Quartzsite Rate Sheet

                              Full Back Page (10 x 12.5)                          $825.00

                              Full Inside Page (10 x 11.5)                         $440.00

                              1/2 Back Page (10 x 6.25 or 5 x 12.5)        $425.00  

                              1/2 Inside Page (5 x 11.5 or 10 x 5.75)        $230.00

                              1/4 Page (5 x 5.75)                                       $125.00

                              1/8 Page (5 x 2.875 or 2.5 x 5.75)                $65.00

                              1/16 Page (2.5 x 2.875)                                  $45.00   


* If you want a specific page number, pull out article or advertising on the center pages, or other specific requests there will be an additional fee of 15% for ad placement. For example, if you are a gun store and would like to be placed alongside the constitutional corner. Fantastic. You are essentially “sponsoring” that section of the paper and we greatly appreciate that.  


Multi-month discount: Pre-pay for 5 months and get 1 month free.  


All ad sizes upon availability.  All ads must be submitted 10 days prior to publication.

Art ready ads incur no additional fees. Full ad production is $50.00 and includes 2 hours of design time and two design changes. Additional time is $50 per hour. 

The paper is based in Quartzsite and distributed in western Arizona (Bouse, Brenda, Bullhead City, Ehrenberg, Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Parker, Prescott, Quartzsite, Salome, Yuma) Buckeye, AZ, Blythe, CA and expanding.   The paper is also online at www.ThePatriotsFreePress.com or www.TPFPnews.com.  

Send art ready ads or creation ideas to LeesaBolden@gmail.com, billing and account information to CReid@ThePatriotsFreePress.com.