Darkfield Microscopy Of Micro Robots In Live Blood Exposed to Scalar Wave Quantum Cold Laser

Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD


I had looked at this live blood analysis with my Darkfield Microscope and saw micro robots. I call them this as I see them emitting light in multiple frequencies. They appear to clearly be artificially intelligent. The nanotechnology and engineering literature that describes polymer coated quantum dots in the 100 nm size range. These structures are in the size range of about 500 nm – but the Darkfield microscope makes them appear larger than they are by about a factor of 15. 

Many people have wondered if different frequencies would deactivate the microbots. 

I took my 405nm Quantum Scalar Wave Cold Laser and pulsed it at 3 frequencies of 528nm, 369nm, 417nm. These frequencies obviously have healing effects on DNA. I was wondering if it would deactivate the microbots. 

In the video [on the authors substack page] below you can see a microbot in the blood. I turned on the laser at the beginning of the video and pointed it to the slide. It did not appear to me that the bot reacted. 

Microbots are what I call the blinking lights that are seemingly changing size but clearly pulsing light frequency, mainly in the visible light and blue range from what I can tell. 

I found a microbot that seemed to be somewhat affected by the Cold Laser scalar wave frequency. It stops in its tracks and seems to become immobile within a few minutes of shining the laser on the blood. Another microbot in the same blood sample that I zoomed in on and exposed it to the laser. This one does not seem to react much and continues on its mission to attack red blood cells. 

For the time I observed the microbots with exposure to the cold laser I did not see a significant effect. I have looked at live blood analysis after using scalar wave technology like the EES [Energy Enhancement System]. It helps the red blood cells and seems to reduce rouleaux formation but does not reduce the nano and micro technology in the blood. Many people think using Rife frequencies will help, but you cannot dissolve plastic or rubber with Rife, which is what hydrogel is. 

Remember, some clinicians are thinking these are parasites. They are not. Look at the work of the toxicologist Dr. Hildi Staninger. She was a pioneer of testing these brain computer interface technologies that have been weaponized upon targeted people via brain chips and implants for decades as well as via Morgellons. She had an expert parasitologist confirm that Morgellons is not a parasite, it is a synthetic polymer plastic silicone technology using animal proteins with metals in it. Please read her analysis on these plasmonic crystal nanomachines that have been deployed on humanity for decades.

Many targeted individuals suffer from these implants and they have been removed and analyzed as shown in the article below. Morgellons is one form of this warfare, for the biosensors can be inhaled on a mass scale when aerosolized as smart dust. Her toxicology analysis clearly shows it is not a parasite but a polyamide protein and metal based DNA sensor. Clifford Carnicom and I also found these polyamide groups as the main component of hydrogel in Near Infrared Spectroscopy. He calls the micro robots CDB. 


Direct exposure to healing frequency pulsed cold scalar quantum laser does not seem to deter the micro robotic artificial intelligence bidirectional telemetry biosensors.