April 5, 2023

Dissent Into Madness: The Weaponization of Psychology

by James CorbettCorbettreport.com corbettreport.substack.comMarch 12, 2023 “WA State Bill Will Send Political Enemies to Psych Wards” blares a recent headline from Kurt Nimmo’s Substack. The bill in question, Washington State Legislature House Bill 1333, “Establishing the domestic violent extremism commission,” would, according to its critics, “criminalize thought and expression under an invented category of offenses […]

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The Link Between “Transgenderism” and Violence

 by Selwyn Duke March 30, 2023 https://thenewamerican.com  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Audrey Hale, the woman who “identified” as a man and killed six at a Nashville Christian school Monday, was under care for an unnamed “emotional disorder.” It’s par for the course. In fact, ex-pediatric “transgender”-clinic worker and whistleblower Jamie Reed pointed out in February that the girls

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~ Author unknown   “Even if I were pollinated and fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for withstanding the greatest pressure I have ever seen, even from partners, parents, children, friends, colleagues and doctors.    People who were capable of such personality, courage and critical ability are undoubtedly the best of humanity. They are