No More Deaths Camp – a Trojan Horse at the border

In war, the classic invasion tactic is disguise.  A sneak attack or being thrown into a state of conflict or conflict without seeing enemy approach.  Just how to invade one’s enemy without being seen, is the key.

By Ian Trottier

In war, the classic invasion tactic is disguise.  A sneak attack or being thrown into a state of conflict or conflict without seeing enemy approach.  Just how to invade one’s enemy without being seen, is the key.  In Jean Marie-Amiot’s, Sun Tsu, he writes this as being “deception”.  The supposed 5th century BC storyline, translated in 1775, declares, in other words, that the Art of War is DECEPTION.  Notice I accredited Marie-Amiot as being author.  I personally suggest that the character Sun Tsu is fiction and that this French Jesuit created the literary work as a contribution toward what played out to be the eventual occupation and installation of a Jesuit government in China. Communism.  This article explains further.

Discussions of Truth, April 22, 2020:  “Ian, the United States has been invaded by a stealth enemy…” — Brigadier General, Robert Spalding III.  Click here to listen to episode.

Robert accredits this stealth enemy as being China.  However, I disagree.  China is creating a very apparent military threat to America and their region of the world.  There is nothing stealth about their desire to retake Taiwan, for instance.   So, I dive a little deeper.  They are buying America’s farm lands, purchasing real estate in major cities and even implementing their technology in American made military products.  “Chinese manufacturers remain deeply embedded within American military infrastructure.” Click here.   Therefore, Chinese invasion tactics into the US are not so stealth but, very apparent.  So, I take more of a historical approach to global economics to uncover and identify this stealth enemy.  I may be wrong – I may be right but, this is where I say the stealth enemy are: the soldiers of Saint Ignatius de Loyola’s Society of Jesus.  The word soldier is very important when identifying the Jesuit.  St. Ignatius’ Society is a Vatican military order established by Papal Bull: Regimini militantis Ecclesiae on September 27, 1540.  The stealth enemy therefore is Rome, ladies and gentlemen.  Allow me to not offend your religious beliefs.  The US Constitution gives me full right to do so.

If the greatest war tactic of conquest is done by deception or by creating a stealth invasion, then what is happening at the US southern border today, is clearly a Trojan Horse.   Not to mention, for example, the US economy ($33+ trillion debt), the Dept of Education (socialist indoctrination camps) and mainstream media (propaganda machines).  In Troy’s case, whether how accurate or not – Odysseus and the Greeks write out Virgil’s Aneid everyday under the Biden Administration along the 1,954 mile US southern border.  And, Joe and Kamala allow DC to continue to be invaded in preparation for it to be sacked. They allow this under the guise of comforting and relocating “political refugees”.  Something I identify as being an element of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.  See (but not limited to) Goal 10, “Reduce inequality within and among countries’.   This is exactly where the sword sheath its double edge.

So, lets take a look at an interesting UN agency for a moment.   Based in Geneva, Switzerland, as a result of WWII, in 1951 the United Nations inter-governmental agency: the International Organization for Migration, was created.  The mission of this organization is to: “help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.”   In other words to be a refugee service for, as an example, war torn or those displaced geographically due to war.  But, of interest is that the IOM (or OIM) operates in Panama.

The IOM has main satellite admin offices in NYC, Addis Ababa and Berlin.  It 2007 it joined part of a foundation that took control of former US Army base Fort Clayton in Panama City. In 1999, as a result of the 1977 Torrijos-Carter Treaties, the industrial park The Ciudad del Saber (City of Knowledge) had moved into AND occupied Fort Clayton.  The ’77 Carter treaty gave Panama full control of the canal by end of century.  Hence the ’99 transfer.  The Panama Canal had been built by the US Army Corps of Engineers under Teddy Roosevelt (1903) and completed under Woodrow Wilson in 1914.  Wilson coincidentally also signed the Federal Reserve Act into law that same year… this had basically officially centralizing the management of the US economy/currency.  Keep your historical lense on.  Europeans had first attempted to create a canal across the Isthmus of Panama in 1534 under Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain and his conquistador Vasco Núñez de Balboa.  A project, therefore, that took about 400 years to complete and many nations, generations, monarchs, governments, corporations, militaries and political powers vying for development and control along the way. Yes, many centuries.  An accomplishment, one would think, the victor (the United States) would not want to relinquish control of easily… at least one would think… right, Jimmy Carter?

The IOM sounds like an NGO (non-government organization).  Something that No More Deaths Camp is.  However, it appears to identify as a government agency of the United Nations… that is, if you recognize the UN as a government.  The United States does and doesn’t.  It allows the UN to operate on “international land” within Manhattan.  Similar to how the District of Columbia and/or the City of London operate inside their host countries.  The United Nations is not a government, per se, but, it is a governing body.    The City of Knowledge – or former US Army base Ft Clayton –  hosts UNICEF‘s regional headquarters, the Red Cross, the U.S Peace Corps, the United Nations Development Program, the World Food Program, and Plan International. (Source: wikipedia).  To my understanding the Ciudad del Saber operates as a physical government business/academic Park within the metropolitan outreach of Panama City.  It is otherwise known as the suburb of Panama City: Clayton.  All of these organizations may have ties to the US and the UN but, for an institution (City of Knowledge) that operates on a former US Army base, they clearly are not motivated to build-up the United States as a country, per se.  Their objectives are international and global.  The UN is a European brainchild. See the League of Nations (Geneva, 1919).  Something the United States was not part of.   So, to relinquish control of the canal in Panama, something that took many nations, generations and centuries to accomplish, essentially became a massive asset loss for America – only to be handed over to an entity that may not necessarily have the United States in its best interest.

Via former US military special operative and journalist, Michael Yon, I am told that the IOM is orchestrating the northward migration into the United States from this Panama City seat.  Why would they be doing this?  UN Agenda 2030.   However, doesn’t the United States fund the United Nations?  Yes, the USA gave the UN $12.5 Billion in 2021.  However under Trump this generous giving was being scrutinized.  Folks… I personally do not support the United Nations.  Is it, as an entity, a Trojan Horse to American interests?  Absolutely.  I believe it to be nothing more than a global government that is spearheaded by Rome and Roman interests.  Is that far-reaching?  Not if you consider that Europe was formerly ruled by a single entity: Rome.  And, that it arguably is still managed by Rome via the Swiss international centralizing banking mechanism: The Bank of International Settlements (Basel).  For Rome, this all means rule by man’s most sensitive subject: theology.  Religion.  A tyrannical manipulative theoretical monopoly and therefore enemy of the US, its People and their liberating 1789 ratified Constitution.  I believe the UN (a European global governing body) does not have the United States at best interest and has used the good-will and the economy of the US to drive its Agenda (ie: Agenda 2030) forward and to ultimately weaken and absorb the United States into a regional entity that seems to be comprised of Canada, US and Mexico.  To achieve that, one would erode borders.  The United Nations essentially, therefore is behind the Biden effort to erode, corrode and absolve the United States’ borders.  Southern border of note at moment.  Therefore, Robert Spalding, the stealth enemy of the United States is not China, it is the United Nations.  The UN and her agencies are America’s Trojan Horse threat.   Therefore, allow me to declare: America, the United Nations is at war with you – and you are the horse (engine) its using to drive its chariot.  The dagger it drives into your heart is being sharpened and held by your very hands.  It will continue to drain life from you – unless, of course, you are able to take your blinders off.  Not to worry.  You are in a state of actively committing National Suicide.  Listen here.

  1. Arizona border.  No More Deaths Camp.

The majority of the invaders into the US are Spanish speaking.  They speak little English, nor do they, I suspect, desire to learn it.   If accurate, this means, folks from English speaking countries (ie: England, Canada, Australia) are not invading the US.  So, let’s then isolate that the invaders are from Spain?  Well, we can’t isolate that because we know people living in Spain aren’t leaving Spain for greener pastures, either.   These Spanish-speaking invaders are coming from former Spanish colonies like: Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala, etc.  These countries are not organizing an effort to drive migrants into and invade the US.  The UN is.  Could most of these invaders (Spanish speakers or otherwise) therefore be UN sympathizers?  Absolutely.  And, recall, please, that I state that the UN is Roman inter-government agency.  Peel back the layers and you too will uncover this.  This article may help.

Invaders, NOT immigrants.

It seems that the Mexican cartels make money by selling weapons, narcotics and children.  They organize and operate as militaries.  Along the US southern border, they work with native American (Indian) tribes and reservations to host and protect their trafficking.   The non-violent invaders typically enter the US right now through points of entry like Lukeville, Sasabe, Tijuana and Eagle Pass.   However, the real smuggling and violent activity seems to be happening on private lands and these reservations.  One such private land is operated by the private Chilton Ranch south of Arivaca, AZ.   See how Mr. Jim Chilton would prefer people enter his ranch and country.

According to the Center on Immigration Studies, as of November, 2023, there were 49.5 million foreign-born immigrants (legal and non-legal) on US soil born in the United States.  15% of the country’s population.  A 4.5 million increase since the Biden regime was appointed to control the politics of the White House.  This is the most ever in the history of the country and larger than the individual populations of 25 of the 50 US states.  The 137k/month migrants under Jose Biden is more than double what was happening under Obama (68k/month) and is almost more than triple what was seen under Trump’s Office (42k/month).  Make zero mistake, folks, America is being systematically invaded.  By United Nations’ design and they are well ahead of schedule.

“The scale of immigration is so high that it appears to have made the new Census Bureau population projections, published on November 9 of this year, obsolete. The bureau projected that the foreign-born share was not supposed to hit 15 percent until 2033.”

Center for Immigration Studies

*extracted from article: “What is the UN’s 2030 Agenda? Concrete goals for transforming the world”

So, if Michael Yon is correct and the United Nations (IOM) is behind this mass invasion across the US southern border – and if I am correct in that Rome is behind the United Nations’ agenda, it seems, therefore, that religion is not only America’s achilles heel but, it is being used as its Trojan Horse.   I shall be more specific and say that America’s achilles heel may just be what liberates it: her standard of being a beacon for religious FREEDOM.  Thus, if accurate, these Judeo-Christian religious principles (US Constitution) are being used to sharpen the spear (dagger) that drive into its protestant pilgrimage based Mayflower heart.   Of particular, doubled edged interest and importance at the Arizona border, is an organization known as No More Deaths.  They also happen to identify themselves by their Spanish name: No Mas Muertes.   I am told that this benign refugee service is being used as a cover to smuggle and traffic cartel activity. In fact US Border Patrol agents raided the encampment, also known as Byrd Camp, a couple of times between 2017 and 2020.  One volunteer, Scott Warren was arrested and charged with smuggling and conspiracy.  Although acquitted, it does not resolve suspicion that the camp operating on private land, is also being used to harbor illegal activity.  Oh wait… we know at its core that IT IS.  It is definitely being used to house, cloth and provide “refuge” to ILLEGAL migrants.  That means harboring illegal activity.

Let’s broaden the concept briefly before I expand on the No Mas Muertes organization.   As another result of WWII and the creation of the United Nations (1945) came another unifying element to global theology known as the World Council of Churches (1948).  Its third ecumenical assembly corresponded, in relative date, to something called Vatican II… or, the Second Vatican Council.  In Latin: Concilium Oecumenicum Vaticanum Secundum).  1961 and 1962 respectively.  Here’s another Latin phrase for you that can be seen right on the back of your $1 Federal Reserve Note: Novus Ordo Seclorum (New World Order).  The Trojan Horse could only be a stealth attack, in theory… right?  Until it wasn’t.

I have suggested in articles previous that the greatest business created by man is his interpretation of life and human existence.  This can otherwise be phrased: religion.  If religion, as an example, is the greatest business operating globally, than the business that is financially most successful (based on theology – or man’s interpretation of human existence) can therefore be termed the most successful monopoly or mechanism of manipulation / control, functioning internationally / globally.  If the USA is founded on Judeo-Christian principles (1776), than in function, it is founded upon those very theological mechanism of global currency and control. If a particular goal of said theology is to convert masses of people globally (internationally), than that element of the various religions serves as premiss of very business competition. The Mayflower, therefore, in competition to Rome…. or, of course, London, for that matter. Could a 2000+ year old institution have a plan to conquer its competition and or unify “saracens, pagans and/or unbelievers”?  See Papal Bull: Dum Diversas (1452).  One may also want to visit literary review of something Roman called the “Doctrine of Discovery“.  Ladies and Gentlemen, when one domino falls, typically others follow.

Though the ruling Roman theological institution, the Vatican, is not an official member of either the United Nations, or the World Council of Churches, it does essential have and play prominent observer roles in both. I contest that in a clever tactic of disguise, the existence of both bodies are nothing more than Catholic think tanks themselves.  After all, much of my writing of the past few years addresses the clever disguise the City of London has to its Roman roots, a Roman trading port formerly known as Londinium (43AD).

Could the most financially successful business on earth (ie: Vatican), be cleverly weaving its way into other businesses for an end goal of nothing more than flat-out control and total global conquest?  Absolutely.  And thats what I believe it may have cleverly done to and with US based religions and businesses.  The entire conquest expedition of the New World (North and South America) was driven by the religious and financial engine that is and was Vatican.  They did it through their proxy bodies of countries like: Spain, Portugal, France, England, Netherlands.  The product that is America (USA) was and remains an anomaly.  From starting my podcast on Wynwood Radio in 2016 in Miami due to a virus out-break called ZIKA, I spent the first few years trying to identify what may be at the root of the erosion and corruption that is, currently, the downfall of America.  Years of thinking, meditating, discussing and contemplating the work of former Stanford Hoover Fellow, Antony Sutton, it gradually dawned on me.   Former guest on Discussions of Truth, Gerald Posner’s research may help shed light on this.  Listen to his episode with me here.  I urge you to read his book, God’s Bankers (2015).  The Vatican’s actual wealth and global value is not reported… therefore, it is not known.  Just as are the actual shareholders of the Federal Reserve Bank in the US.   I am here to tell you that it (Vatican) is by far, the wealthiest organization on the planet.  But, that is simply my personal opinion based on my own conclusive research.  By the way, the Federal Reserve is never audited… though it, as a “Federal” organization, represents you… or, the People of the US Constitution.  Its a farce, folks. It’s a joke, folks.   And, if you believe it represents you, you are fooling yourself… and wasting your time.

The Goal: To Transform the World.

 In the Pima/Pinal AZ county regions, and elsewhere, these religious organizations seem to be who/what the cartel is working with and through.  The cartel is so sophisticated that it seems they have likely not only infiltrated churches but also AZ political seats.   I give no evidence of this, though I am told this is very likely and it is indeed my own personal gut feeling.  What can be considered is that the cartel is very serious about control.  It can be considered that they view their business as war.  In fact 10 IEDs were recently found at the Tijuana border.  Watch.

Could a global doctrine of discovery or be it, doctrine of conquest, be working in a hidden matter through harmless American organizations?  Yes.  Especially when considering the fluidity of the motivations behind such organizations like the World Council of Churches or be it Vatican II.   One such proxy group seems to likely be No More Deaths.

What to know along the Arizona border: Michael Hyatt.  Founder of Tucson Samaritans (2002).  Working in correlation with a man named John Fife of Southside Presbyterian Church.  They created No More Deaths Org/Camp in 2004.  Out of another organization called the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson they seem to have produced the book: Along the Migrant Trail (Hyatt/Fife).

*screenshot taken from leaked Border Patrol docs.

Why this agreement is important: No More Deaths Camp (or Byrd Camp) operates on private land donated by author Byrd Baylor.  This refugee camp lies slightly SE of Arivaca, AZ and very close in NE proximity to Chilton Ranch.  Byrd passed away in 2021.  Regardless of the fact that the encampment is operating on private land or not and providing water and aid to “refugees” or not, it is indeed an accomplice in a crime.  That’s the most important aspect of the operation and it needs to be stopped immediately.

In 2007 the IOM (International Organization for Migration) seemingly began orchestrating migration northward up the continent from their headquarters in Panama (former US Army base Fort Clayton).  Obama took office in 2009.  The question to ask yourself is, outside of the UN, is this orchestrated effort somehow planned?   If so, by WHO and how far back was it planned?

I will briefly share with you, what is widely considered an accurate plan to create three global wars.  Devised from what may have been the branch of a European secret society right here within the American shores. That being World War I (Jul 28, 1914 – Nov 11, 1918) World War II (Sep 1, 1939 – Sep 2), 1945 and World War III (which may have technically already started).  The theaters were designed and engineered in part by a group associated with and to former Confederate Army General Albert Pike.  This society may be publicly known as the illuminati.  The main US branch of this, from my understanding, operating out of Yale University under what is known as the Russell Trust Association.   It is otherwise known as the Skull and Bones Society (founded 1832).  The Russell Trust was incorporated in 1856 by founding president of Johns Hopkins University, Daniel Coit Gilman and is named after William Huntington Russell and Skull and Bones co-founder, Alphonso Taft.  The Yale branch is of the Bavarian illuminati (founded by Jesuit Adam Weishapt – University of Ingolstadt – 1 May 1776)).  St. Ignatius de Loyola spearheaded the creation of the Society of Jesus in 1540.  Again, it officially became recognized by Papal Bull: Regimini militantis Ecclesiae under Pope Paul III.  According to Pennsylvania based historian Eric John Phelps, Ignatius had either been a member of or was mentored by, the Spanish Alumbrados (the illuminated or enlightened ones).

The connection between the Spanish Alumbrados and the Bavarian illuminati are the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).  Therefore, if I am correct, in 1832 the Jesuits, therefore, successfully infiltrated the university set-up by Anglican (protestant – Church of England) founder of Yale University, Eliju Yale.

Rome – the most far reaching network on the planet.

Aguas del Desierto outside of Ajo, AZ is working with No More Death Camps.

Their warehouse is just outside of the Gila Bend US Air Force base.  This I suspect is no coincidence as I firmly believe the US military and its base of operation, the Pentagon, has been infiltrated.

The United Nations (1945) was created as a result of the aforementioned League of Nations (January 10, 1920).   The long-term goals of the UN have and do far out last the life-spans of either you or I.  If indeed there is a formal, sub-surface connection to Rome and the UN then America, you are its enemy.  More importantly, you are being used as its economic engine to achieve its One World Order goal.  And if all that I write above is correct and mostly accurate and you as an American citizen would like to retain your country and its sovereignty, that you must not only acknowledge that the UN and the IOM (and therefore, Rome) are invading your country BUT, you must officially declare that the state you reside in, regardless of what type of border it may have, is being invaded.  Doing so will force the hand of the Federal government to act.

And if the below screenshot is correct, and Federal employees plan to arrest Texas National Guard personal, not only will that be a violation of those guardsmen’s Constitutional rights but, it will be a violation of every Texan’s Constitutional right.

America: you have been and continue to be invaded by an enemy.  You have a Constitutional right to defend yourself.  I recommend you do so, IMMEDIATELY – or be eventually conquered by that covert enemy.  Look no further than the United Nations.  Start with Rome and the Vatican’s military Papal Bull: Regimini militantis Ecclesiae (1540).

Posted by Ian Trottier

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