Not Everyone Is Looking Forward To Christmas

By: Tyler Durden

There are only a few weeks left until Christmas. That means most people are getting together with their family and spending time with their loved ones. But not everyone can look forward to a peaceful Christmas – for some people, the Christmas season is particularly stressful, as a survey conducted as part of the Statista Global Consumer Survey shows.

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According to the research, Christmas means pure stress for around 16 percent of the people surveyed in the United States. This even rises to 18 percent of respondents in the UK.

This is seemingly in part because there are too many expectations associated with Christmas; a quarter of respondents from Germany and the United States and 39 percent from the UK confirm this.

Five to nine percent of the survey participants even stated that the family get-together usually ends in arguments.

For them, Christmas is emotionally and psychologically draining rather than energizing, and often requires a great deal of effort to get through.

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