West Coast, Messed Coast™: Applaud This Dem Who Tells Her Party ‘Enough!’ For Protecting Perverts

Victoria Taft  June 01, 2024


It’s been hard to pay attention to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ this week when the historic and norm-breaking crime of the century was being done to Donald Trump in a Manhattan courtroom, but fortunately, as usual, there’s plenty to talk about. Applauding a Democrat is the last thing I’d be telling you about, but even a broken clock, etc., and we’ve got to take a W when we can. 

I do begin, however, with the best take of anyone on the interwebs about the fallout from the rigged trial. I spruced it up with a photo and flags for your enjoyment. No, this has nothing to do with the West Coast, Messed Coast™ but I thought that this week we’d start out with a laugh because we all need one.  

Every day’s an IQ test.

Say you know nothing about the Trump trial without saying you know nothing about the Trump trial, Washington Governor Jay Inslee. 

Applaud the prog

When California legislative progressives thought it would be a really cool idea to oppose a bill that increased penalties for soliciting a child for sex, they didn’t count on a fellow Democrat giving them a dressing down. And, oh, did she ever. 

State Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman (D-Stockton), who’s retiring from the state legislature in November, said that as a social worker, she wasn’t going to stand by and let her own party go easy on people who buy children for sex because they don’t want to put more black and brown men in prison. 

“I’m leaving, but the rest of you who are gonna be here for a while, let’s get our stuff together and really start focusing on some of the important things,” she told them. “We talk about learning, and we talk about being safe. This is like at the core of it.”

Senate Bill 1414 would make soliciting sex from a kid less than 16 years old up to a three-year-long sentence. Progressive groups continue to work against making the law tougher on child perverts but, as of this writing, the bill still had not passed out of the state Senate. 

Perhaps it was because Eggman outed the sickos in her midst.

I’m done. I’m done with us protecting those who would buy and abuse our children. I’m done. I don’t want to send more black and brown men to prison—put more people in prison—but I don’t want people buying girls. I don’t want people buying little girls anymore. And I’m tired of saying it’s okay. And that we have to protect the men who do it. 

As a mental health professional and a social worker, I can tell you I’ve spent my entire career working with people who have been wounded—I’m not going to say beyond repair, but they’ve been wounded to their core by the abuse that’s been heaped on them sometimes by those that they love and look to protect them. And if their parents won’t do it, then by God, we should. 

Eggman is leaving the legislature after 12 years, and you could probably say that she helped Democrats pass laws and reduce penalties for bad guys that got us to the point where they’re protecting kid diddlers and traffickers, but she’s finally said it. 

When was the last time you heard any Democrat talk about moral values? 

Maybe she opened some eyes during this debate last week. Maybe.

Vote differently, California, or you’ll keep losing good people like this.