The Weaponization Of Public Health – Existing Legal Framework For Global Depopulation: Presentation By Todd Callendar, Esq to The Government of The Republic Of Croatia

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Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

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Good afternoon, distinguished members of Parliament. Thank you for having me today. My name is Todd Calendar. I’m an American lawyer by trade. I’ve practiced international law. I’m testifying today about the weaponization of public health and the existing legal framework for global depopulation.

Part of my background is also the basis for my testimony starting back in the 1990s as a new lawyer working in the mass vaccination business. My family acquired the needle free intellectual property rights to a needle free mass vaccination injector. And I spent three years in Cuba overseeing clinical field trials with the FDA process. At that time I was being supervised by the State Department. And actually invited the World Health Organization in to monitor those field trials which included Pfizer products. So my testimony today comes as a function of practicing law for nearly 30 years internationally, so including living and working in two communist countries and having the experience that relates to not just the vaccine business, not just the creation of vaccines, but the delivery of them. And having done business with the same cast of characters that were talking about which comprise a part of the global governance.

So you might be aware, in 1994 the United Nations together with 194 countries held the Cairo population accords. And that’s where effectively, the countries of this world, the U.N. Representatives of those countries beside the two agreed to reduce the population by 7 billion people. Being global governance isn’t really done by the United Nations. However, here is actually a hierarchy of people that are truly in charge. Members of this Parliament and other congressional bodies are really the foot soldiers of how this all really works. The 1994 population accords, we’re actually put together by Henry Kissinger, the “Bank for International Settlements” as you can see at the very top.

That is the “Central Bank” of “Central Banks”. They own every private “central bank” on this planet, save three that I’m aware of. And so they have the ability to openly, and do openly, own effectively everything. If you could make the world’s money supply again, dollars, pounds, euros, and you could literally print it out of thin air and loan it to governments to provide their operating budgets, then you know what couldn’t you own? 

And that’s the point. They literally own everything. And so buying through think tanks, special interest groups, they are the ones in charge of the destiny of this planet. And by and through their different origins, including government bodies themselves, they control what happens to the planet.

And by virtue of the Cairo Accords decision to reduce the population by 7 billion people was put into effect. You might have noticed in these congressional hearings and a huge amount of pushback from your colleagues, if you think about how it was that the 2000 “Plandemic”, as we call it. The pretext for global governance. The makings of the beginning of a mass depopulation plan. All of that was putting together a few international relationships, including governments. Governments were the ones that carried it out. And this presentation can guide you through that and how it happened. And my point is that over the last 50 years or so, countries’ laws were all changed to this very point in time, whereby a confluence of events would cause people to surrender their rights for safety. That people would surrender all notions of due process on governance issues. All the people in governance democracies would be sacrificed in furtherance to safety. And precisely that happened in 2019 when the pretext for this happened. it was either, an escape, realistically it was a planned event.

The release of something called COVID, otherwise known as Coronavirus. And this case, they call it Coronavirus 2. Coronavirus 1 was actually patented in 2007. And it was patented over the assignment of the patent the as the office of Health and Human Services in the United States of America. So my country effectively owned the pathogen or a variation of it that was released by the Chinese. And I think this endorses my point, that global governance is above government level. That this is done seperate of governments.

So this is the point to explain to you how every country had their laws changed all for the very same purpose, which is the weaponization of public health. And that is to eliminate people at the end of the day without any due process rights whatsoever. That any hope of recourse in the courts that would be effectuated in effect of military plan with military precision. And that no matter what it was, the populist, the people who were in fact being depopulated, they would have no means of escaping it. And so my job today is to show you how that actually happened. 

In 2004, the United States passed the “Bio-shield Act” and amongst other pieces of law. But it really started, served 2003, 2004 where the pretext for this masking population; the use of public health, really figured out in coordination with the WHO. The United States of America passes the “Bio-Shield Act”, and the “Turning Point Model Act”, both of which were federal pieces of law that eventually made it themselves. Actually it was federal initiative. It wasn’t law yet. It’s a federal initiative made into regulations and law through the course of events and time. So in 2003 is when all of that starts. And there we go by what you like, there we go. “Bio-shield Act.”

The entire population accords are mentioned to the left “Turning Point Act” and 2003 this is where Johns Hopkins University was actually hired. Paid $26 million to take this model legislation, model pandemic, model public health legislation. And the goal of the enterprise was to ensure that both state and federal, should there be a declaration of a “Public Health Emergency”, all human rights and all constitutional rights would be suspended. So I’m going say that again, because it’s really important to understand that, upon the mere declaration alone of a “Public Health Emergency”, those magic words are enough to invoke legislation that eliminates both your human rights and your constitutional or your charter rights. How does that happen?

Now in the case of COVID, President Trump declared a “National Emergency” on March 13, 2020. That had the effect of suspending our Constitution in so much to article three courts were no longer available. The FDA process was In fact, it was traded out for a different process. A military process. The notions of “Martial Law” were undertaken, and so much of that the executive branch of our government would take the function of the legislature as well. And in some cases part of the judiciary discretion in talking. So three pieces of government are then captured by one in any case of “National Emergency” being declared. And that’s exactly what had happened to make all this happen. The laws that got us there is what I’m talking about. And so you have 2003, the “Turning Point Act” were each and every state would adopt legislation that upon the declaration of “Public Health Emergency”, people would lose their right to free travel.

That they can be quarantined indefinitely with mere suspicion alone. And also, they could be forcibly treated with a medical device. What they need, is just forcefully treated. They could put you in jail if they wanted to, and they would give you whatever shots or drugs they felt like. And there was nothing you could do about that. That was the basis of Johns Hopkins University’s charge was to get this passed in Congress. Here in the Federal Congress and we will get this notion passed in each and every state. That’s where the “Turning Point Act” came into effect.

Followed by the executive order by President Bush, as memory serves. And in 2005, that came to be synonymous with the 2005 Health Regulations. Those were agreements amongst the nations in this world. All member nations of the WHO, the 140 nations and two territories. If memory serves. 

They all agreed in the “International Health Regulations” that should there be a “Public Health Emergency of international Concern”, it’s now six words, not three. That again, all of the nations of the world would operate in the same way. So before which, when you add the initiation of the “Turning Point Act”, the United States made sure all the states acted the same when this Declaration. And now we’re talking in the international context that, should there be a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”, that all nations signatory from WHO would in fact operate in the exact same way. And indeed that’s what it is that we saw. You can see the language from the 2003 “Turning Point Act” here, and the need, as they call it, for a “Model State Act”, the “International Health Regulations” became a “Model Government Act”, inter-governmental agreement. 

In 2005 when the “International Health Regulations” and the “Pandemic Treaty” were put into effect. It also so happens to coincide with the issuance of an “Executive Order”. That’s where the President of the United States makes “Presidential Declarations”. Proclamations as the case may be.

And this is where they talk about using “Emergency Powers” under Section 361B of the “Public Health Services Act”, that upon the invocation of a “Public Health Emergency” for the following reasons that effectively the whole government would go under “Martial Law”. It included Cholora, diphtheria, infectious tuberculosis, plague, smallpox, yellow fever. Hemorrhagic, viral hemorrhagic fevers including loss of Marbury, Ebola, Crimean-Congo, etcetera, or severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome like SARS.

So the “Model Health Act”, the “International Health Regulations Pandemic Treaty” as you can see, was harmonized with the laws of the United States happening at the exact same time. And they specifically identified certain diseases knowing full well that the invocation of any one of those, the finding by any scientist or with the government for that matter, that anyone of those diseases have occurred was enough. It was the legal basis for the world powers, for those controlling the governments to invoke the “International Health Regulations” which therefore thereby requires each and every one of those countries to do the exact same thing at the same time. And this is exactly what we saw right after the declaration of a “National Emergency” by President Trump.

We saw Tedros Adnam, the director of the World Health Organization, made a proclamation of his own. It was a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”. Six magic words. Lo and behold, immediately thereafter the “International Health Regulations” were adopted, that’s when they were put into force. And what we saw the CDC, the organization create “Cooperative Development View” was to appoint competent authorities in charge of the country.

So when this invocation of the treaty came into effect, the “One World Government” seized power over all the sovereigns, all the signatories, all the member nations of the WHO, gave their power by and through their various component’s agreements. they gave their power to Tedros Adnam. Tedros Adnam, the Director of the World Health Organization, calls on whomever he so chooses to as his experts. And of course, in this case, that was the FDA, the CDC, Mr. Rosary, and Dr. Fauci amongst others. The very people that were involved in the creation of SARS-Cov-1. The very people that genetically modified that disease to be contagious and to spread like wildfire. The “gain a function” research and development. Those same people are the advisors to Tedros Adnam, the director of the World Health Organization, who is not a PhD in science if memory serves me on his education and public policy. And he is an Ethiopian Warlord, according to sources around him. And clearly not somebody who should be in charge of the entire planet. Upon the invocation of the “Public Health Emergency International Concern”, which he gets to declare based on his knowledge doing. And it’s actually mere suspicion of the communicable disease requires all the member nations to submit all of their jurisdictional power, to submit their sovereign, and all decision making to that man. And to this day, he still sits there. He is, in my view, the most powerful person on the planet.

Again, this was done in 2005. At the same time, the US put their quarantine expansion system into place. The Department of Homeland Security at that point in time was in charge of this. And they were opening what they called “Quarantine Centers” in each, and every state.

Some cases there were multiple states. FEMA was also later put in charge of such as Management Agency or Administration. I think that was the name. And that’s when you heard people starting to call these FEMA camps. And the reality is the way the law is written is that anything, any place can be a quarantine center. So if the public health authorities were to look at your house and say, “Okay. That’s new Quarantine Center”. You’re stuck there. So be it. They could say the same thing about a pig pen. If they declare that to be the place you would be confined, then that’s where you will be confined. There is no recourse to you as the person thinking you’re an accused person. You’re accused of being sick. We’re having a communicable disease. You have no recourse. There is no judicial appeal. You are simply stuck there indefinitely until the Public Health Services say otherwise.

So you can see in the CDC, the quarantine map, they also put in place various governors in charge of those regions. OK. That’s the next one. Yeah. Thank you very much, Melissa.

So after that we see the creation of the “Defense Health Agency” along with 70 plus COVID patents that were put into effect based on the original source code, one patent in 2007. And the importance of the “Defense Help Agency” is where this apparatus is. Where it actually lands. It lands under the “Department of Defense”. The “Defense Health Agency” was created in 2013, and later it actually appointed uniformed officers, part of the “Department of Defense”, which force comes under the President.

At the same time in 2016, we have the introduction of the Federal Law that finally made it into existence. Member of the Model Health State sorry, “Model Health Act”. That is the reference that we have. It’s actually ensconced, and you can find in 42 CFR, that Code of Federal Regulations, Part 70 and 71. And in these model health regulations, what it effectively says is that, again, if there’s a “Public Health Emergency”, the Centers for Diseases and Control, what is that when the quarantine provisions going to the place, If they want to, they can test you mandatorily. They can also require vaccine passports. So all of this law was put into the Federal Statutes and the Code of Federal Regulations. Again 42 CFR Part 70 and 71. 

Immediately thereafter, they created an enforcement network. And a newly created “Bureau of Justice”. So they had these regulations issued. In question is how to enforce them. They created the “Bureau of Justice” that is an amalgamation of functions. So when there’s a public health emergency declared, you have law enforcement corrections. Does that mean jails? Public health authorities. That’s like the county, hospitals, and administrators, along with the judiciary. This is the scary part. Corrections, law enforcement, public health and that last one, the judiciary. All of these functions are merged into one. How can that possibly be? The courts are supposed to be separate from the government. And that’s what I’m saying in terms of these regulations. These public health regulations create a “Marshal Law” situation where you have no rights. When I suspend, say that they suspend your human rights. No human can be, number one, experimented upon that’s in three different U.N. Conventions. “International Convention on Human Rights”, “International Convention on Civil Political Rights” and the “Nuremberg Code X” that actually created “International Criminal Law”. And yet this set of laws allows for them to forcibly treat you to be experimented upon. And that’s precisely what happened with the four different sets of COVID shots. AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. All of those who are pre-clinical. They were in clinical trials at the time that they were issued. And being passed out in 2020. So it goes back to, how would a government be able to enforce such statements on citizens and go crazy?

Well, that’s when you create a law enforcement entity that’s part of the hospital apparatus. That’s part of the court system and the jails. So you can effectively jail people in that space and give them no due process at all and treat them in any way that you want to. And so that was actually the kind of the landing result of the 2005 “International Health Regulations”. Because that same kind of apparatus was entered into law in every country. All of the signatory countries to the WHO put it into their laws. Because upon the declaration of those six magic words, all human and all “Constitutional Charter Rights” are revoked. They’re suspended. So surprisingly in 2019 we have Mr. Trump in office who has no idea about any of this stuff as far as we can tell. Understand, in 2019 there’s a new pandemic, and he’s the guy that actually calls the national emergency. And he’s the guy that invokes the “Public Health Emergency”. And by virtue of that, he was able to bypass a law with the reluctance in our government to allow these kinds of powers. But he did, and he gave himself a whole lot of powers and Executive Order 13887. 

And you will see, they created the task force. It’s a public health and national priority. He says it’s a disruption to the military operations, and for that reason, all of this had to become a military response, and that’s precisely what happened. And the DoD effectively took control of the public health response of the United States by virtue of this Executive Order. The mission was then completed for legal purposes. You have a government body, the United States, which is homogeneous in that all powers arrested effectively in the Executive Branch of our government, starting with the President, who then became subservient and power to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, who was then in charge of all government responses.

All the military responses, and used by the way, of the military to effectuate this public health response, with the US military that moved the vaccines around. It was the US military that actually made the vaccine. They hired Pfizer, Moderna,

Johnson & Johnson to make these shots because they were part of the development and they moved them around the globe with military equipment. So this is where I come up with the phrase, it’s “Militarized Public Health.” It’s “Medical Martial Law”. That’s precisely what happened. And it’s by virtue of these legal wranglings, they took a long time to put into effect. So this happened. I’m just showing the way that it went from being something innocuous to being something very terrible very quickly.

So from that time in 2019 when the executive order happened. And then it was put into the “National Defense Optimization Act” until this very day by virtue of the “National Defense Authorization Act” in 2023. That’s this year we made some grounds in terms of getting the vaccine mandate by the DoD. That was rescinded. But at the same time, the move of public health under the “Defense Health Agency” became complete. That now means that the military is in charge of all public health responses. That everybody is responsible too our public health. And who do you think our public health is responsible too when the six magic words you said. So six magic words means the US goes on “Medical Martial Law” under the power of the Secretary of Health and Human Services. And once there are 6 magic words declared a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern”, and then all bets are off.

It’s actually Tedros Adnam that takes over the world. And in this instance, I want to show you some of the things that the Fed’s Healthy Agency Warsaw as part of its you know, part of its public health division which includes vaccine creation. In in the apparatus in terms of deciding what are communicable diseases, and where are they. Because the entire apparatus of the Defense Agency, not just the response mechanisms themselves. All right?

And this is where the “Defense Office Agency” finished it with something called the “Global Health Engagement”, partners in a whole government approach. So all the government means everybody in the government when this public health emergency is then working together, right. And we saw that. All the states, public healthcare, county health officials, all the way up to the Federal Government, and everywhere in between. You’ll also note that, as it relates to the “Defense Health Agency”, they include whole government, meaning the Department of Agriculture, the USAID. That’s relation to aid that’s given abroad. So that means extraterritorial. And then they say the private sector. That’s what they like to call the “Public Private Partnership”. It means really the U.S. government has been investing in business and their enterprise. So when this is in effect, and that is if there’s a “Public Health Emergency”, the real power structure of my nation, and yours too, by the way, if it’s an international “Public Health Emergency”, it’s all the same. It’s all been militarized, and it gives Tedros Adnam the power to be the global dictator.

The sad part of this is that there is a “Public Health Emergency” now that doesn’t expire until the 1st of August 2025. So that’s some time away. It’s more than a year away. They declared, my Congress, my government, declared that “Public Health Emergency” in 2020 as a “Marberg Pandemic” that causes viral hemorrhagic fever. Apparently, we had this where we noticed that we reported it, but apparently, we had it because our Congress invoked it. They spent the money out of our centers from Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare services and they’ve built quarantine centers with that money, amongst other things. The point is that that declaration not only has happened, but it’s in existence now. So what I’m saying to you is my government has been, remains to be, and will be under “Medical Martial Law” until at least the 1st of August 2025. And at this very moment in time, the government has the right to indefinitely quarantine anybody that they want too.

They can forcibly treat them with anything they want too, and there’s nothing that we can do about it. Because Article 3 Courts won’t hear our cases. And this is the finding that I had in my very own case. I was the first to file the first lawsuit against the US Department of Defense when the shots came out, when there was a mandate. Luckily, we interrupted the use of force by that piece of litigation. But we eventually got thrown out of the courts. First of the Federal District Courts and the Appellate Courts. We had oral arguments last year, and that became an important part of why we actually filed the petition in the Supreme Court last week. What’s important about that, ladies, and gentlemen, is that the threshold question from the Supreme Court relates to not just “Military Medical Martial Law”, but also characterization of people who got the shots we found as a function of the “Department of Defense” delivering on these agents. These were gene modification shots. They weren’t vaccines.

And the state of the law today in the United States, I would like to inform you, at this moment in time, because the 2013 Supreme Court opinion, that people that got the shots. People who got these gene modification shots are in all likelihood a new species and owned by the Patent holders if you could imagine that. Now our Constitution 13th Amendment in fact, outlaws’ ownership of other people like a former slave.

So theoretically this law can’t be. The people who got shot cannot be slaves. But you may find out there is already suspension of Human Rights and Constitutional rights. But a broader question is that I’m hoping the Supreme Court will answer, and all three through four refused to answer, is that if that law is still in place? Are the vaccine people channel property, a new species of the patient holders? And if so, if they’re no longer human, what rights do they enjoy? So that’s the official question. The name of the suit is Robert B Austin. Again it was the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, and it’s now officially in the US Supreme Court. The name of the case that gives rise to this concern is what we called “Collective Pathology versus Myriad of Genetics 2013”.

I will put all of those things up for you, and then attachments. You can refuse to talk, but I really want you as a congressional body, to understand exactly how dangerous things are at this moment from a legal perspective. And I want you to understand how long it took to get here. In the United States it took at least 15 years. I’m a US lawyer, and that’s all know. Now my suspicion is in other nations where I have seen this, it didn’t take that long. And I think it’s important for people to understand this because there’s a level of complicity. I mean your colleagues, those of them who didn’t want this to happen today, they’re the ones that are worried about because their names are certainly signed on to the “Public Health Laws” that made it a military function. And you’ve got all governments, it’s all the same. And again the goal of the enterprise is depopulation. We don’t have to wonder because they wrote all this down. Again, the 2004 prior population quotas. So with that said, my point here and my purpose here is to implore you to eliminate any more genetic modification shots. They’re really hazardous. They’re dangerous and deadly.

Beyond that, they may actually be stealing people’s humanity literally from them. And I pray that you will outlaw the use of this technology. They call it messenger RNA, but the reality is its synthetic DNA and synthetic RNA. You can call it RNA if you want to. But its gene modification using CRISPR, CAS 9 system.

And according to U.S. law, three things to take away from this lecture, #1. The government can line you up and shoot you right now if they want to, without any due process whatsoever, lead or liquid. It doesn’t matter. The results are the same. They’re dead. They can illegally detain you. They don’t want to do that. There’s nothing you can do about all the laws in the country. We’re saying there’s a “Public Health Declaration”. 

Lastly, please don’t force the shot. Please don’t force genetic engineering on people. We are God’s creation, and I can’t think of anything worse than stealing somebody’s humanity without giving them the choice that they wanted to come a new species. If they want to lose that connection to our Creator. So I pray you’ll do the right thing and outlaw gene modification. I pray that you undo any militarized public health laws that you’ve already passed. And I pray that you will keep watch, close ties out to others that are doing the same and using the public health apparatus to finish the job. Doing nothing was the first time. They’re certainly not done trying.

There are lots of different methodologies. So please keep your eyes out. Please protect your citizens. You there, you’re their representative and your job is to do that. The solvent’s job is to look after its citizens. So God bless you all. Thank you for having me. I’m available for questions that your leisure. And I’m happy to provide any information that I spoke about tonight. Thank you.

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