Maybe The Only Way! 

By Johnny Rowland 7/17/2023 

Anyone who has been even remotely watching the deterioration of the United States, has to understand that we are on an unsustainable path. Fiat money has a 100 percent record historically of not just failure, but abysmal collapse of whatever culture stupid or desperate enough to incorporate it. This is part of the plan for the “great reset,” which will intentionally replace our faux paper dollars with something even worse: digital currency. Even though the fiat paper money is based on phony “US Government Integrity,” it can still be held and handled and traded for stuff. The digital currency is no more than an electronic signal which can be altered or erased on a whim of whatever ruthless agency has access to the computer tabulating our social credits or debits. If this evil system is allowed to come into control of our American finances, then any semblance of constitutional governance is done; the American Experiment of Liberty is officially dead and cremated. 

It is truly amazing to observe the clownish “wokers” decrying the so called end of “democracy” attributed to Conservative discourse and even thought. In reality ,a pure democracy is essentially mob rule, with the minority having no rights in comparison to the majority’s opinion. If these pseudo geniuses would take the time to read a little history, they would learn that no real “democracy” has lasted until the water boiled! Currently our own country is experiencing a sort of woke martial law in which a small minority of wackos is literally dictating to the saner majority of the citizenry. And you can trust me on this one: it only a matter of time before this nasty balloon pops! 

Fortunately, the Founders of our Republic had a pretty good understanding of the potential actions of humanity when gifted with the trappings of power. They knew that when said power was concentrated in the hands of too few, the results were usually not good for the overall populace. These folks who ordered this most amazing country of ours, did prescribe their own version of Kryptonite to stymie the would-be dictators which they knew would attempt to take over. It was called The Electoral College, and it has saved the Republic more than once! 

It seems that when people are stacked up like cordwood in population centers, and especially when they don’t own property, they tend to become more self isolating, and less concerned with their surroundings and neighborhoods; concentrating more on basic survival in the moment and immediate future. Long term issues are simply too remote or confusing to occupy an urgent position on their scope. This same confusion among the masses also makes them easier to herd into compliance by their leaders, or in actuality, their masters. Witness the abominable lockdowns and ludicrous masking during the Covid Population Reduction exercise. People living in more rural areas were much less likely to be taken in by government-media-hysteria. By the way, as an added note, this entire trans nonsense and rabid promotion of homosexual behavior, as well as the travesty and tragedy of common abortion, has nothing to do with human or civil rights, but everything to do with global population reduction, to ultimately benefit the 300 or so ruling families and their desires of a world wide population of only around 500 Million people. Climate change, carbon dioxide reduction (carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is essential for plants to grow, and therefore for animals to live; real and honest science states that carbon dioxide has little to no effect on climate temperatures) and engineered droughts are all about lessening available food supplies to make it more difficult to feed oneself, much less families. Starvation does work wonders on cutting back numbers! 

The Electoral College reserves consideration for every state in the union, and if it weren’t for the Electoral system, then the population centers would steamroll the rest of the nation; it works for our country, and it will work if something similar is implemented for the states. Many individuals concentrated in relatively small areas, should only make most decisions about what goes in that particular region and not about local issues in outlying areas of which they know nothing. Phoenix should not dictate what goes on in Tombstone, Arizona; New York City should not have the ultimate say over what goes on in upstate New York; a few populous cities should not overrun the entire state of California. A type of state arranged quasi-Electoral College would give more credence to county rights and influence, and would insure that the people who live and work on the land outside the population centers would have a much stronger voice in government. This move would help the states to operate with greater efficiency and inspire hope within the middle class; it would also decentralize the hated “one size fits all” communistic style of government overreach thanks to manipulated urban mobs (which could include ANY racial combination!) who may be only following orders from party bosses—and might possibly even score a little extra cash in exchange for being a good lemming! 

I realize that this will be an uphill battle, as groups are EXTREMELY reluctant to give up power they have enjoyed for generations. But this may be our only hope to reel in or throttle back the centralized regime monstrosities and cultural insanities which plague our nation. I recall an account of a gentleman named Abraham trying to make a deal with God, that if he (Abraham) could find 50 decent men locally, then those infamous cities of Sodom and Gomorrah would not be destroyed. Well, he was unable to find 50, so he went back to the Lord, and asked if it would pass muster if he could locate 10 righteous fellows, but they weren’t to be found either, so Sodom and Gomorrah disappeared. I know for a fact that there are many more than 10 or even 50 qualifyingly good folks here in our country; and this knowledge does provide some encouragement. But, I can guarantee that we can count on great difficulties in attempting to right our heavily listing ship of state, so let’s fasten our seat belts, as it promises to be a rough ride!