The Conspiracy is Fact not Theory

Roze Ahna 

July 1, 2022

I hope this message finds you all healthy in body and mind.


I have been involved in sharing “the other side of the story” for years now, warning of the New World Order and the police state. (Funny how the buzz is to defund the police, while ushering in the totalitarian police state to lock us down is the end goal) Many people still do not want to believe all this is true…but I assure you, sadly, it is true. Remember that we, the people who have been watching these governmental subjects for our interest or career, the Political Science students in college, the homeowners/ranchers, every day/every color people, freedom minded patriots who have been tracking this process for years have followed the paper trail to this volcanic peak. This is a scripted series of facts unfolding. Wipe the term ‘conspiracy theory’ out of your vocabulary!


This is basically WORLD WAR 3 without a shot fired. The systematic dismantling of every sovereign nation and creating the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. All echoing the same mantra…be afraid of what we tell you to fear…life itself. Humans are to blame. Reduce the humans…but make it look like a natural occurrence.


We are being lied to by those in the mainstream media who pulled off this huge lie…in the name of protecting us…from who? or what? each other?? So the rich 1% get richer (Gates has gained over 30% increase in wealth through this) the 99% have lost millions of small businesses deemed ‘non-essential’ by the rich orchestrators of this global ‘event’…and the goal is depopulation to save the earth for those rich survivors who they themselves will not be taking the new designer- traceable ‘vaccine’. There is more to this than hiding from a supposed new virus that Gates and Fauci have their fingers in! 


There are many pieces to this gruesome puzzle. I cannot fill you in on all of it, but here are some points for you to consider, please, check this stuff out. Look/research while you still can. Sadly, the bias of the elite who own the computer access and media have been openly and actively removing anything in video or print that ‘they’ do not agree with. Do seek out and watch ‘banned videos’ you will see how the pieces fit together.


We have to start really THINKING about what is happening. We cannot be satisfied with the opinions of the controlling few. We cannot continue to avoid discussing this with everyone we know. We the people have to WAKE UP!


Subjects to look into:

 Geoengineering: The source of weather management and global warming via chemical assault in our skies for the past 20+years, changing air, water and soil conditions globally


Military/Industrial Complex: Which runs the US more than the president or congress does


Banking and Federal Reserve: Set up for profit not service


Georgia Guide Stones: Outlines the desired goal of un-named promoters of the genocide plan


Event 201: The planning meeting, sponsored by the Gates Foundation, held three months before the release of the Covid-19 virus.


World Economic Forum and the Great (Global) Reset initiative: A plan to control everything everywhere…the NWO outline


Transhumanism and Human 2.0: Combines humans with high tech parts


Genetically Modified Organisms: From plants to humans….will Monsanto or Moderna “own” you? (modify RNA) Fauci has invested interest in this company of which he was the first CEO and Gates is heavily invested in as well


United Nations /New World Order: An international organization that has been planning the one world government with great detail over decades. 


Technocracy: Where we may be directed, unwittingly, by using the tech tools provided

World Health Organization (WHO): funded by Gates at $10 billion a year and the CDC: Money buys ‘expert opinion!


Cell phones, wi-fi, 5G, HAARP: Health hazards all around us


 Patriot Act 1 and 2: Outlines limiting Constitutional freedoms…”in our best interest”.  Over 400 pages ready and waiting to be passed under duress through a surprise ‘terrorism’ event….the perfectly photographed, free fall of the World Trade Center towers (and the 3rd   building, rarely mentioned in the media) Not a single politician was able to read it before passing it. Yet it has changed the foundation of our America….gutting the Constitution and Bill of Rights…both now referred to as outdated. WE THE PEOPLE DID NOT GET A VOICE IN THIS and most still do not understand what all is involved.


Vaccination effectiveness-vs-dangers:  Why is big pharma exempt from liability of harm done by their scheduled serums?? Why do we put toxic serums into our tiny children? Does it make them ‘healthy’?  Safe? Or is this scheduled poisoning for pure profit? Reducing the strength of the upcoming youth? Weakening minds and bodies?


History: MK Ultra-brain washing (watch ‘Manchurian Candidate’ movies), Operation Paperclip, Weaponizing of diseases, Germ warfare, Hitler’s methods (many tactics being repeated today… on US soil!) Do you know that instead of imprisoning WW2 criminals we housed them and they continued working on the sick-o research they started…for our government, supposedly for our national security.? 


Religious freedom: First time in history churches are not safe havens. Parishioners arrested for worship or being shot up by crazy men. Will a new emulsified combo religion be forced upon us?


Psychology and mental manipulation: How media, advertising and technology have distorted psych science into tools of control.  Amplifying the dehumanization and decline of reason by the acceptance of social absurdities, such as elevating torn up jeans as fashion, as a simple example. Promoting as cool- the tattered wardrobe through psychological programing. (Watch the 2001 ‘Zoolander’ movie where they combined the ‘Derelicte’ fashion with brain washing intended to kill a foreign political leader for industry profits. Presented as a comedy….or is it softly exposing plans for our future??)


Masks: Dangers of reduced oxygen to the brain and body. Creating a bacterial culture and additional illness


Isolation and quarantine Hazards of non-socialization to humanity and possibility of endangerment


Chemical hazards: Pesticide and herbicides effect on nature and the physical body


Super germs: caused by over sanitizing and dangers of toxic cleaners entering the blood thru the skin


Learn how the immune system works to protect you and that a fever is a good sign your immune system is dealing with the invader germs. What does it mean to be healthy?


PLEASE realize that ALL the flus have the potential to kill those who are vulnerable. More people are weak and vulnerable today DUE TO THE INFLUENCE OF PHARMACEUTICALS IN THEIR BODIES—-especially immunosuppressants.


PLEASE REALIZE that the swab tests are bogus…90% error rate due to the fact that there is NO SPECIFIC COVID TEST AVAILABLE! The results merely show if parts of any cold/corona virus has ever been in your body. 


Question: Why do healthy people fear healthy people? And: Why do healthy people have to reduce their life activities (like masks and imprisoned in their homes) because of others who have chosen to accept concepts physically harmful to themselves?


WHY IS INFORMATION OF VARIOUS PERSPECTIVES NOW CENSORED by the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the social media internet firms? What are they afraid you may learn? Does someone fear we will begin to THINK again?


How much of this tyranny will you tolerate?


Many, many pieces to the puzzle. It is important that we all become more fully aware of what is happening here in America and around the globe. This is the WORLD CHANGING PROBLEM. Much bigger than the Dems-vs-Republic election. Yes, the Republic of America…never was a democracy…check out the difference.


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