What Do You Mean It’s Just a Movie?

By Dr. Mick Hall



As we recall from the beginning, we were told from several reliable sources that what we were witnessing was a “movie.” Think about a few movies you have watched from the past that were very engaging, and that kept you on the edge of your seat with suspense. Some movies get us so engaged we might even catch ourselves talking to the television and telling the actors what to do. Well, the movie we are watching is quite similar, because it seems so real. This movie has actors, like the man who is wearing the Biden mask, and like the Hilary clones that show up every once in a while, although the real Hilary is no longer with us. In fact, we are going to be shocked to discover how many of these actors we believe are still in the movie were removed long ago.



With the threat of nuclear war constantly being talked about, it’s difficult sometimes to not get caught up in the movie and start believing that the threat is real. With the dumb things the Biden administration keeps doing, it sometimes feels like he is writing a military check that we might have to pay, but then we must come back to reality and remember that the military is actually in control of our country under our true President: Donald Trump. Also, that President Trump, President Putin, and Xi are all three on the same team, working to clean the Deep State leaders out. The movie has two major reasons: it allows the Deep State infil-traitors to expose themselves: you can be sure that President Trump is “making a list and checking it twice.” As these infiltrators expose themselves, they are put onto the list for indictments, and at the appropriate time, they will be arrested. 


The other reason for the movie is to provide the time and exposure that will help the world realize the reality of our enslavement over the past several thousand years. When this really sinks in, and we all realize that the minions of the Deep State are still milking us all like milk cows and padding their own pockets from our productivity and taxes, in time we will throw off the independent thinking and competitive attitudes our enslavers programmed us to have, and finally unite to overthrow our enslavers. We must each adopt the attitude of: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” We love the term: “United We Stand.” Yet, we remain ununited and enslaved, but very entertained: just the way we were programmed and that our enslavers hope we remain.



The movie is a grand production for our education and awareness. It is also a bit of an IQ test, a barometer to monitor our level of awareness. The actors in the movie are free to push the script to the limit. They can take it so far as to make a movie to play within the movie showing a nuclear attack that will herd millions more down to get their magic pills for protection from the horrible radiation. And what will be in these magic pills? The same garbage that was in the “clot shots.” 



The movie is quite a bit like life itself: we get it, until we get it. I just keep hoping that we can throw off our slave mentality a little faster than the Children of Israel. It took them forty years. Let’s see if we can do it a little faster. Do we really want to be watching the “movie” for the next forty years?