Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant Disconnected by Ukrainian Shelling


Aug 25, 2022

Shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant results in fires, disconnecting the plant from the Ukrainian power grid multiple times, causing concerns of cooling systems failing, which would result in the core overheating and a nuclear catastrophe that will cripple Eurasia and kill tens of thousands of civilians.1

Russia have since restored power to the grid and the core is stable, but Russia warns that if the Ukrainian Forces don’t stop provoking the plant, there will be nothing Russia can do to stop the cooling systems from failing.

Even NATO countries are starting to admit this reality cannot be ignored, resulting in the French Minister of Defense reaching out to Russian Minister of Defense to discuss the ongoing situation at the Zaporizhzhia Plant. There has been no reporting on the contents of the phone call, but it’s most certainly abnormal for French MIL to be negotiating with Russia.2

This phone call could be a turning point for NATO countries to begin turning on Ukraine and the US. As the MSM are reporting that the crisis is being caused by shelling from Ukrainian Forces. Even CNN had to admit it. They say “fires” caused the disconnect in the title, but have to admit in the article that Ukrainian shelling is causing a potential Chernobyl-like catastrophe.3

The Western media are doing their best to spin it, but it’s proving ineffective. NATO countries are starting to see that Ukraine and their US handlers are the ones putting the world at risk.

This Zaporizhzhia event will add further legitimacy to the rest of the Russian allegations against the Kiev and Biden regimes, soon to be featured in upcoming military tribunals.

The world have already begun turning their back on the US as the evidence in Ukraine continues to come out. Eventually, the US will stand alone, and all those responsible for the crimes against humanity will be held accountable.





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