Natural First Aid and Emergency Health Care

 As we have observed, there is a tsunami of ignorance presently flooding the Earth, threatening stability and normalcy of daily activities. Many are predicting that our Marxist friends are planning extreme disruptions. Just in case, it would be good to have a few non-medical solutions that can be used when other remedies aren’t available. The following are just a few thoughts off the top of my head, nowhere near complete lists of all the uses for these few items. I plan to keep adding to these lists as I get time, because we need to become much more self-reliant than we have been conditioned to live.  


Dr. Mick Hall



  1.   Hydrogen Peroxide: hydrogen peroxide is such a common household item we often forget the many uses for it. Hydrogen peroxide kills yeasts, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. Using a spray bottle to spray countertops, cutting boards, sinks, toilets, and every place you don’t want bacteria to exist. The regular drug store 3% peroxide is the best way to clean an open wound. It kills bacteria on contact. If you have questionable drinking water, a teaspoon of peroxide in a quart of water, slowly stirred for a minute can make sure it is safe to drink.


  1.   Baking Soda: This is the extreme alkalizer. To neutralize acidic stomach acid, stir a half teaspoon into a half glass of water and drink. If you get battery acid on your clothes, on your hands, or in your eyes, use the same soda and water to wash and neutralize the acid. For burns and sunburns, baking soda will relieve the irritation. Baking soda has proven itself to be an effective cancer treatment as well (not by itself, but in conjunction with maple syrup following a specific protocol).


  1.   Cayenne Pepper: Cayenne pepper is the fastest cauterizer for bleeding. Cayenne will irritate a scratch, but in a deep cut, cayenne will instantly stop the bleeding, kill any bacteria present on a wound, and stimulate a fast healing. Cayenne is the greatest wound healer, heart food, and arterial strengthener. It will drive other nutrients through your bloodstream to be used by the body when you take cayenne with other supplemental nutrients. A tablespoon of cayenne stirred into a glass of water can stop a heart attack in its tracks by clearing the blockage responsible.


  1.   Bentonite Clay: Bentonite clay makes a great poultice. If you have a wound that just won’t heal, it is usually because the tissue is too saturated with toxic waste. Mix Bentonite Clay with water and apply it over the affected area and a little beyond. Wrap it with a damp cloth and tie a strip of sheet material around the cloth to hold the clay against the skin for at least a couple hours. Do this daily for a week. Then dress it as you normally would for healing.


  1.   500mg Ascorbic acid tablets: not to be taken daily, but to be on hand for emergencies. Ascorbic acid is a chemical. It is a synthetic form of one part of the vitamin C complex. In an emergency it can be used to kick-start a sluggish immune system to blow out a cold, flu, pneumonia, and can be used to jumpstart a cancer treatment.


  1.   Nebulizer and Micro Particle Silver with 35% Peroxide: This combination can be used for any lung condition where a bacteria, mold, or fungus is present in the lungs. But remember, it is retinol, the true Vitamin A along with zinc (best received from green pumpkin seeds) that will protect the lungs from infections in the first place.


  1.   Shingles: To soothe the irritation, heat olive oil as you would a baby bottle (putting the olive oil bottle in very warm water until warmer than body temperature). Pour oil onto a soft cloth the length of the outbreak and apply it to the outbreak. Lie on the opposite side of the outbreak so the oiled cloth will stay put. When the outbreak has calmed down, soak white toilet tissue with silver water and apply to the outbreak. Then, spray the tissue with DMSO and leave this on for 20 minutes. Spray again if the tissue dries out before the end of the 20-minute period. Repeat this procedure three times daily until the virus is dead. This usually takes two or three days. Then dress it for healing.


  1.   Colds, flu, and fevers: As these are your body’s attempts to “clean house,” and not diseases, you need to support these efforts, not suppress them. The first step is to create diarrhea. This first step will usually clear a fever by itself. Second, drink lots of water and take 1,000mg vitamin C each half hour for about 3 or 4 hours. Then, cut this amount in half for another 4 hours. You should be continuing to have diarrhea during this time, so keep your water intake high to avoid dehydration. Rest during this time.


        9.   Properly identifying cardiovascular disease: There are many conditions to be found under the general title of: cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in our country for one main reason: improper identification and the suppression of the simple truth regarding this vast problem. Cardiovascular disease includes heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, atherosclerosis, and all the issues attributed to the buildup of the waxy plaque material that sludges up the gallbladder and enlarges the liver. Another very obvious condition is the type of bruises of the elderly, where the blood just runs under the skin when an elderly person just bumps themselves. Every one of these conditions is a case of scurvy at various stages of development. We have also been led to believe that ascorbic acid is Vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is a synthetic chemical and should only be used for emergencies to kick-start the immune system. To reverse scurvy, yes, basically every human has at least a low-grade level of scurvy, you need a complete form of vitamin C. There are many types of supplemental Vitamin C, such as Amla, Camu Camu, Rose Hips, and Acerola Cherry. Of course, the citrus family is a great source of natural Vitamin C. Because of the huge amount of money being made as a result of big pharma purposely re-identifying scurvy as cardiovascular disease and saying they don’t know why it develops, people continue believing this lie and dying of scurvy, instead of taking sufficient food-form Vitamin C. If the American Heart Association had even a hint of consideration for the well-being of humans, they would be shouting the name of Dr. Mathias Rath from the rooftops. Dr. Rath is a German medical doctor who, along with Linus Pauling was granted 2 patents for reversing heart disease in 1993 and 1994.