Erosion of Democracy Exposed by Julie Kelly in the Criminal Conspiracy Case Against Donald Trump

by: Kari Donovan  04/30/2024

Investigative journalist Julie Kelly is leading the charge in investigating open-source documents that are in plain sight but appear too tricky for Joe Biden’s Department of Justice to examine or for anyone in the US Congress to consider slipping from their grasp, like a peaceful transfer of government power.

But it is not just a peaceful transfer of power stolen from the American people.  Our entire democracy has been gutted and dismantled by the Democrats and left abandoned by the Republicans, just like an aborted baby that no one wants, left dying on a garbage heap.

Yes, freedom and liberty are messy sometimes. So, who is willing to adopt our American system and try to make it work anymore? Let’s talk about that.

Key Point: Democracy in the American republic refers to the system of government in which power is vested in the people, who exercise that power either directly or through elected representatives. The United States operates as a representative democracy, some people say a Constitutional Republic, also known as a republic, where citizens elect officials to represent their interests and make decisions on their behalf. Critical features of democracy in the American republic include free and fair elections, separation of powers among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government, protection of individual rights and freedoms, and adherence to the rule of law. The democratic process in the American republic allows for participation, accountability, and the ability to change leadership through regular elections peacefully.

But that all seems dead to the American people now.


In a democracy, a peaceful transfer of power ensures continuity, stability, and legitimacy of governance. It upholds the rule of law, fosters trust in institutions and prevents political turmoil or violence. This fundamental practice honors the people’s will, safeguarding the essence of democracy and promoting societal harmony.

Yet, as the American people scan the political landscape in the United States of America, they are confronted with childishness and massive betrayal. And Congress appears too busy to care.

But the WarRoom cares, and led by Steve Bannon; the WarRoom has pledged to demand answers on behalf of the people of what has happened to our democracy:

The charge before the federal government is whether or not the charges brought against  Donald J. Trump, a former president and a presidential candidate, are legitimate enough to remove him from public life and thereby destroy his presidential campaign.

These are the dilemmas that usually happen in places designated as “third-world countries,” yet here we are in the ‘seat of freedom and liberty’ contemplating these issues, and a citizen is doing most of the heavy lifting.

This is an epic American story, in a way, and one that will surely be remembered in history for a long time to come.

While President Donald J. Trump faces a dizzying list of charges, many Americans demand an answer to whether or not the charges are justified. Kelly is digging up and bringing out the answer: “No.” They do not look like legitimate charges.


Civil rights are the cornerstone of democracy, guaranteeing all citizens’ equality, freedom, and dignity. They protect individuals from discrimination and oppression, ensuring participation in the political process and access to essential services. Upholding civil rights fosters inclusivity, social justice, and a vibrant democratic society where every voice matters.

Check this out from her latest posts, from White House logs; there is enough conflict of interest, just in the charges of improper use of classified documents case, to warrant investigation into whether or not Trump’s civil rights are being respected and protected:


Due process safeguards individual rights and liberties, ensuring fair treatment and protection from arbitrary government actions. It upholds the principles of justice, transparency, and accountability within a democracy, preventing abuse of power and arbitrary infringements on freedoms. Without due process, citizens’ trust in the legal system and democratic institutions diminishes.

And that is what Kelly, Bannon, and the WarRoom audience are pushing the US government to understand, respect, and acknowledge- that the  American people, which includes Donald Trump, have due process rights, and we want transparency and accountability.

We are within our rights to demand these things from our civil servants, or we can vote them out, which is why it is important to remember that we are a Republic.

On Monday, Kelly appeared on the WarRoom with Steve Bannon and discussed her investigation:

Julie Kelly Discusses What Is Happening With The Classified Documents Case

“Julie Kelly is going to walk you through an entire conspiracy at Criminal conspiracy to take away the due process rights of Donald Trump and all his followers,” Bannon said, introducing Kelly.

Here is some of what Kelly told Bannon she has found:

Kelly informed Bannon about unsealed exhibits revealing collaboration between the White House, DOJ, and bureaucrats aiming to fabricate a records destruction case against Trump.

The investigation began six months after Trump’s term, revealing boxes stored by GSA, two of which were transported to Mar-A-Lago. The contents remain unknown.

The next time someone laments about “democracy dying,” let’s remind them of who halted its progress and who tirelessly worked to pull the pieces out of the garbage and preserve the essence of American liberty, despite the challenges.

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