Why Trump 2024?

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Look, I know Trump isn’t perfect, but we cannot deny that he was right about a lot.


His general thesis is that a Swamp/Deep State exists, they weaponized intelligence agencies to attack him, Russian Collusion was a lie, media and tech are corrupt.


All that ended up being true. So while you may not like him, the reality is that when he came down that escalator, he forced the Deep State to deploy their assets and expose themselves. He was the catalyst for the global awakening we are seeing today.


He could have just stayed at home in his mega mansion with his supermodel wife, but instead he went out of his way to expose this corruption, has been attacked mercilessly by every lever of power in government and the private sector, and now the Biden regime are trying to put him away for life.


The man has earned the right to finish what he started, and the public will be with him this time around. The optics are set. Trump will have free reign to make sweeping changes with executive power, and the MSM’s cries of “DICTATOR!” will be ignored, because the public just witnessed 4 years of the tyrannical and fascistic Biden regime.


If there was ever a chance to legitimately destroy the Deep State, this is it. #Retribution2024

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