How 5G disrupts our biological energetic magnetic field and the wider implications of the magnetic field for the planet.

Dr. Rashid Ali Buttar

January 20, 1966 – May 18, 2023


Transcription from an interview posted by Edward Snowden on Telegram

This was classified information by the Russian government that was actually initially published in 1977. It was only for governmental use, it was marked that way. The CIA declassified it in 2012. So it’s actually been public information since 2012. What this is, you know, we’re looking at 43 year old literature talking about the 5 millimeter 60 hertz frequency and the detrimental effects it has on the human system. Actually not just a human system, any living system, and it’s been completely ignored. 


So looking at just some of the fundamental aspects of what this energetic system does, what these radiofrequency electromagnetic fields do. They have an impact on all living things, no matter whether 1G, 2G, 3G, I won’t say beyond that. But regardless of what level it is, it’s always had some type of an impact on physiology, but the most recent version of it creates some very noticeable metabolic changes and these changes have an impact not only on the immune system, but also on the cell membrane integrity. So for example, one of the things that we see is that the voltage gated calcium channels that are so critical for the ability of the cell membrane to regulate efflux and influx of calcium within the cell, and this voltage gated calcium channels get disrupted it allows for calcium to come into the cells which then causes a suppression of apoptosis, which is concomitant with the use of the basically the propagation of cancer. It’s actually consistent and congruent with the oncogenic process. 


Now that is what happens when you start to create this type of disruption. That’s just one aspect of it. But then you have other aspects that go into play. So these aspects as they come together, it’s not one plus one equals two. It’s actually one plus one plus one equaling 33 type of thing. It’s synergistic to an order of magnitude of greater destructive nature. So you’ve got other aspects from this technology that cause lymphocyte subpopulation suppression, you have the hypoxic type injury components that people have been able to observe, which is secondary to the apparent dissociation of iron from the hemoglobin. So hemoglobin is the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, when you pull the iron away from it can actually cause a disruption so the blood can’t carry the same amount of oxygen. The list just goes on and on. There’s so many things that we don’t even understand yet. How it affects the human system. Whenever I say it’s a human system it is directly affecting all living systems. It’s definitely going to affect all life on the planet because you’re talking about a radiofrequency electromagnetic field that’s going to envelop the entire planet. It’s a global microwave technology, essentially, it’s just throwing off the entire magnetic grid of the earth. Essence, the Schumann frequency that the earth resonates with, you could think of it as the pulse of the planet, it’s been disrupted. 


And you know, now you’re talking about other implications. And that could be not just how it’s going to affect life but what it’s going to do to weather patterns, what’s going to do to the morphological structure and in the configuration of the planet itself. So you know, you’re going to start seeing more natural disasters. You saw the footage with the sloughing off in Norway of 2000 feet by 500 feet right into the ocean. You’re gonna start seeing all sorts of landslides like that you will see earthquakes, there’s been more earthquakes occurring. You could see all sorts of other natural disasters starting to increase because we’re disrupting the Earth’s magnetic grid. 


You know, one of the things that I think should be most prevalent for people is they should all be asking questions we should all as inhabitants of this planet we should be asking questions the first question that you should be asking is, regardless of what’s being said, what does it mean that something that’s being said, is being taken off the internet? There’s no difference between burning a book and taking something off the internet. There’s so much misinformation going on. So the question I think people should ask is, why is this being censored? Because a lot of critical thinkers are saying, wait, wait a second. We’re not living in North Korea. We’re not living in China. Why is this information being shut down? That’s the BIllion Dollar question.

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