Letter to the Editor: Are Adult-Themed Shows Legal for Children to Attend?

Does it matter if these shows are serving alcohol?

Do these performers sound “Family Friendly” to you?

Justin Deeper Love

Dirtee X

Carmela S Latte

Charli Angel

Sandra X-Tasty

Per the website www.azprideshow.com this event is adult content, there will be tipping of performers, alcohol is available, children get in free, and they are coming to Havasu in February. 

When you look at the website you see the pedophile flag colors both as a backdrop and as part of their logo. When you look at this site on your mobile device the pedophile logo comes up as a hologram. Based on this information I consider this a groomer event. 

There are age limits on things for a reason – driving, drinking and movies for instance. There are places children aren’t allowed to go like bars and NC17 movies, even if a parent says it is okay. At the City Council meeting on 9/13 there was a powerful testimony of a woman whose father was a pedophile, so clearly just because a parent says it is fine doesn’t make it so. 

Our community is worth protecting. Our kids are the most important part of our community because they are our future. Our community is overwhelmingly in favor of banning children from this event. Please contact the Lake Havasu City Council and tell them to protect our future. 


Deborah Mortell-Fedak

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