Stop Thinking Biden’s Divisive Speech Was About the Election and Start Recognizing the Real Enemy

What the Biden-Harris regime is doing is far worse than just playing desperate ahead of midterm elections. They’re doing the bidding of the Liberal World Order and must be stopped.

Conservative pundits are predictable. Especially during election season, they see everything through the lens of how it will make an impact in November. This often blinds them to the reality that today’s Democrat leadership in Washington DC is no longer driven by election concerns. The handlers in the Biden-Harris regime do not answer to the guy in the Oval Office. They direct him based on the instructions they receive from the “Liberal World Order,” the globalist elites like Klaus Schwab, Barack Obama, George Soros, and Bill Gates.

It’s people like Brian Deese who are deciding what is said and done by the puppets with the fancy titles. The same can be said about Capitol Hill where Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and other members of the Uniparty Swamp are getting their marching orders from outside forces who are determined to bring forward The Great Reset. They don’t care about rigged elections any more than they care about the damage done by lockdowns and face masks. It’s all Kabuki Theater.

It’s all a charade.

Meanwhile, conservative pundits and talking heads are echoing the very narrative they’re supposed to perpetuate. Whether it is out of ignorance, stubbornness, or because they’re controlled opposition, they miss opportunities to expose the fundamental problems we are faced with today because they see everything as having to do with the election.

Arguably the most egregious recent example of this, other than what we’re witnessing in real time through commentaries about Joe Biden’s dark speech, is the universal reaction to face mask mandates getting lifted in February. I distinctly remember nine out ten conservative pundits said that Democrats who were suddenly lifting these mandates in a very tiny 8-10 day window were doing so because they were reading the polls. They were doing it because it’s an election year. They were doing it because they thought it would endear them to voters.

It was a ludicrous conclusion. This was February, nine months before the election, when pretty much every major city and state that still had face masks and lockdown mandates uniformly lifted them. Conservative pundits ignored the fact that most who were doing this weren’t even on the ballot in November. New York City Mayor Eric Adams had been in office for a month and had said a week before he lifted the face mask mandate that lifting the mandate was off the table. Why in the world would conservative pundits think Democrats suddenly cared about the polls nine months before an election? Is anyone really going to make their voting decision based on what Eric Adams and others did in February?

The reason the mandates were lifted was in preparation for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They knew it was coming. They wanted to capture the full attention of as many Americans as possible, especially Republicans, so they could sell the narratives that Volodymyr Zelensky was the “Hero of Democracy” and we need to all get on board with the upcoming massive aid that was going to get filtered through Ukraine to pay off all the necessary bad guys ahead of the rollout of The Great Reset. They couldn’t afford our attention to be spent on silly things like medical tyranny so they put it on hold.

The lifting of mandates in February had nothing to do with midterm elections and neither did Joe Biden’s Thursday speech. There were three goals the Liberal World Order intended to accomplish with Biden’s speech, and all three goals are well on their way to being fulfilled. They are:

1. Plant Seeds in the Minds of Most Americans That “MAGA Republicans” Are Dangerous

Another thing many conservative pundits have been getting wrong about Biden’s speech is that it didn’t convince anyone to fear America First patriots. That wasn’t the real goal. They were just trying to plant the seed that “MAGA Republicans” may be dangerous to suspend disbelief when a domestic terrorist attack happens in the near future. In many ways, this DOES have to do with the midterm elections, just not in the way that most pundits seem to realize. They want as many Republicans as possible to align with the Uniparty Swamp.

2. Prepare Establishment Republicans to Disavow America First Patriots and Side with Pence, Cheney, and McConnell

Today, mainstream Republican voters and “MAGA Republican” voters are aligned on most issues. We all want the border secured. We want taxes lowered. We want law and order in our cities. We want Cultural Marxism to stop pervading our school systems.

More and more, mainstream Republican voters have been waking up lately to the reality that the milquetoast RINOs they’ve been supporting may not have their best interests in mind. They are turning against Mitch McConnell. They are ignoring Nikki Haley. They are realizing that Liz Cheney, Mike Pence, and Bill Barr aren’t the patriots many once thought they were.

To reverse this trend, the powers-that-be have prompted the White House and corporate media to engage in a division campaign within the Republicans Party. This is why even before Biden’s speech the White House was promoting the label of “MAGA Republicans.” They tried “Ultra-MAGA” and that didn’t work, so they’re now just trying to divide along the MAGA lines alone. This isn’t about dividing the party today. It’s about dividing the party when the next major inciting event happens.

3. Establish the Predicate for a Sudden and Ubiquitous Reign of Tyranny

As I’ve said many times, this isn’t about politics as usual in Washington DC. The real power players are only loosely associated with the White House. It’s the globalist elites, the Liberal World Order, who are pulling the strings. This is why it’s so important we start recognizing the real enemies and stop blaming everything on the elections.

If this was all about Democrats and the midterm elections, the last thing they would have done is have Joe Biden deliver the speech he gave on Thursday. In and of itself it did damage to their cause. But if we assume there will be some sort of incident in the coming days, weeks, or months ahead of the election, then this speech makes more sense.

But it’s not just about keeping Democrats in power. That’s an ancillary benefit, one the globalist elites will happily abandon if it means they can tear down America further than they already have. They need America out of the way for them to realize The Great Reset. That could come in one of two forms: Either a weakened America that falls in line with the globalists’ agenda or a destroyed America that’s completely out of their way. It’s for this reason I believe we will see a false flag attack of some sort that will allow the Biden-Harris regime to initiate martial law or some other draconian stance that lets tyranny spread across this nation.

Prepare Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally

We must all get right with God. I will, of course, get comments that say I’m segregating my audience by declaring my Biblical Christian beliefs as the most important part of our plan moving forward, but it is what it is and I am who I am. As far as mental preparedness, this is about setting up our personal infrastructure and spreading the word to those around us. We need allies and the best ones are not your buddies on social media a thousand miles away. Your best allies will be within walking distance, or at most driving distance. This helps in mental preparedness. As for being physically prepared, it’s time to take the self-reliance mentality to as high of a level as possible. Government is working against us which means we must be ready to stand on our own.

If you are concerned about the future of the United States (and you should be), you can secure peace of mind by getting yourself and your family prepared. We recommend amazing companies to help. Visit our “Be Prepared” List now.

There is no need to fret. We move forward as best we can knowing how the story really ends. There will be hard times, but our missions remain the same. Stay frosty, folks.

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