Freedom of Speech is Critical for Everyone (Whether you agree with them or not)

We are the “Land of the Free”.  However, that freedom has been stolen from us, one small step at a time and the illusion of freedom was left in its place. 

Just because someone disagrees with us doesn’t give them the right to censor us.  That is not what our great country was built upon.  It is not free speech unless we are able to have open dialog and discuss all views on a particular subject.

They almost got away with it!  But they didn’t, thanks to hundreds of alt news sites on the internet.

Now we are faced with The Ministry of Truth, brought to us by the regime that believes what ever they say is the truth.  It would be better named The Ministry of Sanctioned Opinions.

This is what comes from “relative truth”.  “My truth” may be different from “your truth”. 

NO! Absolutely not! Truth is not the same thing as opinion.  Truth is based on facts.

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