Happiness is a Fine-Tuned Bullshit Meter

By: Dr. Mick Hall



For the past two or three years we have come to realize that we have been lied to for our entire lives. We have come to realize that our history was fabricated to conceal the true agendas behind all the wars and conflicts around the globe. We have been conditioned to believe that vaccinations will protect our health and that it is possible to poison our bodies with toxic drugs to restore the quality of health that has been lost. Lies, lies, and more lies.


It is yet to be revealed how deep and convoluted the disinformation has been. The one thing we can know for certain is that the propaganda machine is turned up to full speed ahead to convince as many as possible that stupidity is correct, and that truth and logic are not correct.


So where does this leave all of us? Do we just sit quietly and wait until the fertilizer storm is over to find out the truth? Of course, that isn’t necessary, since each one of us has been blessed with a brilliantly designed “Bullshit Meter” in the pit of our stomach (intuitive guidance). There are some who have figured out how to calibrate it and how to use it. Yet, the majority are too preoccupied with life to be bothered with such a thing. Well, it’s important to realize that learning how to listen to this source of wisdom and practicing our obedience to it is the shortcut to getting our lives to flow in the best way possible. There isn’t anything in our lives more important right now than learning how to use this meter. It is the most valuable possession we have! To the degree that we use this meter, our lives are guided and our circumstances flow with our goals and desires. To the degree that we ignore it, we suffer the consequences of not having this wise guidance to direct our choices. In fact, every accident, every time we are taken advantage of, and every hardship we suffer is the direct result of ignoring this wise guidance system. All pain and suffering in life are the direct result of either not listening or failing to obey this wisdom.


Just this morning I was given the opportunity to use my meter to help me avoid a terrible financial problem. I opened a very innocent site on my computer showing a huge bear hugging a guy, which the caption said that the guy had saved the bear’s cub from drowning. As soon as I clicked on the picture, a buzzer went off and a voice of warning came onto my computer telling me that my computer had been locked down because it had been fraudulently hacked, and that I needed to contact the Apple Security Department. The first of the three warning pages provided the phone number I was to call. During the long, drawn-out conversation with a guy from India who was supposed to be an Apple Tech person, he supposedly was diagnosing my computer problem. He informed me that besides our internet service and my computer, that our phones had also been hacked. He then informed me that he saw a $4,000 charge that already had approval to be withdrawn from my account. He then offered to assist me in stopping this fraudulent charge from our bank account. By this time, I was becoming aware of my meter starting to sound off. When the first guy connected me to the “head of Chase Bank’s Fraud Department,” my meter really started sounding off, since the second guy also happened to be an East Indian guy. Anyhow, within a very few minutes I discontinued the call with the second guy, realizing that it had to be a setup and an attempt to transfer a few thousand dollars to a so-called secure wallet to prevent the fraudulent charge from going through. 


For the duration of the propaganda-fest that we are going through, we will be provided with many opportunities to exercise our meters (intuition). It seems that we are now being forced into a crash-course of learning how to listen to the wisdom within, since there is so much false information being promoted everywhere. The most important thing we can do is to become consciously aware of the vital need to fine-tune our ability to listen to our intuition. In this way, we can be guided through the minefields of lies and scams that lie ahead.


Contrary to popular belief and fabricated statistics, there are many more millions of people in the US that listened to their BS Meters and when the clot-shot was offered, they simply said: “Heck no!” Reports make it sound as though most people ran down and allowed themselves to get poisoned, but the truth is, there is a huge number of people who are listening and obeying their own wisdom.


It was a very wise and powerful statement that was made over two thousand years ago when Jesus said: “He that has ears to hear, let him hear.” This is the only way that we can sidestep the traps that will be found in the path of life still before us. We will always be warned. The secret is to be sufficiently aware so that we hear the warnings and avoid the traps.


Besides the benefit of being able to sidestep the traps in life, we can also use the same wise guidance to enhance the circumstances of our lives. There are life coaches that charge hundreds of dollars per hour to coach people in ways that assist them to greatly enhance their lives. The wisdom within you is much wiser than these life coaches, and the wisdom within you knows you and cares about you like no other can.


So, what do you say to the idea of taking the time and the focus to improve the level you already enjoy of being guided by this wise inner coach? Your life is guaranteed to improve accordingly.