LHC Rate Sheet

$20.00 per column inch

                                   Full Back Page (10 x 12.5)                                  $1000.00

                                   Full Inside Page (10 x 11.5)                                   $920.00

                                   1/2 Back Page (10 x 6.25 or 5 x 12.5)                  $500.00

                                   1/2 Inside Page (5 x 11.5 or 10 x 5.75                   $460.00

                                   1/4 Page (5 x 5.75)                                                $230.00

                                   1/8 Page (5 x 2.875 or 2.5 x 5.75)                        $115.00

                                   1/16 Page (2.5 x 2.875)                                          $58.00


* If you want a specific page number, pull out article or advertising on the center pages, or other specific requests there will be an additional fee of 15% for ad placement. For example, if you are a gun store and would like to be placed alongside the constitutional corner. Fantastic. You are essentially “sponsoring” that section of the paper and we greatly appreciate that. 


Multi-month discount: Pre-pay for 5 months and get 1 month free. 


All ad sizes upon availability.  All ads must be submitted 10 days prior to publication.

Art ready ads incur no additional fees. Full ad production is $50.00 and includes 2 hours of design time and two design changes. Additional time is $50 per hour. 

The paper is also online at www.ThePatriotsFreePress.com or www.TPFPnews.com

Send art ready ads or creation ideas to LeesaBolden@gmail.com, billing and account information to CReid@ThePatriotsFreePress.com.

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