Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor 3/7/2023


Pfeifer-Jones Hennigan


The 1950’s was the Tipping Point in America’s downslide. It was the last chance to keep hold of our Constitutional Democratic Republic, and it also began the end of our short-lived Consumer Driven Economy.


I can only make an excuse for The People for their insupportable stupidity by attempting to comprehend the state of their minds.  Most of our Immigrants came here from other Authoritarian/Dictatorial countries where they had heard of Freedom and Safety but had never been exposed to our Constitution. Many of them were illiterate.


Then, because of The War (“to end all wars”-sic cough) and, thus, the enlistment of many “hill-billies” and street-urchins (mostly unschooled and few with knowledge of our Constitution’s text and purpose) into the total Authoritarianism of the Military, they were programmed to “follow orders, no questions asked” and to accept that, right or wrong, “the Commanding Officer is never wrong”.


Add to this the “shell shock” of an entire World, and we have the setting for this Time of Treason.


The question, for ALL Parties was, “How was Hitler able to do it?” We imported ranking Nazis to teach us!


Both the Democrats and the Republicans (this is the Parties, not People) were/are responsible for the Treasonous Setup of altering the voting process, as the goal was to divide the Nation into two warring camps so that one would win and Rule. (Here, we cast off The People as a consideration – except as programmable sheep – giving decisive-tory power to two committees to determine for The People what their “choices” will be. From this time, with two outstanding exceptions (reformers): JFK and Jimmy Carter.


In this time of budding Tyranny, it is necessary to remember that it is NOT Democrat or Republican. They are BOTH making Deals with and taking Orders and Bribes from the same entities.


The difference is that:

The Republicans (Party, not People) think they will be allowed to Rule as Independent, Autonomous National Rulers and equal players among the other Rulers on The World Stage. [Although Civil War is first a distant possibility, they will be an instant Police State.]


The Democrats (Party, not People) simply wish to party at The People’s expense and do no actual work – having already knowingly sold out to Foreign Interests so they can party as Puppets under the authority of their bosses. [Here, Anarchy leads to Chaos necessitating a Police State.]


The Party Reformers have been canceled by their own Parties and Corruption appears to be winning.  Either way We (The People) are raped in the butt saying, “Please, ma’am-sir, may I have some more?”


Follows is a list of Decades (1950 – 2020) and their contribution to our present problems.


The 1950’s: “The Unrighteous Generation” (Traitors, Adulterers, and Hypocrites)


The 1960’s: The Lost Sheep scattered by the wolves.


The 1970’s: “Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll”.  Sold out to Sensuality (Hedonism) and really weird forms of “Mysticism”.


The 1980’s: Enter “The Preppies” and fulfillment of The Prophetic Statement – “Everyone from the least to the greatest is greedy for gain.” Also, the Generation that diss’es their elders by driving them out and abandoning them to the streets and asylums so that (The Prep’s) and The State might profit by the theft of the elder’s properties.


The 1990’s: “Generation X” (Evolution, Atheism, and Witchcraft have taken over.)


The 2000’s: Massive Fear and terror begin to reign.


The 2010’s: Ramping up to destruction (Euthanasia, Monsanto, Big Pharma, Abortion, Communism, Socialism, Paganism, Radical Fundamentalism…)


The 2020’s We are here now. “To the Death!”  The devil seems to have taken over, and this is (probably) “The Generation of GOD’s Wrath.”


70 years of Robbing GOD

40 years of Extended GRACE

This is “The Separation of The Sheep from the goats”.