Children are all born Gender Neutral.

Children are all born Gender Neutral. There is no “male” and “female” in their untrained psyches. There is only this-and-that; not yet even a perception of “me. The penis and the clit are merely interesting in a sensational manner as they explore their recently acquired is-ness.


Since the only instinct (aside from sense-ation) is survival, their curious minds are geared from birth to watch, listen, and learn the Keys to survival. Since their parent-figures have survived to manipulate them, these beings represent these Keys to survival. Thus, these not-yet-programmed-to-gender beings learn their behavior patterns from the people who feed, clothe, and are supposed to protect them.


The highly gendered concept of “pink is for girls and blue is for boys” was simply a commercial enterprise to sell products, nothing more, and is relatively new. (You won’t find it in Shakespeare, or even prior to America’s 20th century.) It does prevent the embarrassment (when used to color-code a child) of mistaking the very young infant or child for the opposite sex when either admiring or showing-off said child.  The parents, and later-on society, are the ones genderizing their children.  Thus – programmed parents invoke this color-code for over 100 years and we end up with idiots who think not that the color indicates which sex one is but that a child’s regard for one of two colors indicates their preferences for being a particular sex!


Just because a child likes rainbows does not mean that he or she has chosen to be homosexual. Such concepts are totally foreign to them as such things are indoctrinated into them as they are growing toward their goal of surviving through adulthood.


This has been proven in actual published cases as recently as 70-years ago (maybe over 100, but I can only speak from the 1950’s on):


Sighted children who have been raised by blind parents act and carry themselves like their blind parents. Normally gifted children of mute, deaf or mute-and-deaf parents communicate (interface with their world) in the manners learned by mimicry from their parents.


Once these children are exposed to the outside word they usually develop as “normal” children, adding to their communicative abilities to interface with the outsaid world. There might be still certain clinging residual ingrained habits such as stance or carriage, perhaps some slight vocal difference, carried over even into adulthood, but they do not become either deaf, mute, or blind and develop as they grow into normally functioning member of their larger communities. 


I once had a super-genius friend who, at the age of forty-eight, still carried himself and flinched like the once abused “mental retard” he was thought to be up through the third grade when his severe dyslexia was diagnosed and began to be treated.


Thus, the heterosexual male-child who is reared solely by an ultra-feminine female parent is quite apt to go through the growing, exploratory stages of mimicry (survival) and might, even as an adult, seem to our highly gendered culture to be what is presently assumed to be effete. This in no way affects his own basic sexual preferences, nor does it imply a desire to alter his sex. That’s just how he grew up in that environment. The same can be said – masculinely – of a female child who is raised by males.


I suppose I can see how, if one has been programmed to believe a fetus to be merely a dangerous and inconvenient parasite and that a fully developed baby is expendables as garbage, that one might be blinded to the concept that this child is not just some toy with no purpose or identity other than what you choose to do with it. However, like you, this is a fully developed human-being who has the Right to grow up to maturity in the same body and condition-of-body as he or she came into the world (unless some life-threatening actual medical issue – liver, heart, lungs, scoliosis… – which might be treated exists) so that, having spent their youth under your indoctrination, once having grown to maturity, they can decide for themselves all irreversible, permanent, life-time things pertaining to themselves and their very own bodies, minds and spiritualities.


This has been written by a thoroughly heterosexual woman (I used to be an ultra-femme girly-girl) born with an enlarged clit and a highly developed “male” libido whose only concession to the color pink is for the fuchsias and blue-pinks – although certain pinks go well with curtain rods – And always “loved” the combo colors of purple or violet with blues and greens (and a little gold for accent) and has always favored earth-tones and autumn colors.


What would you do to me if I were a child today?