UniParty Goes on Trial with Motion To Vacate Mike Johnson Next Week

These times are a’ changin

Kari Donovan



In a dramatic turn of events, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) finds himself at the center of a political storm as proponents of the America First agenda accuse him of obstructing crucial investigations and collaborating with Democrats on excessive government spending. US Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) have publicly denounced Johnson’s actions, vowing to bring a Motion to Vacate and strip him of his power at the beginning of next week.


“The Uniparty is going on trial with this vote,” Massive said at the Wednesday AM presser, to which MTG agreed.


The controversy surrounding Johnson has reached fever since his speakership began, with mounting anger last week over failures to support President Donald Trump’s defense efforts. Initial hopes for cooperation within the Republican ranks were dashed when Democrats signaled their support for Johnson, further alienating Greene, Massie, and Steve Bannon’s WarRoom audience.


During a Wednesday morning press conference in front of the Capitol, Greene and Massie expressed their frustrations, emphasizing the need for change and decrying the Republican establishment’s perceived betrayal of Trump and his supporters. They highlighted the ongoing partisan warfare against Trump, particularly through lawfare proceedings, and criticized the Republican majority’s lack of action in addressing key issues.


Quick clip of the presser:

Timeline of breaking news as seen on Bannon’s Wed. WarRoom:

  1. MTG has a morning press conference in front of the Capitol and announces a push to oust Johnson
  2. MTG appears on WarRoom with Steve Bannon to discuss the presser and the Motion to Vacate
  3. Bannon reads Johnson’s reaction to MTG’s actions

Immediately following the presser, in a fiery exchange on Bannon’s WarRoom, Green doubled down on her condemnation of Johnson’s leadership, accusing him of prioritizing Democratic interests over Republican values.


Quick clip of the WarRoom hit, Bannon demands Johnson be removed:

Bannon echoed her sentiments, urging constituents to demand accountability and calling for a change in leadership within the Republican Party.


The stakes are high as the GOP faces internal strife and mounting pressure to take decisive action. With calls for Johnson’s resignation growing louder, the party’s future hangs in the balance. As Greene aptly put it, “The people keep telling me that they want us to keep fighting.”


The question now remains: Will the Republicans heed the call for change and reclaim their commitment to America First?


FINAL STRAW:  On Tuesday, Democrats pledged to save Johnson:

A report begins to be circulated about Johnsons’ appeasement of open borders and massive spending to gain popularity with the Democrats:

For fuller context, watch full firey morning press conference:

And the WarRoom interview after.


[Go to WarRoom.org to watch the clips.]