Musk Says X Will Defy Demands of Brazilian Supreme Court

by D. Michael DeRidder April 8, 2024

Brazilian Supreme Federal Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered X to block specific accounts in Brazil. X CEO Elon Musk is also being investigated for disseminating fake news in Brazil and is accused of obstructing Brazilian justice by de Morales, who stated, “The flagrant conduct of obstruction of Brazilian justice, incitement of crime, the public threat of disobedience of court orders and future lack of cooperation from the platform are facts that disrespect the sovereignty of Brazil”

In response to de Moraes’s actions, Musk said X could be forced to close its office in Brazil and that principles matter more than profit, stating on X, “We are lifting all restrictions. This judge has applied massive fines, threatened to arrest our employees and cut off access to X in Brazil. As a result, we will probably lose all revenue in Brazil and have to shut down our office there. But principles matter more than profit.”

X’s Global Government Affairs account announced the news, stating on X:

X Corp. has been forced by court decisions to block certain popular accounts in Brazil. We have informed those accounts that we have taken this action. We do not know the reasons these blocking orders have been issued. We do not know which posts are alleged to violate the law. We are prohibited from saying which court or judge issued the order, or on what grounds. We are prohibited from saying which accounts are impacted. We are threatened with daily fines if we fail to comply. We believe that such orders are not in accordance with the Marco Civil da Internet or the Brazilian Federal Constitution, and we challenge the orders legally where possible. The people of Brazil, regardless of their political beliefs, are entitled to freedom of speech, due process, and transparency from their own authorities.

Musk responded to the order, stating on X, “Coming shortly, X will publish everything demanded by @Alexandre and how those requests violate Brazilian law. This judge has brazenly and repeatedly betrayed the constitution and people of Brazil. He should resign or be impeached. Shame @Alexandre, shame.”

Musk told X users in Brazil to use a virtual private network (VPN) to access X if the Brazilian government blocks the website in Brazil: “To ensure that you can still access the X platform, download a virtual private network (VPN) app”

Former U.S. State Department official Mike Benz alleges the actions against X are in fact the actions of the U.S. State Department, accusing the Biden administration of using Brazil’s de Moraes as a proxy. Representative Dan Bishop (R-N.C.) responded to Mike Benz, stating on X, “The State Dept must be made accountable to the American people.”