The War Against the Trans Agenda Transitions to the Offense


Transgender ideology now has solid footing in — and is arguably consuming — American culture. The once-isolated ideas of a few have spread quickly and managed to transform an entire generation, forcing the nation to continue to move the goalpost from ignoring to accepting to approving and now to welcoming the claim that human biology is no longer dictated by X and Y chromosomes, but by whatever “gender” a person chooses to identify as. 

The idea that a person’s gender can change from day to day based on feelings about his or her identity has so effectively disrupted the culture that it has moved into the dangerous and disturbing arenas of normalizing sexual perversion, child abuse, and pedophilia. Today, rogue judges, progressive state lawmakers, and radical parents have no objection and are subjecting young children to irreversible bodily mutilation as well as lifelong misery and harm. 

But many Americans have pivoted to an offensive strategy, speaking out about the issues of transitioning children as young as two years old and permitting transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports. From influential public figures including Tucker Carlson, the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh (What Is a Woman?documentary), Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, and War Room’s Steve Bannon, to collegiate athletes and coaches such as Riley Gaines and Oberlin College lacrosse coach Kim Russell, many brave truth-tellers are not backing down. 

To ignore the problems perpetuating the transgender insanity is to be complicit in lies masquerading as truth, tolerance, and love. Fear has given the Left an edge to promote the extreme, unchecked acts of villainous physicians who are excited to butcher young bodies. They advocate “affirming care” resulting in irreversible changes through surgeries and hormone blockers. These brutalities are coupled with the actions of parents, most often mothers, seeking their own personal gain and notoriety in the current “woke” society by guiding their children into the transgender ideology. Those committing the atrocities are child abusers, and they must be held to account.  

Joining the accountability team and making big plays are ordinary Americans who are pushing back. Pasadena, California-based Seak Smith has set out to do just that, organizing a group of concerned citizens willing to get in the ring and resist the madness. 

In a recent interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Smith provided an update on yet another court case in which a father lost custody of his five-year-old son whose mother started “transitioning” the boy at age two. 

“Starting at two, she started putting him in dresses, started calling him a girl, started asking his preschool and all the other parents and other children to call this little boy a girl, who now goes by the name Violet,” Smith told Bannon. For objecting to the “social transitioning,” the boy’s father, Adam Vena, was ordered by the courts not to have contact with his son, Aiden, for two years. As of September 13, Vena was still separated from his son and not permitted visitation rights.

The grassroots “survivor-led organization” Smith founded, Mom and Dad Army (, works to “stop the war on children,” and their efforts so far have proved successful. Citing a victory for Vena, Smith told Bannon that the judge in Vena’s case, Judge Harvey Silberman, has recused himself. 

“What we are seeing is an outright attack on all of our children from every institution we can think of — the education system, the medical system, Big Tech,” said Smith. 

She described Vena’s case as a “canary in the coal mine,” noting the passage of new California legislation, AB 957, that extends the laws determining child-custody proceedings to “a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity or gender expression as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.” The law provides new means for family courts to weaponize parental rights, explained Smith, taking full rights away from the protective parent, as is the case for Vena, and giving them to the parent who affirms transgender abuse, in this instance, Vena’s ex-wife. 

Vena’s case is hardly unique. In August 2020, Bay Area father Ted Hudacko lost his custody rights at the hands of California Superior Court Judge Joni Hiramoto, who granted Hudacko’s wife full custody after Ted disagreed with the decision for his son, Drew, to medically “transition” to a girl. Author and journalist Abigail Shrier (Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters) broke the story, writing in the New York Post, “within just a few months, Hiramoto would strip Ted of his parental rights. Ted lost the right to see or speak to Drew. Ted also lost the power to stop a medical transition already planned by the gender doctors at UCSF Benioff Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic.”

Shrier reported that it is now commonplace for gender activists to provide “training” to family court judges in dozens of states, “touting the purported benefits of gender medicine for kids with little discussion of the risks or the existence of prominent critics within the medical community.”

Unlike Judge Silberman, Judge Hiramoto did not recuse herself from the case, despite her claim that she is the mother of a transgender child. Hiramoto publicly showed support for her child’s “transition” on social media. The case exemplifies just how deeply the trans ideology has infiltrated the legal system, and particularly family law. 

As Shrier writes, “Judges now decide the fate of children and their families based on unsubstantiated metaphysics, as if it were factual that every adolescent has an immutable ‘gender identity,’ knowable only to the teen himself.”

Within the craziness of the athletic realm, coaches and athletes are entering the fray to stop the movement. At Oberlin College and Conservatory in Oberlin, Ohio, for example, women’s lacrosse head coach Kim Russell was removed from her position in 2022 for taking a strong stance against biological male athletes competing in women’s sports. She recently came forward publicly amid the harrowing experience that cost her the job she loved. 

Now relegated to pushing paperwork and “creating things,” Russell’s skills as a P.E. teacher, yoga instructor, and wellness coach have been sidelined. In her new role, Russell will have no contact with students. 

“I have been taken out of the role of coach, which is what I’ve done for 27 years,” she lamented on Fox News. 

Russell was vilified by college administrators and students when she voiced her belief that biological women should be the only participants in women’s sports, criticizing the 2022 NCAA championship win by swimmer Lia Thomas, a male competing in the women’s event. 

“There were no rules that I was breaking. I was speaking my belief, my opinion,” she told host Laura Ingraham, defending her God-given, constitutional right to free speech. 

As reported by American Wire News, college officials berated Russell in private conversations recorded by Russell and later passed on to the media. 

“Unfortunately, you fall into the category of people that are kind of filled with hate in the world,” Natalie Winkelfoos, associate vice president for athletics, told Russell. “It’s acceptable to have your own opinions, but when they go against Oberlin College’s beliefs, it’s a problem,” said Creg Jantz, senior associate director of athletics.

Undeterred, Russell is “ready for the storm,” and her convictions for fighting for Title IX and women in sports have only been emboldened as a result of her demotion and humiliation at the hands of those truly filled with venomous cruelty. 

The end of her tenure at the college began with one of her own players “snitching” on her to the athletic director, who in turn called her in for a meeting. This led to a “burning at the stake,” as Russell recounted the experience to the Independent Women’s Forum. 

“Chairs were set up in a huge circle. I felt like I was burned at the stake. I felt like I was stoned and hanged all at the same time. It was what I would call the mob mentality, where a few people on the team spoke about how much they were upset with what I posted, and how dare I post that,” she recalled.

Her crime: congratulating swimmer Emma Weyant, who took second place at the NCAA championship. “Congratulations to Emma Weyant, the real woman who won the NCAA 500-yard freestyle event,” read Russell’s post.

Russell further recalled, “That meeting turned into anybody being able to say anything they didn’t like about my coaching style or my assistant’s coaching — anything…. I love these kids, and to have, you know, many of them say all these things that to me were attacking who I was as a person, it made me sad.” 

“I am so passionate about this because the reason we have these opportunities to play and coach and to do the things we do is because of the women who came before me, who fought for Title IX, who fought for us to have these opportunities,” Russell said. “And I don’t think that the younger generation even understands that these opportunities weren’t here years ago.”

Russell remains steadfast in the fight, joining forces with others such as collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, who has nearly single-handedly spearheaded the movement to protect women in sports by speaking out against males competing in women’s events.

Riley Gaines 

Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer, emerged as one of the sole women’s voices speaking out against the unfairness of biological males competing in women’s sports. While collaborating with Turning Point USA, she was attacked by militant protesters at San Francisco State University (SFSU), where she was to address a crowd on the importance of protecting women’s sports. Before being barricaded in a room for hours until campus police rescued her, she was chased by an angry mob of protesters who chanted “trans rights are human rights” and “Yeah, you f**king transphobic b**ch — I f**king see you!”  

“The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU.… I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man,” she tweeted on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Still only further assures me I’m doing something right. When they want you silent, speak louder.”

“Speak louder,” says Gaines, and bold voices are surfacing despite the media’s refusal to cover their stories. As the goalposts are moved, the uprising against the trans insanity is gaining the advantage through small but effective steps, as courageous people such as Gaines, Smith, and Russell bring stories of the madness of the trans ideology to everyday Americans. The momentum is changing; we are now on the offensive.