Grassley and Durham Hone in on Their Next Target

By Clandestine


Revealing letter from Senator Chuck Grassley pertaining to the FBI coordinated effort with the DNC to label the Hunter Biden laptop as “disinformation”. Grassley alleges there’s a grander conspiracy by the FBI and DOJ to assist the DNC in election fraud.

Now, it would appear everyone has forgotten, but claims of the FBI/DOJ being corrupt and/or working with the DNC/Deep State, used to be considered kooky Q stuff. Now it’s widely considered as a reality. Just a friendly reminder that this is a proof, not red lines and numerology.

What I find most curious, is the timing of all this; as one of the individuals responsible for falsely labeling the Biden laptop as “disinformation”, FBI supervisory intelligence agent Brian Auten, also happens to be one of the 30 subpoenas issued by the Durham Investigation via the Danchenko trials coming up for his involvement in the 2016 election interference.

Auten interviewed Igor Danchenko, who was the main source of the Steele dossier, used to illegally spy on and smear Trump leading up to and after 2016.

There is a trend forming with FBI Agent Auten, and helping DNC/Deep State politicians in presidential elections:

-2016 he was one of the agents who legitimized disinformation from a Russian spy Danchenko, to legally create the avenue to spy on Trump to assist the DNC in the presidential election.

-2020 he was one of the agents who delegitimize ACCURATE information about Hunter Biden, labeling it “Russian disinformation”, to assist the DNC in the presidential election.

This same guy just so happens to be in the right place at the right time every 4 years, and just so happens to be wrongly labeling Russian disinformation as legitimate, and labeling legitimate information as Russian disinformation. All of which just so happens to benefit the DNC every time…

This should terrify every human on Earth, that an unelected agent of the US intelligence community has the power to turn fact into a conspiracy theory and turn conspiracy theory into fact. This one man’s distortion of truth has the ability to alter the results of US Presidential elections, and therefore affects the well-being of every organism in the plant.

From my perspective, it looks like these leaks from Grassley and the FBI whistleblowers are timed in accordance with the upcoming Durham Danchenko trials. These leaks are a narrative setter to insert the key names into the atmosphere, and prepare the public for what’s coming down the pike. Remember, the Durham trials are just as much about educating the public and normalizing this reality, as it is about Justice.

Additionally, it proves there’s a lot more coming from Durham. It confirms he found the conspiracy within the FBI and DOJ back in 2016 to assist the DNC in the election. As for whether or not he will be able to legally hold anyone responsible, and to what extent, that is an entire other matter, but we can see he found it, and he is doing his due diligence to both expose it to the public, as well as hold the perpetrators accountable.

Remember the name Brian Auten, as it will soon become of great importance.


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