OMG, SV40! Can We Sue Pfizer NOW?

Lots of buzz about the “new” ability to sue Pfizer for manufacturing fraud as SV40 promoter was found in the jabs. Is it true? Can we sue Pfizer for fraud now? If yes, what changed?

Sasha Latypova

First, let me say that C-19 injections marketed as “covid vaccines” are absolutely, 100%, without a doubt adulterated, misbranded and fraudulent substances that have no place in healthcare and belong to bio-chemical warfare. They are dangerous poisons (bio-toxins and transfectants) that must be removed from the market and impounded immediately for proper investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the mass poisoning event advertised as “vaccination”. I have been testifying to this fact since 2021, and continue to do so at every opportunity in numerous jurisdictions in the US and abroad, all of it unpaid at my own travel expense.

With all the buzz from Not a Movement self-appointed “leaders” screaming “Pfizer can be sued for fraud now!” A review of the history of C-19 injections as an adulterated substance is warranted. 

When did the evidence become available, who brought up the evidence and what does the body of evidence contain to date? Did anything change? Were we NOT able to sue Pfizer before?

Here is a quick summary:

  • You CAN sue Pfizer for fraud
  • You ALWAYS could
  • The evidence of fraud has ALWAYS been available and proven
  • Some people HAVE sued – her name is Brook Jackson.
  • Nothing changed with regard to evidence of product adulteration. Simply more evidence has accumulated over time including the information about DNA in vials and the SV40 promoter sequence.
  • Nothing changed with regard to the status of covid shots as “EUA Countermeasure under Public Health Emergency, covered by PREP Act”. If you sue, you still have to find a way to overcome the defenses of this legal fortress. 
  • People who previously denied the significance of product adulteration and actively stonewalled my attempts to bring it forward are now extremely busy grifting off this information for clicks, likes and money. 
  • People who are now screaming on Twitter and elsewhere “you can sue Pfizerrrrrr nowwwww!” are grifting for clicks, likes and money as they are bringing you NO NEWS. 

Vaccines in general are regulated as a pharmaceutical product, meaning that they have a requirement to comply with the current Good Manufacturing Practices – a set of regulatory laws governing quality control, safety, and accurate labeling of pharmaceuticals.  A consumer or a healthcare provider usually cannot detect (through smell, touch, or sight) whether a drug product is safe or if it will work, and therefore safety testing and assurance processes are needed.  This formal system of controls at a pharmaceutical company, if adequately put into practice, helps to prevent instances of contamination, mix-ups, deviations, failures, and errors. Having spent 25+ years in pharma R&D and having to be in compliance with these laws, I was acutely aware of their importance. That’s why I made it the primary focus of my investigation of covid shots since 2021. 

Without cGMP compliance, it is not possible to say anything about a drug’s efficacy or safety, nor is it possible to discuss the mechanisms of efficacy or injury with any degree of certainty. Non cGMP compliant product is deemed de-facto adulterated, and a potential poison. FDA’s enforcement powers stem from this fact. Their mandate from Congress is to regulate interstate commerce in pharmaceuticals and food, to prevent adulterated/misbranded products reaching the market and harming the consumers. 

Most product recalls are voluntary by the manufacturers; however, the FDA has power to enforce cGMP compliance and force recalls, product seizure and a variety of other regulatory actions to ensure compliance.

Yet, since 2021, the entire discourse of the “freedom community” was predicated on what turned out to be an ERRONEOUS ASSUMPTION that cGMP was followed for these shots. Thus, many people achieved social media prominence and expert status discussing purely theoretical concepts and mechanisms of these shots. That is fine, we still need a theoretical understanding of the mechanisms. However, nobody in the medical/science expert class understands manufacturing nor regulations that govern manufacturing. Manufacturing quality is a lowly people’s task! There are no PhD degrees in cGMP compliance. Excuse my bitching about this. Moving back to the main topic…

First evidence of C-19 injections being adulterated product was published by me and Craig Paardekooper starting in the fall of 2021:

The first analysis I published in October 2021 was a comparison of the covid injections to flu vaccines in terms of the total numbers of serious adverse events and deaths batch-to-batch.  I met and collaborated with a group of citizen analysts around this topic, including Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former senior R&D executive from Pfizer, and Craig Paardekooper, a British pharmacy student who was forced to leave his studies due to vaccination mandates.  Craig made many analytical discoveries in VAERS lot data and started the “How Bad is Your Batch”website dedicated to this issue.  The website became an invaluable resource for all questions related to injections and by the end of 2022 received over 100 million visitors from all over the world.  

The earliest reports we were able to get into some niche media outlets are these:

Article on Expose (a UK alternative media site) December 12, 2021

Craig discussing batch – abnormal data patterns. November 2021.

Bitchute video, posted January 25, 2022.

We were warning of what we knew were de-facto different formulations (adulteration) in different batches of “covid vaccines”. The data clearly indicated there was no manufacturing control for these products, and moreover, some of the data indicated intentional design of experiments with varying levels of toxicity in the batches (especially those shipped between January and April 2021). 

The variability was not explained by the sizes of lots, nor by any normal demographic covariates such as age of the recipients. 

Sadly, in addition to fully expected smear and censorship from the evil side, we also received a lot of “friendly fire” and stonewalling from the “freedom” side. I won’t name names, but prominent figures in the “health freedom” movement that are currently publishing interviews with other “experts” discussing this breaking not-news claimed that I was an artist and not a PhD or MD, so I didn’t know what I was talking about (ok, find a PhD in cGMP compliance and listen to them!), called my analysis a “conspiracy theory” (oh, the irony!). Others claimed all variability was attributable to the age of the vaccinated. Not true, 70% of variability was NOT explained by the age. Others erroneously asserted that talking about batch variability meant endorsing “some” of the batches that appeared without many AEs (naive amateur interpretation of cGMP law). Accusations of me being a Pfizer agent, Chinese agent, Putin’s agent, etc. have also been common. But I digress again.

More troubling still, that huge variability batch-to-batch was not random.  Large random variations would be bad enough, but patterning or clustering of the data was indicative of an intentional adulteration.  

Over time direct evidence of non-compliance with cGMP became available, validating my conclusions.  Evidence included the European Medicines Agency (EMA) “rolling review” of Pfizer’s Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls (CMC) documentation. The discussions around this issue are recorded in numerous documents that were leaked from EMA at the end of November 2020, including email exchanges between EMA staff and management. Authenticity of the documents and emails was independently verified by the British Medical Journal.

The EMA reviewers noted lack of cGMP compliance as “Major Objection #1” in November 2020, in addition to more than 100 additional Major Objections and Critical Observations. Yet, all regulatory objections were disregarded, and the product went on the market in Europe and worldwide shortly after. 

Fraud Was Essential Part of the Operation Warp Speed

I read about 1000 of pages of bullshit and obfuscation contained in that package of leaked EMA material in late 2021 – early 2022. To my knowledge I was one of the first people who fully read it. I documented it in several presentations. All of it was fraud. There was nothing in it that wasn’t fraud. Fraud is not new in relation to these products. Many people in the health freedom side are still under impression that pharmaceutical fraud somehow needs to be proven with that final-final definitive piece of evidence. If only we can prove it! Then the FDA/CDC/DOD/USG and its vassals abroad will magically stop and realize, OMG! we have been hurting people by lying, forcing and coercing them to inject poison. Every mainstream media outlet will pick up the story and every brainwashed covidiot relative and friend will read it and realize they were wrong and you were right. We will hug each other and rejoice in UNITY! And go to the polls and elect good leaders in transparent, honest elections as prescribed by the US Constitution. 

I hope you get the picture.

I discussed broken, non-conforming RNA and its relationship to adverse events and deaths in different “vaccine” batches in February 2022:

Broken Bioweapon Part 1

Broken Bioweapon Part 2

I discussed EMA/FDA/MHRA emails leaked from the EMA in February – March 2022:

Letters from the Underworld Part 1

Letters from the Underworld Part 2

Letters from the Underworld Part 3

I talked about clear evidence of fraud in Pfizer’s preclinical studies

And Moderna’s preclinical studies

I talked about very bad manufacturing practices and product adulteration repeatedly, here is a long presentation from October 2022.

Much more evidence of product adulteration became available from direct vial testing from many colleagues worldwide. A peer reviewed paper detailing studies of vials (mostly microscopy) was published by David Hughes in 2022

Another group from Germany published a very good report showing numerous examples of product adulteration. 

And finally, look at this!!! I reported on DNA in the vials based on a report I received from a German scientist (who wished to stay anonymous) in June 2022:

DNA in vials of Pfizer and Moderna 100s of time over the FDA/EMA limits.

Kevin McKernan confirmed this finding in April 2023, sequenced DNA and found SV40, and his results were replicated by 6 labs worldwide to date. 

Non-Enforcement of Pharmaceutical Law Revealed Intent to Harm

The evidence of dangerous, intentional product adulteration was coming across loud and clear.  Yet, despite obvious safety signals including Pfizer’s own pharmacovigilance report showing 1200+ deaths within first 2 month of mass vaccinations, thousands of death reports in VAERS, and millions of reported injuries in other government tracked databases like V-Safe, no recalls or investigations by the manufacturers or health agencies were occurring.  Not a single health official “noticed” it, and furthermore, when questioned, mounted a wall of denial in response.  

Historically, a handful of reports of deaths associated with the use of the product is all that’s needed to initiate a pharmacovigilance action – a recall of a batch of product, investigation, or an entire product recall – all these measures are available and have been successfully used in a variety of product contamination and adulteration cases.  After thousands of deaths are recorded with the use of a product and no action is taken by anyone – manufacturer, regulators or law enforcement authorities, the situation should be considered fully intentional. 

That behavior of flat denial in the face of unequivocal harm signaled the intent.  The intent to harm.

In December 2022, I published “Intent to Harm” presentation.

Can Pfizer be sued NOW? Of course Pfizer can be sued, that has always been the case! Have they committed fraud? Yes they have.

The problem is – the fraud that they have committed had been made legal on paper. It was ordered by the US Government or rather the criminals that have taken over our government long ago and are operating a loot-and-murder campaign marketed to public as a “pandemic”. More details about this can be found in this discussion that Katherine Watt and I recorded in November 2022 (transcript is linked in the video).

Fraud was the essential part of the Operation Warp Speed from the start, it was known to the regulators and DOD and pharma, it was expected, it was in fact required, it was and remains essential to this program. Fraud was made “legal” (on paper), and this pseudo-legal structure remains the most significant obstacle to prosecution and justice. Until it is dismantled (and there are definitely ways to dismantling it, the most straightforward being for our zombified Congress to act) – we will have hard time reaching true justice. Even if DOJ decides for its own benefit it’s time to pretend-prosecute Pfizer for something, doesn’t matter what as long as it’s televised – that’s not going to be justice, it’s going to be more of the same, solidifying the empire of lies.