The Shape of Things

By: Dr. Rainer Huck

Historically, the party holding the presidency always loses seats in the house and the senate in the midterm elections.   This is usually the case even if the president is popular and the country is doing well.

The recent mostly completed election season has somehow reversed this trend.   The country is doing poorly by every objective measure, yet the Democrats are winning nearly every contested race.  To illustrate headwinds the Democrats faced, here is partial list of the disasters brought to us by the Biden admiration:  


* Strategic blunder in Afghanistan leading to Putin’s war on Ukraine.

* Loss of energy independence.

* Massive inflation decimating the middle class.

* Massive increase in crime, particularly in minority areas.

* Open borders allowing 6 million people to enter our country illegally bringing drugs and terrorists with them.  (Meanwhile  elderly American citizens wait in line for hours and are given close scrutiny at the Algodones border).

* Massive spending putting the county on the path to bankruptcy. 

* Creating a level of debt that can never be repaid.

* Fanning the flames of racial and ethnic division.

* Corrupt curricula and indoctrination in our public schools.

* Collusion with big tech to censor free speech.  

* The scientifically unfounded Covid lockdowns that wreaked economic devastation, stunted our children’s educational development, and bloated our national debt.  The much touted vaccine turned out to be useless, as was illustrated recently when the virus spread to Antarctica, perhaps the most controlled access area on the planet.  

* A fully politicized bureaucracy targeting political dissenters with police action and arrest.  

* A collusive media that suppresses all news negative to the democrats and amplifies all news negative to the republicans.

* Social media colluding with federal law enforcement agencies to suppress news harmful to the Democratic Party.

* Media of all kinds aggrandizing the climate change theory and suppressing the voices of any “climate deniers”.

* Media of all kinds suppressing the voices of “election deniers” 

The question that emerges is, in the light of all these negative trends implemented by the current administration, and in spite of 75% of the population believing the country is going in the wrong direction, how could the Republicans have done so badly? The answer lies in the changes to election practices implemented in the wake of the COVID epidemic. These policies such as widespread early voting and the distribution of mail in ballots to every registered voter have compromised the integrity of the voting process,    allowing partisans to manipulate the vote counts in the most competitive races with ease. What used to be Election Day has now become election week or month.

In the presidential election of 2020, just 44,000 votes in the four key states determined the outcome. Practices such as ballot harvesting and drop box voting have broken the security of the voting system. Long delays in counting have also given the partisans plenty of opportunity to tamper with the vote.    

Josef Stalin famously said:  “I don’t care who votes, I only care who counts the votes”.   

This election has shown us that issues or candidates no longer matter. When a senile man campaigning from his basement can defeat a president who brought us great economic and foreign policy successes, we know there is a serious problem. When a stroked out socialist who cannot issue a coherent sentence beats a vibrant doctor dedicated to improving the lives of the struggling middle class, we know that the democracy we have enjoyed for 250 years is dead.

If the republicans do not succeed in capturing the presidency in 2024 and using that power to make dramatic changes to our election process, America will become a fascist dictatorship albeit with the trappings of democracy as was the case in Sadam’s Iraq or in Iran today. As history has shown, once this happens there is never a return to democracy, with the most likely eventuality being devastating war. Those of you who have not yet read the prescient novel “1984” should do so immediately.  It clearly details the shape of things to come. 


Obama, Biden, and the many shills for the Democratic Party were endlessly whining in the days before the election that “Democracy was on the ballot”. Turns out they were right,  Democracy was on the ballot—and Democracy lost! 

Now the democrats can continue looting the country for at least 2 more years. 

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