The Summer of Rage & Continuation of the COVID War on America

COVID has a case fatality rates and reproduction rates that are, frankly, not really much worse than a bad flu season. Yet we are pushing untested death jabs that are killing millions, shut down our economy, printed $4 TRILLION+ dollars that devalued the dollar for working Americans and gave it all to billionaires, and masked our entire nation to deal with this. Why would anyone do this?


The answer is not apparent but quite clear if you investigate deeply enough, this is a war on America, and it is NOT the only front. Let’s look at what has happened since COVID and what is coming. When COVID began, we shut down almost all small and mid-sized businesses in America – the engine of our economy – while allowing big businesses (Walmart, Amazon, etc.) to stay open. This destroyed much of our middle class and transferred a MASSIVE amount of wealth to billionaires and away from the lower and middle classes. 


While our businesses were closed, we saw months of riots, purportedly over the death of George Floyd. Regardless of how we feel about BLM or the Floyd PROTESTS, the riots were completely unacceptable but allowed to continue for months. In fact, while this was happening, instead of increasing law enforcement so legitimate protestors could do so safely and peacefully, we defunded the police in many places to allow for the law-breaking rioters to completely discredit any legitimacy there ever was to the real question of the realities of racism in law enforcement. Further, these riots destroyed numerous cities and small businesses (including minority businesses) and facilitated even more wealth transfer to the ruling rich by allowing them to snatch up more market-share and prime properties at a major discount.


Then we have the election. I do not care whether anyone reading this liked Trump or liked Biden, the reality is that this election was not safe and not secure. COVID was used as an excuse to alter election safeguards and procedures on a national level, and we now know conclusively that fraud did occur. Does this mean I can prove Donald Trump won; no, it does not. What I can say is that we did not have a fair and honest election and that it is quite suspicious that no one is considering the massive amounts of evidence (2000 Mules, Lindell, Pulitzer, etc.). If the machines were secure, then let us open them up, if the ballots were legitimate then let’s do an audit (not a recount), and if there is nothing to hide then let’s prove it so we can move on (unless there is something to hide). Regardless, the point is that the election is another example of an attack on America because, fraud or not, it has further divided us (and gave us the worst President in history). 


With all that was happening, particularly including a terrible streak of PR for the death jabs, the President badly needed a distraction, so then we start on Ukraine. War is terrible and I always feel bad for the people suffering through war but isn’t it ironic that the same Democrats that had a conniption about the war in Iraq (where there were mind-boggling human rights abuses) simply could not stand by while a war occurred in Ukraine? The reality is that the Ukraine was the money-laundering capital for the global billionaire crowd and the attacks on Ukraine were attacks on the mega-rich (as well as Hunter Biden and “the big guy”) and that could not stand. At the same time Ukraine was a great distraction from the continual leak of truth about the death jabs and a phenomenal opportunity to print more money and launder it through Ukraine to the same corrupt billionaires (this is a whole other article). More inflation for Americans, more gifts to the rich.


After the election we started hearing about food shortages. These are not fully here yet, but they are coming. Right now, we have a baby formula shortage created by the FDA’s inexplicably long closure of one of the major producers of formula and shortages of raw materials due to policies implemented by the administration (all of which benefit billionaires while hurting the working class). Meanwhile, Biden is doing nothing about the moratorium on fertilizer shipments that Union Pacific and implemented, for literally no real reason, during the growing season. Union Pacific’s main owners are Blackrock and Vanguard and, let me assure you, the billionaires and leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (who control those companies) will not be going hungry but the lower- and middle-class American people will continue to see food prices skyrocket while many food items simply will not be available. 


While much more is coming (new variants, the energy shortage, the currency collapse and financial crisis) the next immediate step is the “summer of rage”. Put “summer of rage” in your search engine: 


Notice not only the search results but the search suggestions in Google. Now compare that with this: 

Does this seem unbiased to anyone? The billionaires and the Anti-American crowd are now preparing for Roe v. Wade riots and if the SCOTUS does not overturn the case, they will find something else.


The important thing to understand is that all of this is about the war on America and our freedoms. A violent overthrow is not in anyone’s interests (Americans have too many guns) but the destruction of our nation through the destruction of our foundational values is absolutely occurring. 


At this point we should be preparing for a “summer of rage”, the continued collapse of our financial system (inflation, gas prices, food prices, etc.), an upcoming energy crisis, and more new global diseases/variants.


 These “crises”, or similar “crises”, are coming. The question will be whether the American people simply stand and say no to this corruption or whether we lose our freedoms forever.

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