Where is the Systemic Racism?

Steven Maikoski


I was recently watching an episode of “The First 48,” a real-life show that covers the investigation of various murders.  I was paying half-attention to the show as I did paperwork, but was distracted when I realized I could not understand what an arrestee was saying. Is that English? I wondered. Maybe? I stopped and looked at the screen and saw that the producers could not understand his language either, so they were putting subtitles at the bottom of the screen, such as you see in a foreign language film. 


The speaker was a Black 20-something-year-old, whose diction was as bad as his sentence structure.  His low skill ebonics, or whatever you want to call his gibberish, may pass for communication skills in his neighborhood, but no further. Because of this new language, that man’s social horizons and employment possibilities are limited to his neighborhood. He won’t even get a job as a telephone solicitor. 


Why has this alternative language been developed and tolerated? For racial pride? Maybe, but  it has created a dead-end street in the ‘hood.


Then Thursday we saw several congress critters flapping their arms and sobbing over Ilhan Omar’s being voted off the House Foreign Affairs Committee, blaming racism for her ouster.  “There is nothing consistent with the Republican Party’s continued attack, except for the racism and incitement of violence against women of color in this body,” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raged. She also compared the motives to the “islamophobia” following the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. 


Let me see here, over 3,000 people were murdered in those attacks by Islamic warriors, yet recognizing them as dangerous is classified as a phobia?  Maybe.  After all, disagreeing with transvestite recruiting exhibitions in elementary schools is phobic in their world as well, so Miss Ocasio-Cortez is keeping to her leash length of the Democrat party’s center.


So far, conservatives are racist and phobic, the democrats are not. 


Last week Tyre Nichols’s lethal encounter with Memphis police became big news.  Five black police officers have been charged with several crimes, including second-degree murder.

More charges will follow and more people are under investigation.  It is being dealt with.


But at Nichols’s funeral at Mississippi Christian Church in Memphis, reverend Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy and was later joined on the pulpit by Vice President Kamala Harris. The appearance of both of them, and the Nichols’ family lawyer, proves that the Democrats want to maximize the politics of this event and cast entire police forces across the nation as racist.  


I have read that Memphis was having trouble getting new police officers; some speculate that the force is sub-par because of hiring problems.  Maybe so, but when five officers know their actions are being video recorded and don’t behave properly, all of us know that there is a big problem in the quality of the force.


The Democrats know where their energy leads.  After George Floyd was murdered, and his funeral became a canonization of a new saint for the Democrats’ cause, protests and riots occurred across the nation.  According to Wikipedia, the “arson, vandalism, and looting that occurred between May 26 and June 8 caused approximately $1–2 billion in damages nationally, the highest recorded damage from civil disorder in U.S. history, and surpassing the record set during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.”


The Democrats are driving up the division, anger and disrespect for law enforcement across the nation, knowing the dangers it brings. On television I heard angry voices repeat the term systemic racism so much that it reeked of an edict from party headquarters.  


What would it be like if the races were reversed?  It’s an entirely different scenario, even when the crime is the worst imaginable. 


In January 2007, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome Jr., were carjacked and kidnapped, then tortured, raped and murdered.  You can look on Wikipedia for the sickening details, which make the Manson family’s crimes look tame.  Channon and Christopher died horrible deaths.  They were white, all their attackers were black, yet we never saw public riots, national news coverage of the murders or the funerals, or politicians seeking the spotlight.  Al Sharpton didn’t attend either funeral or memorial event.  


Why this difference? The proper course of action is to find, arrest, then convict the guilty. But when you have a political faction that believes in never letting a crisis go to waste, trouble will follow.  


It is obvious that the Democrats are working to divide our nation by race, ethnicity and politics, then rule what’s left.  Their path will result in a gigantic divide between the rich and powerful and the poor, with hardly any middle class.  Law enforcement will only protect the rich while the nation suffers.  As John Milton put it in Paradise Lost, “Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heav’n.”


So where is the systemic racism?  Perhaps it is Black Entertainment TV, Affirmative Action, Black Lives Matter, Black student unions, racial quotas.


If we are to rid our society of racism, the first step would be to stop the groups that are capitalizing on it.