The Link Between “Transgenderism” and Violence

 by Selwyn Duke March 30, 2023 

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Audrey Hale, the woman who “identified” as a man and killed six at a Nashville Christian school Monday, was under care for an unnamed “emotional disorder.” It’s par for the course. In fact, ex-pediatric “transgender”-clinic worker and whistleblower Jamie Reed pointed out in February that the girls visiting her ex-employer for “treatment” had many psychological comorbidities, ranging from depression to anxiety to ADHD to eating disorders to obesity; autism diagnoses were common, too. (Nonetheless, all the youth were recommended for “gender transition.”)

As to the latter, there’s an unconfirmed report that Hale was “autistic but high-functioning.”

She’s also not alone in being a MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status) individual who commits violence. So said reporter Andy Ngo, who’s famous for covering Antifa riots, while appearing on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday evening. In fact, he stated that sometimes MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status, aka anomalous-“gender”) individuals would constitute as much as 20 percent of the rioters at a given locale. This is, of course, far above MUSS individuals’ percentage of the wider population.

What’s more, Ngo echoed Reed. There are “mountains of evidence,” he said, that people “who suffer from ‘gender dysphoria’ also suffer from very high rates of mental health comorbidities.”

This is not surprising. After all, if a mind is unwell — especially to the extent where a person believes he’s something he’s not — what are the chances it will be unwell in only one dimension? As poet William Blake wrote, the “eye altering alters all.” 

Ngo said in his Carlson interview that discovering that 20 percent of rioters are “gender diverse” inspired him to investigate further. He then found, he stated, that “there is peer reviewed research out of Canada — you can find it on the Library of Medicine” — and it “shows that there is evidence that young transgender people are particularly vulnerable to violent radicalization.”

Interestingly, this ties in to The New American’s story last Friday on how MUSS individuals are buying firearms because demagogues have convinced them they’re imperiled by conservatives. In fact, NPR quoted a member of a group called “Rainbow Reload” as saying, “If the world is dangerous, then you have to be dangerous back, and that very much has pushed me into where I am now.” And just three days later, on Monday, MUSS woman Hale was dangerous at the Tennessee school — but not “back.” There is no back, and not just because the Christian school had done Hale no harm.

It’s also because studies show that far from being imperiled, MUSS individuals are less likely to be murdered than normal people are and are more likely to kill than be killed. So in reality, conservatives merely threaten their agenda; their bodies are imperiled only by those mutilating them for money in false promises’ name.

As for the threatened MUSS agenda, Ngo further told Carlson that in his “reporting on left-wing extremism,” he has documented and tracked “for months now” a “surge in violent rhetoric by self-identified trans militant activists, particularly on Twitter, in response to various states restricting or banning the medical transitioning of minors.”

While much of this MUSS violent ideation and action is no doubt organic, consider a relevant flashback: In 2016, a Democratic operative named Scott Foval was caught on hidden video admitting that he and his fellow agitators would purposely incite violence at Trump rallies. And one thing he said was, “We have mentally ill people that we pay to do s**t, make no mistake.”

Also note that convicted child molester Joseph Rosenbaum, one of the men who attacked then-teen Kyle Rittenhouse during the 2020 Kenosha riots, had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had that very day been released from a hospital he was being treated at after a suicide attempt.

The point is that whether grassroots action or “astroturfing” or both, the psychologically unwell figure prominently in left-wing demonstrating and rioting.

Returning to MUSS individuals in particular (though, again, there’s tremendous overlap: the psychological-comorbidities factor), Gateway Pundit offered some more food for thought regarding Hale’s violence. “Studies have shown,” the site relates, that MUSS women “undergoing testosterone injections and [the pretense of] transitioning to men experience increased rage and aggression.”

To be clear, we don’t know if Hale was on testosterone, as authorities won’t release much information about her (they perhaps want to wait till the story fades from the news; after all, she can’t be branded a “white supremacist”). Yet, as I pointed out Tuesday, “Hormones are powerful substances. How does putting people on a cross-sex hormone regimen, along with perhaps other drugs, affect their mentality? Is giving an already disturbed individual a cocktail of medications designed to induce opposite-sex physical changes really a good idea?”

And perhaps summing it up beautifully was commentator Andrea Widburg. “The way I think of these people, especially if they’re taking hormones,” she wrote Tuesday, “is that they have the aggression of men and the emotionalism of women, which is a very dangerous combination.”

The bigger picture, however, I illustrated in the 2020 essay “Violence, Inc. A Leftist Enterprise.” To wit: So-called leftism’s adherents have been violent since their pseudo-ideology’s birth — and to this day, the vast majority of political violence originates with the Left.

Having psychological disturbance in the mix certainly doesn’t help, and, in fact, it is already endemic. As a 2021 Pew study found, “White liberals disproportionately suffer from mental illness versus their conservative counterparts.”

As for MUSS individuals, the bottom line may be this: Convincing yourself violence is justified to advance a cause requires far less rationalization than does believing you can switch sexes at will.