Time to Replace our Broken Election System

By Dr. Mick Hall

How is it that no matter what we do, we still get “Politicians” in office that continue to promote anti-American agendas, rather than truly representing Americans and our needs?

Our election system didn’t just recently malfunction. It was infiltrated and controlled long before you and I were born. It’s just that you and I have finally recognized that it doesn’t need a few adjustments, it needs to be replaced. It’s essential that every County re-design and replace the way voting is presently handled. When you think of the process of replacing the whole voting system, who is it that you know will offer a strong opposition? That’s right! The Marxist-brainwashed anti-Americans.

What is it about America that makes billions of people around the world wish they could live here? Is it the ignorance that has been imposed upon us over the past couple years? Is it the socialistic ideas college professors are indoctrinating our youth with? Is it the new wave of gay, lesbian, transgender freedoms running rampant across America? Or is it how close to becoming a communist country the US actually is? NO!

America became the light upon the hill that the rest of the world looked up to because of the designs our Founding Fathers structured into our Government and Constitution. This design was a guarantee to protect our individual freedoms. We were the only country in the world where greed and corruption was not allowed to enslave the citizens of the country.

Unfortunately, our grandparents and great-grandparents were fraudulently tricked into allowing a system to develop that slowly destroyed our freedoms and allowed near complete control of the U.S. Governmental structure. This same enslaving agenda almost totally controls who will be elected to key positions throughout our country.

It currently costs an average of one hundred and ten million dollars to run for a Senator’s seat and about eighty million dollars for a seat in the house of representatives. This is the main trap of our time. This is how those in power remain in power: they simply buy the politicians they seek to control. When a corporation provides the money that gets a person elected, of course there are large strings attached to every dollar.

When enough real Americans in Mohave County unite together and are ready to replace our broken election system, there is a lot of important work needing to be done, beginning with the replacement of most of the individuals presently controlling the election procedures in the County.

In an enlightened future, it will cost nothing to run for a government office. Since every elected position is a responsible position of employment, the first step will be for the County Oversight Commission to review the resumé of each potential candidate, and to interview him or her to determine basic qualifications for the position. Since every elected person owes serious responsibilities to their bosses: the people who elected them, nobody has cause to resist having background checks and the gathering of personal references from past associates. The background check for a potential County, State, or Federal employee should be considered much more important than when a corporation decides to hire an in-house accountant. Yet, all our lives we have been conditioned to accept anyone who wanted to run for office; no questions asked. We were to ignorantly choose the one who looked the best from all the negative advertisements, or the one who had the most signs in people’s yards. This form of voting ignorance must be replaced with proper vetting and careful and complete interviews, bullet point reports of each candidate’s qualifications, honesty, and integrity or the lack thereof must be presented to the voters in the county so that voting is a matter of choosing the best person for the job.

Another foolishness we must replace is the actual method of voting. Since we know that Democrats have been using our tax money to bribe illegal aliens to vote for Democrats, this must be reversed. This is a form of theft needing to be punishable by serious fines and imprisonment of the guilty politicians.

Voting is such a serious part of a Republican form of government. In the beginning of our country, not everyone was allowed to vote. It was necessary to either be a landowner or prove in another way to have “skin in the game.” A true American would never resist a qualifying procedure to vote. Even if it required each voter to pre-pay and pre-order a numbered, watermarked ballot to be sent to his or her personal address, only a person who supported the agenda to socialize this Country would object to such a qualification.

Another very important issue is: “conflict of interest.” There needs to be a disqualification for anyone who would possess a conflict of interest. A great example would be the millions of people on welfare. Are they capable of voting for the best candidate? Or would they be guilty of voting for the people who promise to keep stealing from the wealthy and the workers and giving it to those on welfare? If voting ballots were printed, numbered, and watermarked by a central Government contractor, then distributed by the post office to everyone in their Postal District who ordered their ballot from the pre-designated county office, all the foolishness of unqualified voters and dead people voting would be finished.

The final foolishness needing to be put to bed is the way ballots are presently being counted and miss-counted. Every county should have people who have been vetted thoroughly for their honesty and integrity to oversee the machines that count the ballots. With the Party system being dissolved, and the ballots simplified, these individuals should be able to use simple computerized machines to count the votes on the ballots for their county. Two other persons, who have also been thoroughly vetted for honesty and integrity could be assigned to pick ballots up from voting stations like collecting cash from grocery stores: armed and secure. It wouldn’t be that difficult to replace our broken election system, if you and I were to unite and make it happen. But, as long as we are content to have the foxes guarding the henhouse, and as long as we are content to just complain about how corrupt things are rather than uniting and stopping these activities, then it will simply remain impossible to figure out how to correct this out-of-control problem. So, when will this imposed ignorance end? Only when you and I unite in stopping it!

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