C-19 test looks like a C-19 vaccine & there are robot like entities. Eye opening video & images

By: Karl C.

More recent exploration of the swabs shows the same kind of activity as seen in David Nixon’s injectable explorations. Robots seen zooming outside the liquid area.

Above: Swab packaging for the visual analysis done on this occasion. All swabs so far come from China regardless of packaged brand.

It looks exciting, and beautiful, but also really scary. Be prepared for some unbelievable footage that will raise eyebrows. [Video viewable on author’s substack page] 

Swab droplet on slide. Swab agitated in the supplied buffer tube and then the droplet smeared or dropped on the slide. Several separate drops were applied in order to see the reaction consistently repeated. It was rather shocking to see that the visual observation was like the Pfizer vaccine. David Nixon pointed out this resemblance since he has droplet tested Pfizer vaccines among other injectables many times. The particles here were huge and moving very fast. Bubbles appeared, and the ring began to close rapidly while the reaction was occurring and the outside then started to crystalize. After a while the mass of particles in the center had turned to a furning or sediment type fractal pattern. 

What was even more striking was the moving particles on the outside of the sample droplet for which I can only think could have been describable as robots of some kind. They move very fast, flying from the center outwards and in other directions too. They then take resting ground on the slide where they take on the appearance of orange dots after landing, at this point they look like orange Q-dots. Watch the video very carefully and preferably on a big screen.

It was notable that the movement was certainly not random. The flying dots were observed sometimes flying in tandem, taking right angle turns away from each other at times, and generally moving as if tasked.

I think David, Shimon, and myself were all stunned by what we were seeing. It is extremely hard to think what these microscopic UFO (humor) like objects might be at the moment. I had done swab tests and seen similar but smaller metallic looking ones in April of 2022 (see my other articles). It would appear that this complex material being found on the swab gels would imply that those of us who believed it was okay to take the test were actually participating in the vaccine anyway. This is assumed by the fact that most of us deem the reactions and complex structures that form to be in line with highly advanced nanotechnology that we were not informed about being subjected to us. This is my own opinion, which I am entitled to, and believe is fairly obvious using one’s eyes and their common sense. 

What was most worrying was the fact these moving objects could move in the dry area. I saw them even flying around under the slide when focusing deeper, and the next slide was blank. I laid it down on the microscope and now they were flying there too. It seems they may have swarmed out and into the air. These definitely came from the material on the swab. It raises concerns as to how much care should be taken when viewing these in future. 

One fiber appeared each time a drop was applied. They formed so rapidly it was hard to capture. Interestingly the swab type was the foam type with hexagonal mesh pattern, not the spikey fiber type.