration. 

February 2, 2021: More than a dozen FBI agents executed a raid on Ryan’s home in Texas with guns drawn, flash bangs, & Gestapo tactics and charged Ryan with entering the Capitol (felony). Ryan spent six weeks in jail, then released and allowed to return to his home in Texas under a gag order-that remains in place post-conviction. Despite video evidence surfacing that proved Ryan never entered the building, the Prosecution built their case on this lie to request maximum sentencing and pressure Ryan to accept a plea deal requiring him to register as a Domestic Terrorist.

January 6, 2020: Hunter Ehmke: J6 Defendant: CONVICTED:  While filming events of that day, Ryan recorded a man (Hunter Ehmke), dressed in black from head to toe standing on a window ledge breaking windows of the Capitol. His crime and arrest were filmed by Ryan and many others. However, it was Ryan who willingly provided his video footage to law enforcement officials, used to convict Hunter Ehmke. For his criminal actions, Ehmke was released on the day of his arrest, sentenced to ONLY 4 months in jail, probation, and fines. During Trial, US Attorneys/Judge/FBI refused to return Ryan’s camera equipment; including all SD cards his legal team requested by motion to use for his defense at trial 09/05-09/13/23: After trial ended the Prosecutors revealed all photo/video “evidence” belonging to Ryan had been destroyed by the FBI and unavailable to request/use for his appeal.

January 6, 2020: video available by request; Jeff Zink also captured the Hunter Ehmke vandalism incident on his Iphone. On this video Ryan is heard defending law enforcement officers standing nearby, and says, “Just leave them alone, they’re just doing their job. He’s breaking the law (Hunter Ehmke). They’re just doing their job.” (The officers) 

Week of August 28, 2023: US Attorney were admonished by Chief Judge James E. Boasberg and compelled to drop #4 charge: “Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building” (after it was recently revealed the US Attorney’s assigned to Ryan’s case in 2021-2022 had lied for two years and in fact had no provable evidence/video to show or argue at trial Ryan had entered the Capitol.)

Week of August 28, 2023: The prosecutors assigned to Ryan’s case in 2021-2022 were abruptly replaced the week before trial began with new Prosecutors; Holly Grosshans & Cari Walsh. One theory; The first team of prosecutors would have embarrassed the court had their lie been revealed during trial. Another theory: They had been unsuccessful to coerce Ryan to accept a “guilty” plea deal & force him to register for life as a Domestic Terrorist (which is one main goal of the DOJ with the J6 defendants) —-Even though Ryan Zink committed no statutory crime(s). The original prosecution team requested a 22-year sentence. The new team of US Attorneys dropped charge #4 and reduced his sentence recommendation by only 1 year.

September 5, 2023: Trial begins with jury selection (selection of jurors completed in a few hours w/abnormal selection process) & ONLY 4 challenges allowed per legal team. Opening statements for both sides AND the Prosecution begins litigating their case. 

September 6, 2023: Prosecution concludes their case. 

September 7, 2023; Ryan’s legal team begins presenting defense case.

September 11, 2023: DEFENSE WITNESS; Bob Powell: Videographer standing outside the building opposite Ryan & Jeff. Mr. Powell provided his footage from that day, proving Ryan was in fact outside/NOT inside the Capitol building. 

September 12, 2023: DEFENSE WITNESS: Andrew- Following his testimony on Ryan’s behalf, while flying from D.C. to his home in TX; TSA detained Andrew during a plane transfer citing a “security check”. He was taken to a side room, stripped searched & released but, detained long enough that he missed his connecting flight. Andrew is a veteran, Purple Heart recipient and fought Terrorists overseas to protect our lives and Freedoms here in America.  

September 13, 2023: Ryan’s legal team concludes their case. 

September 13, 2023: Prosecution recalls one rebuttal witness and Closing arguments by both side before 40-minute Jury deliberation.

Decision of Jury: Ryan Zink found guilty on ALL 3 COUNTS listed below.

January 4, 2024: Ryan must report to DC for sentencing on 3 original counts (listed below) The U.S. Attorneys indicated they will ask for 

A 10 year “Domestic Terrorist” enhancement charge for up to 31 years in prison. 

Ryan Zink-  Case Number: 1:21-cr-191

Arrest Location: Lubbock, TX CHARGES

Judge: James Boasberg (current) (1) Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Aiding and Abetting

Judge: Zia M. Faruqui (former judge)                                      (2) Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds

Currently Incarcerated: No                             (3) Disorderly & Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds

Reports to D.C. for Sentencing: 12/18/23: (4) Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building (#4 charge was dropped week before trial began after it was revealed the first team of U.S. Attorney’s had lied to the court for two years and in fact possessed no evidence showing Ryan had entered the building or engaged in violence.

Case Status

02/04/21 Arrested.

03/05/21 Indicted.

03/16/21 Release on personal recognizance.

03/18/21 Arraigned and plead not guilty to counts 1-4.

08/21/23 Pretrial Conference by Zoom

09/05/23 In Person Trial begins before Chief Judge James E. Boasberg.

09/05/23 Jury Selection/Jury Trial Begins; Location 333 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington DC

09/05/23 Opening Statements and US Attorneys begin presenting their case.

09/06/23 US Attorneys conclude their case.

09/07/23 Defense team begins presenting their case.

09/08/23 Court takes the day off.

09/11/23 Defense team concludes their questioning of Ryan.

09/11/23 Defense case continues with testimony from two additional witnesses.

09/13/23 Closing statements/ 40-minute Jury deliberation before returning a GUILTY verdict on all 3 counts

11/28/23 Ryan Zink called the court and learned his sentencing date (12/18/23) was postponed to 

January 4, 2024 

 (DOJ seeking 21 years + 10-year Domestic Terrorist enhancement)

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to assist with legal expenses for his appeal. 

If you have any questions, please contact me anytime. 

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