Maui Fires | The Cover Up Story – Another Dem Perfect Crime?

By: Leesa Bolden:

If you have been listening or reading anything aside from the fake news media, you understand that the Maui fires were anything but natural. The truth of these fires is all over the internet. Greg Reese has several short videos some of which are on our website If you don’t have the means to get on the internet or the stomach to hear the truth about the fires and weather warfare that is being used against humanity please just read this prayer a few times until it sinks in. I transcribed this from the end of a >30 minute video by Eric West on Rumble posted by dddunes. I highly recommend you go to our website, and listen to the evidence about what actually happened in Lahaina. The Globalist wanted this land, it was not for sale so they burned it to the ground and murdered potentially thousands of innocent men, women, and children. The proof of this is abundant.

Eric West: β€œDear Lord, in Jesus mighty name Heavenly Father, we call upon you in Your Son’s name, that You would bless this message, that You would seal it that no enemy would come and take it. That the people listening to this, that their ears will be open, their hearts will be wide open to hear your message and then most importantly, Lord that they will discern their role, that they would know the next step and do the next wise step. Let the Holy Spirit speak into their heart and mind to tell them exactly what to do so we can overcome this thing and that we would do this in honor of those that have died, in honor of the children that have perished, that we would do this thing to prevent future incidents like this. It wouldn’t just benefit the people of Maui, but benefit people all over the United States all over the country all over the world. 

Lord, let the enemy be identified because the enemy is so stupid, he would self identify. He would speak in fusion amongst himself and his other enemies and they would exit stage left. Whatever that is, however that is. They would leave the scene and then Lord, we give them to you to deal with. We forgive them so that your justice, that your vengeance will deal with them Lord. Vengeance is of the Lord, so we forgive, I forgive.

I just know people if we do that, if we release this to God and we forgive, I just know for a fact that releases the hounds of heaven, that releases the angels of God, that is when Michael the Archangel will be set a foot into the world systems. So Lord, we dispatch your angels into this world system, we dispatch your army of angels to go on our behalf to surround us, to encamp among us to put up a triple hedge of protection. Lord we just thank you ahead of time  that your will shall be done and that your instruments that you have chosen to use of flesh and blood your broken instruments would be vessels that could carry your message and do your will.  We will be your eyes, we will be your ears, we will be your feet, you will give us strength, you will protect us and we will get this done swiftly with Godspeed I say that in the name of Jesus Christ.

If you agree, give me an amen, a chakah, hit me with [huge] YES. Because you know what? The most serious business in heaven is done with joy and laughter. That’s the truth. I know it sounds crazy. We have the victory in this but we gotta pull together right now. Let’s do it for the kids.” Eric West can be found on YouTube at Hawaii Real Estate.