Fauci and the CDC Have a Lying Problem, and Now They’ve Been ‘Caught With Their Pants Down’

“We need to be investigating, and we should be locking up Dr. Anthony Fauci.”

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Aug 23, 2022


Dr. Anthony Fauci became NIAID director in 1984, and during his 38-year reign, he oversaw the two biggest public health debacles in American history, the AIDS epidemic, and the draconian COVID-19 response.


Fauci would like to rewrite history and tell you, “I didn’t recommend locking anything down,” but in October of 2020, Fauci said something a bit different right on video.


“I recommended to the president that we shut the country down.”


So, Fauci has a lying problem. And he’s lied so many times that he’s lost track of them.


Now that he’s been caught in those lies, it appears he’s trying to avoid accountability and announced his resignation on 8/22/22.


Let’s briefly walk through the harm that Fauci’s caused, as explained by Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene:


  • There were countless injuries and deaths that could have been prevented.
  • People died alone, away from their families.
  • Horrible hospital costs.
  • Children’s education was delayed by years.
  • Small businesses shut their doors that will never reopen again.
  • People lost their First Amendment rights: churches closed; freedom of speech was shut down.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Republicans in Congress, when we take back the House seat, we need to be investigating, and we should be locking up Dr. Anthony Fauci.”


I am 100% in favor of doing so.


Dr. Harvey Risch joined Steve Bannon on the War Room to elaborate on Fauci’s and CDC’s Failures.


Bannon asked Risch for his thoughts on Tony’s handling of the COVID crisis and his resignation. Let’s give him the floor.


“I think Dr. Fauci has had at least two catastrophic issues for our pandemic response. Now, he didn’t start off that way. He started off with making catastrophic responses back in the AIDS era when he suppressed Bactrim as an antibiotic to prevent the severe pneumonia that people with more advanced AIDS were getting and dying from. And he said, ‘I’m not going to do anything without a large-scale randomized control trial’. Have you heard this recently? Well, that’s what he started off with in 1987. And he got away with that then; there was no push back. Some 17,000 gay people in New York City died, waiting to be treated with Bactrim and couldn’t get it because of his refusal to make any statements about it while he was pushing AZT, which killed even more people because of its toxicity.”


Now, fast-forward to 2020, and we have Fauci doing the same thing, suppressing hydroxychloroquine, saying, ‘Evidence is anecdotal.’ That is the first piece of evidence that he conspired to suppress a medication that would have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. So that is the first piece of evidence that we have to investigate him in what he’s done.


And then, we know that Fauci has a hard time telling the truth. So, for example, he said, on extensive discussions, that he was in favor of lockdowns, the way that China had locked down its populations — he got that from discussions with a New York Times reporter — and basically pushed out this narrative of locking down the population, instead of dealing with early treatment, which would have helped immensely.


And so we know what happened then. The lockdowns were draconian, damaged the country, damaged hundreds of people, their businesses, their psyches, and so on. And now he’s suddenly coming up saying, ‘I never supported lockdowns.’ We have him on record in internet video saying that he did one. Now, he says he didn’t do it.


So there’s a big believability factor, and the issue is that if you just tell the truth, you don’t have to worry about what you said in the past; you just tell the truth. Whereas if you tell lies, you have to keep track of every lie that you’ve told in order to not to contradict yourself with further lies. And so this is a problem that Fauci has used, what he would call ‘noble lies,’ the whole paternalistic approach to public health, which extends all into the whole public health infrastructure, and the CDC and the FDA as well, talking about how to manage the pandemic instead of how to tell the truth.”


But it’s not just Fauci fleeing for the exits. The CDC is also “in panic mode.”


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Admits Major Covid-19 Mistakes — Plans to Restructure the Agency Calling it a “Reset”

Dr. Harvey Risch continues:


“I’ve heard from colleagues and people working internally at the CDC that the CDC is in panic mode — that they know that they’re going up in smoke — that their credibility is gone, and they’re out there rearranging deck chairs. The CDC can’t figure out that its problem was that it had all this non-transparent, paternalistic, lying to the population to accomplish political ends rather than science ends.


And so it did this, and it thinks that paternalism and transparency is a method for managing the public health epidemic, but in fact, transparency for them is they got caught.


And so now what they’re saying is they have to be more transparent, which means they have to manage their paternalism more carefully and withhold things more carefully so that it isn’t so apparent that they’re not being transparent. It basically is no different other than they got caught with their pants down.”


Thanks, Dr. Risch, for this detailed analysis. You can follow him on his Telegram page.

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