Beef Company CEO: Non-Compliance Is the Only Way to Stop Attacks on Real Meat

June 9, 2023 • by JD Rucker

This article was provided by our sponsors at Whole Cows.

Anyone who is paying attention knows our food supply is being attacked on multiple fronts. Meat in particular has been targeted as the powers-that-be have decided they want us to stop eating chicken or beef, replacing them with lab-grown fake meat or insects.

The constant drumbeat that started with the World Economic Forum and United Nations declaring methane from cows is a leading cause of climate change has been echoed ad nauseam by politicians, corporate media, and academics in recent months. They ignore the fact that lab-grown meat is as much as 25X worse for the environment than real meat.

Meanwhile, the powers-that-be are pushing for mRNA injections to be used in the food supply. They’re already being injected into pigs and they are trying to get chickens and cows on the mRNA regimen as well.

Then, there are the “conspiracy theories” that real meat is under attack through sabotage. From unprecedented bird flu ceaselessly spreading across the globe to seemingly random sudden deaths of massive herds of cattle to a spike in “industrial accidents” at food processing facilities, there is no shortage of fodder for conspiratorial speculation.

Jason Nelson, CEO of Whole Cows, has had enough and he’s calling on Americans to say no.

“They’re trying to normalize consumption of insects and lab-grown meat to replace the real stuff,” he said. “But instead of making their products better, they’re trying to drag down the real meat industry in any way they can.”

Meat prices have outpaced rising inflation in recent months as supplies reach dangerous levels for some sectors. It’s not just affecting beef and chicken. Americans are feeling the financial pain with eggs, milk, and butter as well.

“What concerns me the most are the politicians who are trying to force the issue,” Nelson continued. “You’ve got Eric Adams saying he’s going to go after people who eat too much beef. Really? He’s been reading too much Orwell and not enough of the Constitution.”

Nelson was referring to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plans to limit the amount of beef residents are allowed to buy and businesses are allowed to serve in an effort to reduce cattle and dairy consumption.

These are just some of the reasons Nelson and his partners launched Whole Cows through their Prepper All-Naturals product line. Their focus is on long-term storage beef, but only the highest quality available. While most food preparedness companies sell “beef crumbles” or scraps, Whole Cows offers Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Premium Beef Cubes.

The meat is slaughtered in Texas, sous vide, freeze dried, and placed in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to give the product a shelf-life of at least a decade.

“We want to help Americans survive without having to beg the government for their daily serving of cricket burgers,” Nelson said. “It’s about compliance. They want us to fall in line and eat what they give us, but we need to be non-compliant as a people. That’s why we launched Whole Cows in the first place.”

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