New Detailed Timeline: What Really Happened in Uvalde, Texas?

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Before I begin, if you believe Uvalde, Parkland, or any of the other school shootings didn’t happen, stop reading.


As we all try our best to make sense of another mass killing in the United States, we’re learning more and more about the situation and getting a better picture of what did (and didn’t) happen. It is of the utmost importance to make sense of these events and learn from them. So much so that if we had done exactly that on February 14, 2018, we may have a different situation today. I am going to outline the series of events as stated by law enforcement officials in Uvalde, TX regarding the shooting, followed by some questions that I feel are incredibly relevant and need answers.


But before we start the timeline, we must first ask an extremely important question: How did an 18-year-old man, with no known employment, who was living with his grandmother because of an addicted mother, afford:

  • Two expensive firearms made by Daniel Defense ($2,000 each)
  • an EOTech optic ($400-$700)
  • 1,657 rounds of .223 ammo ($800-1000 depending on how they were purchased)
  • body armor ($500-1000)
  • and over 60 magazines ($10-20 each)

For a total of approximately $6300 to $8,000? Most established adult Americans, especially after the last two years and the current economy, can’t afford a fraction of that. But this young 18-year-old was able to do so with no known job and all on a debit (not credit!) card? In a border town reportedly overrun by the worst of the worst from the US Border…I’ll let you make your own assumptions.


Now, the timeline…this we know. Well, at least we’ve been told. Initial reports yesterday from Texas DPS spokesman Victor Escalon stated that Salvador Ramos shot his grandmother, DM’ed some friends about it on Facebook telling them he was going to now shoot up a school, and then drove to Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX. At 11:28 am he crashed his truck into a large drainage ditch. It appears as though he drove into the ditch by crashing the gate that was securing it, smashing up the front of the truck and snapping the axles on the front left and rear left of the truck.


According to Escalon’s presser, this commotion caused two men from the funeral home to come outside and approach the truck. Ramos shot at the two men and they quickly fled, uninjured. The map below shows the funeral home, Robb Elementary, where the truck crashed (red circle) and the unobstructed view out of the windows of the school (large arrow). It also shows the area of the doorway where Ramos allegedly entered the building (small red arrow).


Now is where things get confusing. Yesterday, Victor Escalon told us that at “11:40, he walks into the west side of Robb Elementary. According to reports, video we have obtained from outside, inside, and again, we’re still combing through that…so bear with us…multiple rounds, numerous rounds are discharged in the school…four minutes later (11:44), local police departments…are inside making entry.”


This would imply that there was approximately 12 minutes between the crash and initial shots, and Ramos’s ultimate entry into the school. According to Escalon, this is confirmed by video. I would imagine that, in his notes for the press conference, he had the times from the video written down and referenced those. He was descriptive enough to tell us what he did inside the building: “At 11:40, he walks approximately 20ft…30ft…he walks into the hallway, he makes a right, walks another 20ft. Turns left into a school room. Into a classroom…that has doors that open in the middle.”


Now again: that time is important. That is now twice Escalon has referenced that time, 11:40, as the time he entered and said it came from video evidence that they have.

Enter Col. Steven McGraw, Director of Texas DPS, Today:

His timeline is as follows:

11:27: One minute before Ramos crashes his truck, a teacher props open the door which Ramos eventually uses to enter the school. This door is reportedly normally *locked*.


11:28: Ramos crashes into the ditch. The teacher runs to room 132 to retrieve a phone. The same teacher walks back to the exit door and the door remains propped open.


(No time given): Ramos opens the truck and two men from the funeral home, who were checking on him, take off running when they see a gun. They’re shot at but no one is hit.


11:30: The teacher runs back inside, panicked, and apparently calls 911. Door remains propped open. The use of the word “apparently” is peculiar. At this point in the investigation, with this detailed of a timeline, you would think that teacher has been identified, confirmed and a statement taken, that they did in fact call 911.


11:31: suspect reaches last row of vehicles in school parking lot.


11:31: Suspect shoots AT school (not from inside the school) while patrol vehicles get to the funeral home just 100-250ft away from the school opening.


It is at this point that McGraw reiterates Escalon’s point that there was no UCISD officer (Uvalde Co Independent School District) on scene or on campus, but that the officer (who was normally on campus?) sped back to where he thought the shooter would be, which turned out to be a teacher. In doing so, he drove right by the suspect, who was hunkered down behind a vehicle. Ramos then began shooting at the school.


11:32: Suspect shoots more rounds into the school.


11:33: Suspect enters the school. Note: law enforcement is *reportedly* at the funeral home 100-200ft from the entrance Ramos used. In the two minutes that reportedly elapsed, no one was able to pinpoint his location and engage? Had the door been properly closed and locked, Ramos would not have gained entry to the school, at least not as easily as he did.


11:33: Suspect shoots into room 111 or 112. It is unclear from video. Audio evidence suggests he shot at least 100 rounds.


11:35: Three police officers (Uvalde PD) enter the same door Ramos used . Then another team of 3 UPD officers and a Uvalde Sheriff deputy enter. Two of the first three officers received grazing wounds from the suspect while the door was closed.


11:37-11:44: 16 more rounds were fired by Ramos.


11:51: A police sergeant and USB (Border Patrol?) agents arrive.


12:03: Officers continue to arrive. As many as 19 officers are now in the hallway outside the classroom.


12:15: BORTAC (Border Patrol Tactical Unit) members arrive with ballistic shields.


12:21: Suspect shoots again.


11:50 (12:50?): They breach the door using keys from janitor “because both doors were locked when officers arrived.” Suspect is killed.


Both of these timelines, comparatively, are very confusing and somewhat contradictory of each other. How is it that two full days after the event, the timestamps from the videos used for yesterday’s press conference were not accurately portrayed to the press, but distances and other relevant details were? There is already enough pressure and outrage over the fact that it took almost an hour and a half from the wreck to the suspect’s demise, the majority of that with Ramos INSIDE the classroom. Such reporting inaccuracies from DPS is ridiculous and leads to lack of faith and transparency in reporting.


Shimon Prokupecz of CNN put it best when he asked Escalon yesterday: “What were the officers doing between 11:44 and 12:44?…We’ve been given a lot of bad information…so why don’t you clear all of this up now and explain to us how your officers were in there for an hour, yes rescuing people, but no one was able to get inside that room?”


After today’s press conference, there are a ton of new questions. But I’m just a small time citizen journalist who will never get the opportunity:


  1. Why did a *teacher* prop open a secure entry exactly one minute before the shooter arrived on scene?
  2. Why did that teacher not close the door and ensure it was locked when they reportedly saw the accident, the shots fired, retrieved their phone, and called 911 to report it?
  3. Col. McGraw said the teacher “apparently” called 911…has DPS confirmed the teacher called 911? Have they confirmed it was a teacher who propped open the door?
  4. Why did the timeline shrink by seven minutes from yesterday to today when yesterday’s press conference was given based on video evidence as stated by Escalon in the presser? It was not as if Escalon responded to a question, off the cuff, with the times. It was part of his deliberate and detailed statement to the press. Are you telling me something as important as time, which he reiterates the time twice, was inaccurate on the video? Or did he just make up “11:40” when he was writing the press conference without bothering to confirm the time?
  5. Where was the school’s police officer and why was he not on school property? Where was he that he was able to respond in under three minutes time but unable to find the wrecked truck and correlate the closest entry to the school to the wreck? How did he not hear the gun shots going off in his immediate vicinity when he, or other officers, were reportedly at the funeral home?
  6. Why were seven officers not able to breach a room with two doors and windows to eliminate the suspect?
  7. Why could they STILL not breach the room with 19 officers?
  8. Why did it take a BORTAC unit and ballistic shields to breach the room?
  9. Why was BORTAC even there? A federal law enforcement agency tasked with border protection is somehow on scene in a school shooting?
  10. Why were US Marshalls out front of the school in adequate PPE (personal protective equipment) holding back parents and waving tasers at them, but not helping with the situation inside the school?
  11. Col. McGraw reported that BORTAC used keys from the janitor to “breach” the room. Let’s be real: it’s simply called unlocking…breaching is defined as “to make a gap in by battering” according to Merriam Webster Save the “heroic” sounding words for the investigations. But I digress: If BORTAC was able to “breach” with the keys after an hour outside the room, would Ramos have been able to “breach” the classroom if the doors were locked? Were they locked and if not, why?

We now have testimony from law enforcement that a teacher propped open the entry door one minute before the accident, according to Col. McGraw. We have the teacher who propped open the door calling 911 but NEVER secured the door again. The suspects walks through said door at either 11:33 or 11:40, depending on which press conference you watched, and walks down a hall and into a room that may or may not have been locked. When it was locked by Ramos when he entered, it took BORTAC locating a set of keys to “breach”. Would it have taken Ramos the same set of keys to enter? Would it have delayed him enough that the three officers who reportedly entered moments after Ramos would have been able to then confront him in the hallway prior to entering the classroom?


When you pair all of this with the fact that an 18 year old dropout with no known job, an addict mother he left to live in a small home with his grandma, somehow scrapes up at least $6,000 to buy weapons and gear and then proceeds to shoot that grandmother that took him in…well, it’s bizarre.


To make the story even more bizarre, The Guardian News interviewed Ramos’s mother. She said “He had his reasons for doing what he did. And please don’t judge him. I just want…to the innocent children who died, forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive my son. I know he had his reasons….To get closer to his children… instead of paying attention to things, the other bad things…” The description on the YouTube video says “Full report: Texas police made ‘wrong decision’, says official”


Very strange.


911 Call Timeline:

12:03: Caller from Room 112 calls for 1 min 23 seconds, whispering she’s in Room 112.

12:10: Calls back and advised “multiple dead”

12:13: Calls again

12:16: Calls again and says “8-9 students alive”

12:19: Another caller in Room 111 calls and hangs up when another student tells her to hang up.

12:21: Another call where you can hear three shots fired.

12:36: Another call for 21 seconds. Caller/Student was told to stay on the line and be quiet. Student said “he shot the door”.

12:43 and 12:47: She asks 911 to “please send the police NOW”

12:46: She said she could hear the police next door.

12:50: shots are fired.

12:51: It’s loud and sounds like officers are moving children out of the room.


We are told the shooter brought 15 total magazines into the school. 11 were dropped inside the school. Three were on the suspect’s body. Two were in room 112. Six were inside room 111. Five were on the ground and one was in the rifle.


32 magazines were left outside the school: one outside the building and 31 inside the suspects backpack that he did not take into the classrooms with him.


There were 15 magazines at the crash site. Two left at his residence.


He had a total of 1,657 rounds of ammunition. 315 were inside the school. 142 were spent. 173 were live rounds. 922 were outside the school. 22 were spent. 900 were live. 422 were at the crash site. 22 were spent. 400 were live.


Law enforcement spent 35 rounds inside the school. Eight in the hallway and 27 in room 111 were the suspect was killed.

Online Warnings:

Ramos sent a Facebook message about shooting his grandma, and then another about going to shoot up the school before he left for Robb Elementary.


In September of 2021, Ramos asked his sister to help him buy a gun, to which she refused.


Ramos had a Instagram chat where he discussed “being a school shooter” on Feb 28, 2022. He then discussed buying a gun in March 1 2022 on Instagram. On March 3, 2022 someone on Instagram said “Word on the street, you’re buying a gun” to which Ramos replied “I just bought something rn (right now)”.

March 14th, 2022, on Instagram, Ramos said “10 more days”. A user replied “Are you going to shoot up a school or something?” Ramos answered “No…stop asking dumb questions. You’ll see”


While many in the mainstream are calling for legislation to ban firearms and restrict all sorts of ownership, we must, once again, look at all of the warning signs that were staring us in the face. Despite the bizarre purchases and requests of family to purchase a gun, how can we overlook the fact that Facebook and Instagram both had opportunities to at least raise concern? Instagram, which is owned by Facebook/META, having the most obvious: talking about being a school shooter just three months ago. I know what you’re thinking: do we really want social media spying on our conversations though? Newsflash: They already are. Jan 6 detainees were discovered through social media posts and “selfies”. “But CannCon, that’s not private messages!” No, its not. But also: they’re not “private”. Facebook and all the other social media platforms are private companies, and as such, we have no privacy. We may *think* our direct messages are private, but they are not. And lets be real: our text messages on our cell phones probably aren’t either, but that’s another topic.

Why is it that these major social media conglomerates will flag our posts, suspend us, ban us, label us “misinformation” in a moments time when we talk about COVID vaccines, the 2020 election, or Hunter’s laptop, but when an 18 year old mentions “being a school shooter”, crickets.


Perhaps in the coming days, we’ll get answers to most of these questions. Although, probably not.

This article was republished by The Gateway Pundit with permission.

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