Complaint against MCRCC's July 8th 2023 quarterly meeting

From: Dr. Christina Dumal (

To: Date:

Tuesday, July 11,,2023 at02:26 PM MST


Chairman Dewitt,



I’m not sure that you remember me, but you and your wife graciously gave me and my husband VIP passes to the Phoenix Trump rally that you two hosted. At the time I was Chairwoman of the Pinal County Republican Committee’s (PCRC) District 6; my husband was the vice chair. We were fortunate to work under the guidance of PCRC’s Chairman, the late Mike Burke. We have since moved to Mohave County and after a 5 year respite I got involved with Bullhead City’s GOP otherwise known as District 2 of the Mohave County Republican Central committee (MCRCC).



I want to bring up the egregious malfeasance that occurred during the MCRCC’s July 8th 2023 quarterly meeting held in Kingman Arizona. My grievance concerns the Chairwoman Kentch’s gross malfeasance of this meeting by non adherence to MCRCC’s bylaws and Robert’s Rules. ln addition I have concerns about her disregard of the bylaws in the appointment of District 2’s interim director, Eva Corbett. Finally, I want to bring to your attention my concerns about MCRCC’s audit.


The malfeasance by Chairwoman Jeanne Kentch and the chairman of the bylaws and Standing Rules committee chair, Stanley Hicks displayed during this meeting was unconscionable. First, the Standing Rules Committee had submitted a proposal for Code of Conduct and mass emailing *see attached). According to MCRCC’s PC Handbook (see attached), page 39, ‘The Standing Rules Committee is to provide a written set of rules necessary for the orderly conduct and acceptable demeanor during our meetings’. I objected to their proposal based on the fact that it was out of their purview as the committee can only propose items concerning our meetings. MCRCC meetings are described in Article IX and the meetings described include the Statutory Organizational meeting, the Mandatory Meeting, special meetings, Regular meetings, and Quorum and Voting. Their proposal included hours of operations at the District Offices and Mohave County events as well as a PC mass emailing to other PCs. This proposal was not within their purview. They disagreed with my objection thereby violating the bylaws. Additional malfeasance occurred relating to the proxies. Article X states that ‘all proxies shall be validated by the MCRCC Secretary prior to the meeting’. We arrived approximately 5 minutes after the meeting began. At that time, we could sign a proxy sheet but there wasn’t anyone to validate the proxies. This was only my second time I had attended a MCRCC quarterly meeting and I observed there was no separate credentialing area. The person manning the sign in area did not validate the proxies though. Moreover these proxies were not counted as the count was taken from the front of the room which would have been difficult to ascertain how many proxies were being held up. No one came down the floor to count the votes concerning the Standing Rules committee proposal.



Another example of Chairwoman Jeanne Kentch’s malfeasance involves her non adherence to Roberts Rules during New Business. Before the meeting I had sent out my censure to the PC body (See attached). The censure included:


  • Senator Wendy Rogers
  • The 3 republicans on the AZleg Ethics committee: Joseph Chaplik, Gail Griffin, Travis Grantham
  • The 18 republican who voted to expel Rep. Liz Harris: Ben Toma, Leo Biasiucci, Teresa Martinez, Selina Bliss, Michael Carbone, Lupe Diaz, Timothy Dumm, John Gillette, Matt Gress, Laurin Hendrix, David Livingston, David Marshall Sr, Steve Montenegro, Quang H Nguyen, Michelle Pena, Beverly Pingerelli, and Justin Wilmeth.
  • House speaker Rep Ben Toma
  • Maricopa County Board of Supervisors: Bill Gates, Jack Sellers, Clint Hickman, Thomas Galvin the Mohave County Board of Supervisors Ron Gould, Jean Bishop, Hildy Angius
  • MCRCC Chairwoman Jeanne Kentch

Ms. Kentch responded stating that my censure would not be accepted as it had not been properly placed on the agenda. I responded sending her a copy of Robert’s Rules (see attached) concerning New Business which states that under New Business an item doesn’t need to be on the agenda. When the time came for New Business I stood up to present my motion. I was speaking loud enough to be heard, and was joined by a fellow PC with a much louder reach, however we were ignored. Ms. Kentch quickly moved for an adjournment. Mohave County Supervisor Ron Gould made the adjournment motion; he’s another elected republican who does not adhere to the rules. James Barber recorded this meeting. During the executive meeting prior to our meeting, District 2 Director, Cary Asel, resigned. Some of the reasons are outlined in my censure. He was a great director, and one who we could readily follow. Shortly after our regular meeting we were informed of the interim appointment of Eva Corbett as District 2 director. According to MCRCC’s bylaws, Article V Section l-Elections. ‘With the advice and consent of the Executive board, the Chairman shall appoint a temporary successor to fill  any vacant office until an election can be held as set forth in item H’. I suspect that this was Chairwoman Kentch’s sole decision, and am requesting that each executive board member be questioned individually and confidentially to ascertain if indeed they had input into this interim appointment.



District 2 Director Cary Asel was a good leader. Many of us PCs worked with him diligently for our May 6th America First Lincoln Day Luncheon. According to MCRCC’s July financial report, District 2’s net profit was the highest of all three districts. Moreover our overall net profit was several thousand dollars higher than the other two districts. These are just two examples of how effective Mr. Asel was. interestingly at our July 8th meeting MCRCC’s treasurer Pam Ford stated that she had made some errors thus District 3, Lake Havesu City, had the most Lincoln Day Dinner net profit. That raised a red flag with me as shortly after I had been appointed one of our PCs, Nancy Martell, gave a chilling report about the MCRCC audit which she had been involved with. If I remember correctly she was refused access to some original documents. Therefore she refused to sign off on the audit. I understand that Chairwoman Kentch, not our District 2 Director then chose two others in district 2 to complete the audit. My concern lies in possible cronyism, and as such I am requesting a forensic audit for those years in question.



If the above meeting wasn’t contentious enough, l was confronted by Representative John Gillette after the meeting was incorrectly adjourned. He confronted me about the censure that I was trying to introduce under New Business. He initially stated that I should have contacted him for his reasons for expelling Representative Liz Harris. We bantered back and forth on the issue, and he became quite irate about my insistence that he explain how Rule 1 applied to her expulsion. He stated that I needed to read it, I replied that I had and it didn’t fit. At that point he angrily blurted out the reason she was expelled. He stated that they had talked to her but she wouldn’t listen. He stated that she caucused with the Democrats. I replied then why didn’t they also go after Representative David Cook as he caucuses with the democrats. He was quite angry and turned to leave muttering something about Representative Cook. The actions of the 18 House Republicans who voted to expel Rep Harris and the 3 Ethic committee Republicans had nothing to do with the Feb 23rd Breger allegations, but instead had to do with Rep Harris not condescending to their will. This is absolutely unacceptable.



Respectfully submitted,


Christina Dumal, DVM



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