The January Issue Is Online

The January issue if finished and uploaded to the website. I’m biased, but I think it is another excellent issue. Have you heard about the Brunson case?  The front page and one of the bonus articles explain what the Brunson case is about and why it is important.  The top bonus article is “Vitamin D Is Still the Best Candidate for A COVID-19 “Magic Bullet”. 


We have four videos on the front page.  The documentary on vaccine deaths, Died Suddenly, was there last month but we believe that the information is so important that we are leaving it up longer.  Comedian JP Sears had a video reviewing 2022.  Psychiatrist Dr. Marc McDonald is talking on our schools.  Finally, we have a video titled DeFacto Satanism and the Great Work.  All of them are well worth your time.


You can download the pdf file of the paper to read offline.  You can also send it to your friends and family. 


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