An Interview with Keri Ann Noeltner, Candidate for La Paz County Supervisor District 2Β 

by Marilyn M. Kennedy 

We are in the 2024 election season and THE PATRIOTS FREE PRESS hopes to provide our readers an informed, unbiased view of all the candidates running. I recently interviewed Kari Ann Noeltner, who is running for Supervisor of District 2 in La Paz County. Noeltner is a resident of Bouse, a wife, a mother, and has a background in business policy and procedure development. 

TPFP: What is your vision for La Paz County with you as a supervisor? 

Kari Ann Noeltner: My vision is ensuring that our citizens’ voices are heard and that they direct the growth of La Paz County. I want to see our county government, as a business, thriving. This will provide the foundation for stability that is needed to draw in the kind of services that our residents and visitors have expressed a need for, such as, Veterinary, Childcare, and Veteran Support, just to name a few. 

TPFP: What made you decide to run for County Supervisor? 

Kari Ann Noeltner: Actually, I have to give props to the incumbent for that decision. I had not even given a moment’s thought to running for politics until I met him. But in all seriousness, in researching what would be involved in being a county supervisor, I realized the job is well suited to my particular skill sets.


TPFP: You are running against the incumbent, Duce Minor. Why do you think you are the better choice? 

Kari Ann Noeltner: I believe I have better life, leadership, and people skills for this position. I have held leadership roles since I was 18 years old. As a deck boss and occupational medic, people have chosen and trusted me to keep them alive and safe. I hold myself to a very high standard and put my all into every project. Time is what I value so when I’m elected, the citizens of La Paz will get all four years of hard work from me. Actually, they have already gotten an extra year from me as I prepare to take on this role. Learning where and what the issues are and building possible plans of action so that I can get right to it come next January. The voters just need to decide if this is what they want in their next County Supervisor. 

TPFP: This is your first time running for office. Do you think that will harm your chances? 

Kari Ann Noeltner: On the contrary. I think it helps me. I’m not the stereotypical politician. I think people are tired of that mentality. I come into this with one motive and that is to represent the people of La Paz County. 

TPFP: A few months ago, an anonymous letter was distributed around the county slinging mud at a lot of current county and Parker officials/staff. Were you part of that and what did you think of it? 

Kari Ann Noeltner: No, I was not part of that. I do understand that many people are very frustrated and hurt. How we react to that is different for everyone. What it boils down to for me, is that I’m applying for a job that has competition. I will speak to my opponent’s public record as need be to show our differences. His family and the staff that work at the county are not part of this. The closest I have come to involving his family is introducing myself to his wife as the candidate for District 2. I did not know it was his wife at the time. 

TPFP: There is currently a bill that has been introduced in the State of Arizona House of Representatives, HB2501 regarding the ability to vote out a college district. What are your thoughts on that? 

Kari Ann Noeltner: Having decision making power over where your tax dollars go is important. On the surface, this bill would give the voters that ability. I’m concerned with some of the language in this bill. I worry that should this pass, and the voters of La Paz County utilize its provisions, that we may be left with a debilitating bill. Having a mechanism for accountability is so important. The problem comes in the second half of the bill. It gets into how and what it could cost the taxpayers of La Paz, and it could be astronomical. The problem is, we would not know the cost until after we voted. The method for resolving the finances is also a deal breaker for me. 

I think there is a much bigger conversation that needs to happen regarding AWC regardless of what happens with HB2501. I am looking forward to diving into that as the next County Supervisor for District 2. 

TPFP: Rumor has it, you are against business and are anti-growth. Is that true? 

Kari Ann Noeltner: No, I am not against business. Business and people form a beautiful symbiotic relationship when properly supported. When you are dealing with only 5% of the overall land being privately owned – where you put the pieces becomes very important. As a county supervisor you have to be adept at looking at the whole picture instead of focusing on only one side. 

TPFP: How can someone find out more about you? 

Kari Ann Noeltner: People can contact me at www.VoteKariAnn.comβ€―or just give me a call (928-554-7000) and let’s have a conversation. 

TPFP: Any parting words for our readers? 

Kari Ann Noeltner: Make sure you Vote! Preferably for me of course. The Primary Election is July 30th (this is a new date) and the General Election is November 5th. Your voice matters! 

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